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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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15 Dec 2017

Views: 205


Wanted WANTED: large old school EQ mount with motor drives and pedestal

in Mounts/Tripods by MDearingJaxFL

I am looking for a large old school EQ mount with working drives (preferably dual axis drives) and pedestal. Payload...

06 Apr 2018

Views: 214


Wanted Nexstar tripod

in Mounts/Tripods by PhxDavinci5

Hello I have nexstar 6se and I'm in desperate need of a tripod please help lol.

10 Apr 2019

Views: 78


Wanted eq platform for 5°N and 8 inch dob

in Mounts/Tripods by diegomesa91

Hi i am in need of an EQ platform for my 8 in dob that would work fine in a 5°N latitude and would also allow astroph...

15 Mar 2019

Views: 85


Wanted televue panoramic tripod

in Mounts/Tripods by Larock

Looking to buy a televue panoramic tripod and also a televue fonemate.

06 Dec 2017

Views: 170


Wanted WTB: Unitron 142 Mount

in Mounts/Tripods by JMKarian

Looking to buy a Unitron 142 mount in good to great condition. I will pay shipping and a premium for a great unit....

10 Apr 2019

Views: 83


Wanted Wanted: iOptron SkyGuider Pro (Astronomy Bundle)

in Mounts/Tripods by GraySkies

I'm looking for a portable star tracker and settled on a iOptron SkyGuider Pro with the astronomy bundle to be able t...

29 Jul 2017

Views: 175


Wanted Vixen GP(DX) Mount

in Mounts/Tripods by alberto2000

Hi, I'm looking for a Vixen GP(DX) mount, preferably black with motors and wooden tripod but I do absolutely consider...

15 Jan 2019

Views: 109


Wanted Alt-Azm grab-n-go mount wanted.

in Mounts/Tripods by ChemguyLenny

I am looking for a decent goto alt-azm mount with tripod for quick setup and viewing in my backyard. Looking at the...

15 Mar 2019

Views: 140


Wanted CG-4, CG-5 tripod head

in Mounts/Tripods by tony_spina

Looking for the tripod head/hub with or without the pin

01 Jan 2019

Views: 181


Wanted Barn door tracker

in Mounts/Tripods by Astro_pingu

Please contact me if you have a motorised or manual barn door tracker you would be willing to sell.

15 Jun 2017

Views: 350


Wanted I Need Mizar RV-85 / Meade 2080 GEM Mount Parts

in Mounts/Tripods by Deven Matlick

I Need Mizar RV-85 / Meade 2080 GEM Mount Parts.> Worm Gear(s)> Tripod HeadI'd take a whole mount if the pric...

08 Oct 2017

Updated: 08 Oct 2017

Views: 230


Wanted Tripod leg wingnut/bolt for Unitron 114

in Mounts/Tripods by leveye

Hello CN members, I'm in need of a black (bakelite?) tipped tripod leg wingnut/bolt for my newly acquired Unitron114...

09 Apr 2018

Views: 160


Wanted WTB: Dual Saddle for an IOptron MiniTower Mount

in Mounts/Tripods by RrainbowSix

Looking for a dual saddle for an IOptron MiniTower Mount. Thanks.Like this:http://www.admaccess...nitower-mounts/

04 Aug 2019

Views: 55


Wanted Televue Systems or Carton mount: Wanted

in Mounts/Tripods by rfic1

If you have a Televue systems mount or the Carton version that you would like to sell please contact me with conditio...

16 Sep 2018

Views: 99


Wanted LX50 Magellan 2 electronics, cables, handbox, and hardware

in Mounts/Tripods by Sheldon

Trying to help a friend assemble the components to run his LX50 scope. Sheldon

05 Mar 2019

Views: 70


Wanted Wanted Meade LXD650 or LXD750 Mount

in Mounts/Tripods by LuckyD71

Looking to buy either the 650 or 750 mount.

24 Jun 2019

Updated: 24 Jun 2019

Views: 118


Wanted Wanted: EZTouch Alt/Az Mount

in Mounts/Tripods by SFDENNIS

I'm looking for a second Williams EZTouch Alt/Az Mount in good condition. The picture shows my first EZTouch Mount an...

05 Oct 2017

Updated: 06 Oct 2017

Views: 270


Wanted Celestron EQ-1 or EQ-2 RA gear needed

in Mounts/Tripods by jalburty

I have stripped my RA gear by not keeping it well lubricated and would like to purchase a new one. A new complete mou...

09 Nov 2017

Views: 227


Wanted Universal Astrnomics Dwarf Star Mount -- Last Try!!

in Mounts/Tripods by Alan Lippert

Still looking for a used Universal Astrnomics Dwarf Star Mount in good shape! Let me know if you have one!

31 Jan 2018

Views: 170


Wanted Porta 11 mount head

in Mounts/Tripods by grif 678

Hi I am looking a Vixen Porta 11 mount head, the one that regular wooden legs will bolt onto, not the ones with tubul...

18 Mar 2018

Views: 208


Wanted 50s Vintage Edmund 6" Mount with Bronze Bearings

in Mounts/Tripods by dib2

These mounts were the first 6" mounts Edmund Scientific made. The axle housings were longer than those on the later...

29 Aug 2017

Updated: 29 Aug 2017

Views: 293


Wanted Vixen Polaris mount on wooden tripod

in Mounts/Tripods by tony_spina

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a very good to excellent condition Vixen Polaris mount on wooden tripod that was sold wi...

07 Jun 2018

Views: 141


Wanted Meade 314 Tripod legs

in Mounts/Tripods by Defenderslideguitar

Tripod legs needed for a Meade 314 brass refractor It is mounted but I need the wooden legs or comparable. Thanks

28 Jun 2017

Views: 188


Wanted Meade ETX 105 field tripod

in Mounts/Tripods by rweisberg

I am looking for a heavy duty field tripod for my ETX 105. This is the tripod with the steel legs.

27 Jul 2019

Views: 71


Wanted Wanted: Original Losmandy one-piece worm block for G11

in Mounts/Tripods by KNak

Okay a long-shot, but I'm looking for the original one-piece worm block for a G11, OPW-11 (with or without the worm).

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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