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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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21 Oct 2017

Updated: 21 Oct 2017

Views: 961


Wanted Celestron C8 or Celestar 8 Hand Controller w/ or w/o Declination Motor

By: Rigelgeuse Location: Olympia, WA

My arms are a little too short to easily turn the Dec and RA knobs on my Celestar 8, so I'm looking to to buy a Hand...

18 Apr 2017

Updated: 25 Apr 2017

Views: 592


Wanted Losmandy Gemini Gearbox output gear

By: MtnGoat Location: Hood River, OR

Hi Folks, I'm doing some drive experimentation with my Titan. I'm looking for a pair of failed gearboxes, in order to...

11 Apr 2017

Updated: 12 Apr 2017

Views: 558


Wanted Go2Nova 8407 hand controller

By: rabbit55 Location: us

I am looking for a 8407 controller for my ioptron mount if someone has one they don't need.

20 Jul 2018

Updated: 24 Jul 2018

Views: 489


Wanted DC or AC Drive System Meade MTS SN8 or a Starfinder Telescope

By: DQuon Location: Florissant, Missouri

I would like to buy one of any of these three pictured Drive Systems, working or non-working. The 1st photo is of the...

04 Aug 2017

Views: 468


Wanted Wanted: Vixen DD-1 or DD-3 hand controller

By: VPilot Location: Tehachapi, CA

Looking for a Vixen DD-1 or DD-3 dual axis hand controller with battery pack. Tim

22 Mar 2017

Views: 449


Wanted Ioptron Go2Nova 8408 controller

By: bandhunter Location: Fayetteville, NC

Looking for a working Ioptron Go2Nova 8408 controller and cord for an Ioptron Smarteq Pro. Mine was stolen out of my...

01 May 2017

Views: 436


Wanted Celestron 8 Powerstar controller

By: Darren Drake Location: Minesotta

Wanted. Looking for a C8 Powerstar controller in good working condition. Let me know what you have. I live in Chicago...

29 Apr 2017

Updated: 01 May 2017

Views: 424


Wanted Orion 10" Intelliscope dobsonian padded case bag

By: Irene Location: Arizona

I have an 10" Orion Intelliscope and I need a padded bag to carry it in.It needs to be ~47"x17"x18" (Orion's padded...

04 Oct 2017

Views: 423


Wanted WTB -- Losmandy G11 Saddle

By: mich_al Location: CONUS

G-11 SPDV or equivalent (2 securing knobs V & D dovetail compatible).

18 Apr 2018

Views: 403


Wanted Dec drive for an old Mead DS-10 equatorial mt

By: Dennis888 Location: Mid Ohio

The DS-10 was on the old heavy eq mount. I need the declination drive that was sold separately.

09 Sep 2017

Updated: 10 Sep 2017

Views: 392


Wanted ScopeStuff 6" extension shaft M8 threads

By: Rachal Location: Alexandria, LA

6" Extension Shaft For LXD55/75 GEM Mounts With 0.780" (20mm) Shafts and M8 Threads I thought I'd check here just to...

05 Oct 2017

Views: 391


Wanted LX200gps 8" Tripod Spreader, Rod and Nut

By: RedOnion Location: Netherlands

I was looking for Tripod spreader bar/ Threaded rod for LX200GPS 8", but I'm living in the Netherlands. So we can dis...

05 Mar 2017

Views: 378


Wanted WTB-Celestron 93514 drive motor

By: tag1260 Location: Somewhere out there

looking to buy a Celestron 93514 drive motor for an equatorial mount. please let me know what you have and what you w...

01 May 2018

Updated: 12 May 2018

Views: 375


Wanted Orion SkyView Pro RA Drive for TrueTrack

By: ajfranke Location: 07020

Looking to purchase an RA clock drive for the True-Track dual axis system on my Orion SkyView Pro mount. Dropped my c...

13 Jan 2018

Views: 373


Wanted Wanted: Meade ETX 90 - Right tube adapter (friction clutch assembly)

By: thephotoguitarguy Location: Canada

I'm looking to fix an old etx 90 with a broken tube adapter and I'm looking for a Meade ETX 90-EC right tube adapter...

25 Apr 2017

Views: 372


Wanted Orion Atlas Pier Extension

By: snoraste Location: 11968

Looking for the pier extension for a stand alone pier project. regards

19 Oct 2017

Views: 371


Wanted DEAD Nexstar Hand Controller

By: nic35 Location: Beverly, MA

I've acquired a nexstar hand controller ( actually a starsense HC) with a cut cable. I'm looking for a dead hand con...

20 Apr 2017

Views: 367


Wanted WTB- Tripod Spreader

By: tag1260 Location: Eastern Ohio

I have a set of those Hands on Optics wooden legs and I am looking for a folding type tripod spreader. Can be a nice...

22 Apr 2017

Views: 365


Wanted Celestron Star Sense

By: bdg Location: Oregon

Looking for Celestron Star Sense and controller

15 Mar 2018

Views: 358


Wanted Vixen Sky sensor 2000 PC

By: fender2547886 Location: New York

Hi Everyone I am looking to see in anyone has a Vixen Skysensor 2000 PC sitting around in their drawer or closet coll...

28 Mar 2017

Views: 356


Wanted WTB CGE Pro Dan's Pier Plates Adapter

By: Lord Beowulf Location: Cedar Park, TX

Looking for a used 8" adapter for the CGE Pro. I already have the 12" plate. Thanks, Beo

20 Mar 2017

Views: 356


Wanted Polemaster and adapters

By: skycamper Location: Portland OR

Looking for a used polemaster and or adapters for my mounts, vixen GPDX, Losmandy G11, and skywatcher NEQ6 or Orion A...

15 Mar 2017

Views: 354


Wanted LXD-75 Hypertune DVD

By: wander3 Location: USA

Looking for a used copy

18 Aug 2017

Updated: 02 Feb 2018

Views: 354


Wanted Questar Powerguide 1 (STILL!) wanted

By: Optics Patent Location: Any

I'm looking for a Questar Powerguide 1 drive in any condition (with or without paddle, with or without battery door)....

10 Mar 2017

Views: 354


Wanted Vixen Flexible slo-mo cable for mount w/large knob

By: tag1260 Location: Eastern Ohio

Looking to buy a Vixen Flexible slo-mo cable mount that has the large knob . It can be about 8" to about 11-12" long...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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