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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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22 Dec 2018

Views: 307


Wanted Wanted MXW411 Motor Board

By: mcvansteenwyk Location: Anywhere

Looking for a motor board for a Celestron CGE. Part # Nxw411. Located in Minnesota, USA. Thanks.

27 Apr 2020

Updated: 29 Apr 2020

Views: 359


Wanted WANTED: Astro-Physics 3600GTO

By: Christopher Erickson Location: USA

I am looking for an Astro-Physics 3600GTO mount. I have a custom truss ~150 pound 20" Classical Cass OTA that needs...

07 Nov 2018

Updated: 07 Nov 2018

Views: 253


Wanted Wanted: Astro-Physics AP1100 and / or accessories.

By: gbulger Location: Canada, US

Looking for an AP1100. Must be in "well taken care of" condition. I may pay more for a more recent mount. Thanks Gordon

17 Jul 2020

Views: 343


Wanted Looking for $1500 Mount

By: Baskevo Location: Orange County

I am looking to trade/buy a new German Equatorial mount this weekend, one that is similar to the EQ6-R Pro (but NOT t...

31 Mar 2020

Views: 167


Wanted Celestron CGX or CGX-L

By: tommax Location: Anywhere

Hi - Looking for a Celestron CGX or CGX-L - prefer a CGX though. My zipcode is 53235 so please include your price in...

17 Mar 2020

Views: 181


Wanted Celestron CGX or CGX-L

By: tommax Location: Midwest

Hi - looking for a Celestron CGX or possibly CGX-L. My budget is around $1500, I can drive a certain distance but of...

08 Jul 2018

Updated: 09 Jul 2018

Views: 284


Wanted Wanted a autoguide Mount for 20 kg payload

By: Jumgyn Location: Lawrenceville - GA

Dear friends, I'm looking for an mount to carry a C11 in astrophotography and the payload should be between 40 and 4...

31 Jul 2020

Views: 62


Wanted Looking for eq6-r or similar mount

By: odingrey Location: Boulder, CO

Looking for an eq6-r or similar mount. Definitely something that can hold >40 lbs. Hoping to spend around $1k, wo...

27 Jan 2018

Views: 341


Wanted Orion Atlas

By: jfredolay Location: Pace, Florida

I'm looking for a lightly used Orion Atlas for around the price of $1000. I can pay for shipping in the US.

01 Sep 2018

Views: 305


Wanted Orion Atlas EQ-G

By: brettkoz Location: Newaygo County, Michigan

I'm looking for a new, and also "like new" Orion Atlas. I appreciate any offers. Thanks!

01 Dec 2017

Views: 356


Wanted Orion Atlas EQ-G

By: kingyo Location: Hong Kong

Looking for an Orion Atlas EQ-G mount and tripod. Thanks.

19 Feb 2020

Views: 145


Wanted Looking for CGE PRO Pittman motors or mount or parts

By: Barnstorm Location: Batavia

Looking for CGE-Pro Motors (Pittman) GM8222D395 or GM8222D395 (-R1) One or a pair, working condition. or working mot...

29 Apr 2018

Views: 238


Wanted Wanted - Travel GO-TO mount/tripod for TV 85

By: mkashubaditdit Location: N. California

Tired of my HD camera tripod and liquid head, looking for suitable tracking/GoTo setup for my TV 85 and possibly PST...

31 May 2018

Views: 258


Wanted Avalon T 90

By: mbrorb Location: usa

Looking to Purchase Avalon T-90 tripod

04 Jun 2020

Views: 133


Wanted Looking for HEQ5

By: conroyaj Location: Buffalo, NY

Looking for SkyWatcher HEQ5, located near Buffalo, New York. Willing to travel a little bit for pickup or work on pri...

14 Jul 2020

Views: 225


Wanted Wanted: Celestron AVX Mount

By: shogun301 Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hi All, I am looking for a used Celestron Advanced VX (AVX) mount in functional condition. Thanks!

11 Sep 2017

Views: 324


Wanted Losmandy Gemini 1 with Hand Controler, Motors and Encoders

By: ross4309 Location: Kansas

I would like to purchase a Gemini 1 upgrade kit with the hand controller, motors, encoders, cables and accessories.

16 Feb 2019

Updated: 03 Mar 2019

Views: 258


Wanted iOptron CEM25p or similar

By: btiedt Location: WI

I am looking to upgrade my Skytracker to something with tracking, the goto software, and be able to handle a small te...

27 Dec 2018

Views: 188


Wanted WANTED: MKS3200 or MKS4000 board for Paramount ME

By: potatophysics Location: Anywhere in USA

Hey, do you have a spare MKS4000 or MKS3200 control board laying around for your paramount GT or ME? Let's talk. Pr...

17 Feb 2020

Views: 136


Wanted Equatorial platform

By: Quinnipiac Monster Location: CT

I am looking for an equatorial platform for my 10" f/7 newton, total weight about 70-80 pounds. Can be basic and home...

10 Oct 2017

Updated: 10 Oct 2017

Views: 287


Wanted ISO used basic EQ tracking mount camera - Southern US

By: babygrand Location: Southeastern US

Looking for HEQ5 or similar motor drive tracking mount, with or without tripod (have an old Meade 10" tripod) to moun...

17 Apr 2019

Views: 201


Wanted 48" Paramount Permanent pier

By: lifesagrape Location: So. California

Looking for a used 48" Paramount permanent pier in So. California. If you have one that you are not using let know co...

27 Apr 2019

Updated: 16 May 2019

Views: 219


Wanted Wanted: O. Magnusson Setting Circles Brass FOUND

By: johnlynch Location: Middleburg, Virginia

I'm looking for a pair (right ascension and declination) of vintage O. Magnusson brass setting circles in very good o...

12 Nov 2017

Updated: 02 Dec 2017

Views: 289


Wanted Still Looking - AP 400/600 HDA/QMC Hand Control and Cabling - FOUND

By: Jeff B Location: Lebanon, OH, USA

I'm still looking for the old HDA/QMC hand controller for this or even a 600 mount. Even a non-functional unit will d...

15 Dec 2018

Views: 152


Wanted C90/C5 small base wedge/tripod

By: toyhole Location: 30907

I’m looking for a hard to find C90/C5 small base wedge/tripod. Would also consider complete setup if for sale. Price...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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