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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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14 Mar 2017

Views: 492


Wanted small dome wanted

in Observatories by scpanish

Looking for a dome between 6 and 10 ft diameter, good condition and access, within reasonable reach of southern NH....

24 Mar 2017

Views: 720


For Sale ProDome Rotation and Shutter Equipment

in Observatories by GLR

I have had to dismantle my ProDome 10' that was equipped with the Technical Innovations rotation and shutter motors....

24 Mar 2017

Updated: 05 Apr 2017

Views: 592


For Sale Solar Panel for ProDome 10

in Observatories by GLR

I have a custom made mounting fixture with a Ramsond 20 Watt solar panel and SunShield solar charge controller for sa...

24 Mar 2017

Updated: 29 Mar 2017

Views: 759


For Sale MaxDome II Card with interface box

in Observatories by GLR

I have 1 MaxDome II card mounted in custom made interface enclosure. The interface box was designed and fabricated by...

27 Mar 2017

Views: 409


Wanted Wanted: Kendrick Observing Tent

in Observatories by Aferrari66

I wish I would have posted few months back, but got caught up with the day to day. Saw one of these at a Star Party a...

08 Apr 2017

Views: 452


Wanted Observatory dome

in Observatories by David Windisch

8 foot is ideal , Please call Dave at 561 859 7214

14 Apr 2017

Views: 2703


For Sale House/Observatory ***Update***

in Observatories by Palomino

***Price drop*** Make me an offer of $80k and it's yours! Low as I will go......Really need to sell due to health. S...

15 Apr 2017

Updated: 15 Apr 2017

Views: 1594


For Sale NexDome 2.1 meter

in Observatories by stpal001

Located near Terlingua, Texas. Easily disassembled into transportable panels.

16 Apr 2017

Updated: 27 Apr 2017

Views: 1958


For Sale Telescope Enclosure Motel O'Scope

in Observatories by lmorgan82

I'm selling my telescope enclosure because I've since moved and I plan on upgrading to a full observatory now that I...

16 Apr 2017

Views: 393


Wanted Wanted: star tent or astrogizmo portable observatory

in Observatories by Shadowoo2

Looking for a star tent or astrogizmo portable observatory

16 Apr 2017

Updated: 14 Mar 2018

Views: 746


For Sale Differential Thermostat

in Observatories by mccarthymark

This is the Kera Technologies Differential Thermostat, model DSD-2. It can be used to control the temperature in an o...

02 May 2017

Views: 663


For Sale Boltwood Weather Station Clarity II

in Observatories by flytothestars

This weather station is the ideal observatory weather station as it keeps track of clouds, rain, dew point and wind....

07 May 2017

Updated: 07 May 2017

Views: 1671


For Sale 8' Skypod

in Observatories by gardenfish

I have an 8' Skypod for sale. It is in great condition. I am the second owner. I bought it to house my AT8RC but I am...

07 May 2017

Updated: 27 Aug 2019

Views: 4585


For Sale Florida Home Observatory For Sale

in Observatories by EdM2

This home and observatory near Tampa is available for immediate sale. The telescopes are not included in the purchase...

16 May 2017

Updated: 16 May 2017

Views: 1602


For Sale 7 foot Freestanding Observatory

in Observatories by Aphelion

Brand new 7 foot freestanding clamshell observatory with a large 30"x72" lockable door. Made from marine grade fiberg...

16 May 2017

Updated: 16 May 2017

Views: 1850


7 foot clamshell observatory

in Observatories by Aphelion

Brand new 7 foot clamshell observatory with a 12" riser and a 30"x36" lockable door. Made from marine grade fiberglas...

10 Jun 2017

Views: 1334


For Sale Pier Tech Roll off Roof 10x10 complete with Controller

in Observatories by Peter27284

This is a three yr old building. I'm selling it as my plans have changed. The building is in excellent shape. The...

11 Jun 2017

Views: 1837


For Sale 8' Dia Explor-a-Dome

in Observatories by Sean Cunneen

I have an 8' Dia Exploradome observatory that has been carefully disassembled and is now in my garage. The dome has b...

13 Jun 2017

Views: 757


Wanted Wanted Dome Type Observatory

in Observatories by Lori Prause

I am looking for an astronomy dome with a minimum of 8' diameter and can go up to 10'. I am in Phoenix, and can drive...

19 Jun 2017

Views: 412



in Observatories by Farshid47

I need a KENDRICK STARGATE II OBSERVATORY TENT. Please contact me if you plan to sell yours.

19 Jun 2017

Views: 435


Wanted Skyshed Pod wanted

in Observatories by Leesue

Looking for a skyhed pod none or 1 bay. Northern ohio area- within 3 hours of Sandusky. North indiana, lower MI, We...

20 Jun 2017

Views: 1058


For Sale Smart Astronomy Tent

in Observatories by gwnelson1962

I purchased this tent intending to image at dark locations but my schedule has not allowed me to do so. I thought I'd...

23 Jun 2017

Updated: 28 Jun 2017

Views: 881


For Sale AstroGizmo AstroGazer Portable Observatory

in Observatories by kjcphoto

I purchased this observatory to use at star parties with high wind conditions and it is perfect for this. It is basic...

27 Jun 2017

Updated: 15 May 2018

Views: 4412


For Sale complete 12.5 sirius school observatory and equiptment

in Observatories by beeman

hello because of illness I have selling my completer 12.5 ft Sirius observatory with a 14" celestron sct with all ass...

17 Jul 2017

Views: 363


Wanted WTB: Pro Logger Switch

in Observatories by dhaval

Hello all, A long shot in here, but does anyone have the pro version of the web logger switch in working condition th...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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