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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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14 Jul 2020

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Wanted Astro Physics 900RPA Rotating Pier Adapter

By: mdine1us Location: California

Hey everyone, I need to get my new(to me) AP900GTO to live on my PWT Monolith and I am looking for the AP 900RPA rota...

Yesterday, 12:20 PM

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By: Enlinesix Location: Jersey City


04 Oct 2017

Views: 403


Wanted WTB -- Losmandy G11 Saddle

By: mich_al Location: CONUS

G-11 SPDV or equivalent (2 securing knobs V & D dovetail compatible).

02 Jan 2020

Views: 140


Wanted Cave 6" Bronze Setting Circles

By: 65&Counting Location: USA

Wanting 6" Bronze setting circles for one of my classic Cave scopes. Will pay $500+ for nice set. Thanks!

02 Mar 2020

Views: 89


Wanted AP 900RPA

By: John Vogt Location: Huntington, NY

Hi, Looking for a rotating pier adapter for an Astro Physics 900 mount. Thanks! John

16 Nov 2017

Updated: 16 Nov 2017

Views: 308


Wanted WTB: Vernonscope 94 MM Cradle and Rings

By: JMKarian Location: PA USA

Looking to buy the custom cradle with hinged rings that was sold as an option for the vintage Brandon 94 MM refractor...

17 May 2020

Views: 88


Wanted Celestron Wedge for Evolution and Nexstar 6/8

By: bluecougfan Location: AZ

Hoping to buy a Celestron Wedge for Evolution and Nexstar 6/8 for $200 shipped including paypal fees. Hoepfully someo...

01 Aug 2020

Views: 64


Wanted Celestron HD Pro Wedge

By: arshadwm Location: Worldwide

Looking for HD Pro Wedge for CPC 1100 EdgeHD

08 Jun 2019

Views: 138


Wanted Star Tek eyepiece holder and leg spreader

By: rkstreet Location: North America

I am searching for a Star Tek eyepiece holder / leg spreader for Celestron Nexstar (and others) type tripods. I am wi...

05 May 2018

Views: 291


Wanted Looking for a Synscan Hand Controller

By: notronrj Location: Nevada

I'm looking for a Synscan Hand Controller for my EQ5 mount.

12 Nov 2018

Views: 232


Wanted Celestron Super C8 (orange) fork mount / drive base

By: svenk123 Location: Frankfurt / Germany

Hello, i am looking for a vintage Celestron Super C8 (orange tube) fork mount, especially the drive base. Paypal pr...

28 Mar 2017

Views: 328


Wanted WTB CGE Pro Dan's Pier Plates Adapter

By: Lord Beowulf Location: Cedar Park, TX

Looking for a used 8" adapter for the CGE Pro. I already have the 12" plate. Thanks, Beo

20 Jun 2018

Views: 231


Wanted Celestron CG4 dual axis driver

By: Varun Location: New Haven, CT

I am in dire need of a dual axis drive for the CG4 mount. I'm willing to spend around $100 including shipping, but th...

17 Sep 2020

Views: 61


Wanted iOptron SkyTracker

By: phofecker Location: PA

Hello, I am helping a friend get into astrophotography. I told him a good place to start is using his DSLR he alread...

18 Aug 2017

Updated: 02 Feb 2018

Views: 335


Wanted Questar Powerguide 1 (STILL!) wanted

By: Optics Patent Location: Any

I'm looking for a Questar Powerguide 1 drive in any condition (with or without paddle, with or without battery door)....

16 Jul 2019

Views: 122


Wanted CGE Mount - Motor Control Circuit Board

By: Izzy Location: CO - Colorado

Looking for a used but in working order - "Motor Control Circuit Board" Trying to clear this error code "No Respons...

04 Jul 2020

Views: 116


Wanted Orion Sky view pro 16" mount extension

By: klkscope Location: Iowa City,IA

I am looking for an Orion 16" extension for a Sky view pro mount.Thanks Keith

05 Oct 2018

Views: 224


Wanted Wanted: R.A. Clock drive for Eq-2 mount

By: barbie Location: 44256(Medina, Ohio)

I'm looking for a R.A. clock drive for an Eq-2 mount which I believe is an old Celestron EQ-2 mount. Must be in perfe...

12 Feb 2019

Views: 149


Wanted ADM VSAD: AVX V Series Saddle

By: TropixSky Location: FL

Looking for a ADM Saddle for my AVX mount, preferable the V Series Saddle Thanks,

28 May 2019

Views: 119


Wanted EQ6 / EQ-G dual saddle or D style saddle plate

By: 2ndRecon Location: Anywhere

looking to avoid paying $150 for the ADM plate, but may have to if I can't locate a dual saddle for my EQ-G. Thanks

16 Sep 2020

Views: 53


Wanted Losmandy DUP14

By: khursh Location: CONUS

Hello everybody. Ultimately I need two of these. 65 shipped and paypaled

03 Aug 2018

Views: 171


Wanted Wanted : celestron CN16 GPS module

By: Mike Selz Location: Coconut creek Florida

Looking for one of these . Let me know !!

05 Sep 2020

Views: 38


Wanted Wanted: Tube or OTA Rings 120mm

By: rsalva1 Location: TX

Good Morning, I'm looking for a pair of tube or OTA 120mm rings. CONUSA, preferred. Thanks!

21 Dec 2018

Views: 155


Wanted LXD75 RA Motor/board assembly

By: ImNewHere Location: Nashville, IN

I'm looking for an LXD75 RA motor and board assembly. Mine will slew just fine, but when sitting tracking it will chu...

02 May 2020

Views: 87


Wanted warps drive lxd55/75 belt kit

By: chilcotinsky Location: BC Canada

hey folks-just finished tuning up my old lxd55 mount and looking for the warps drive belt/pulley kit or even the spec...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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