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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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25 Jul 2021

Views: 112


Wanted Skyshed Pod or Nexdome - Oklahoma and Surrounding States

By: okietwisterdan Location: Oklahoma

Looking to buy a Skyshed Pod or Nexdome. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, so anywhere within a 8-10 hour drive would be pre...

28 Aug 2017

Views: 2551


For Sale SkySed Pod XL3

By: ccwemyss Location: Amherst, MA

SkyShed Pod XL3, Lunar Gray and White. 2007 model in very good, clean condition. Plywood floors for all bays. Sliding...

04 Mar 2021

Views: 155


Wanted Still Looking For Kendrick Stargate II Observatory Tent

By: Monkeybird747 Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Still looking for one of these. Let me know if you have one you're willing to let go to a good home!

03 Jun 2019

Views: 402


Wanted Wanted: NexDome

By: MartinNH Location: NH

Hi Folks, It's time for me to take the next step and work towards a permanent setup! If you have a NexDome you no...

10 Oct 2020

Views: 151


Wanted WTB: NexDome or SkyShedPod

By: dhaval Location: 78681

Hello all, Looking for a reasonably priced NexDome or SkyShedPod within driving distance of Austin, TX. Or, in case y...

24 Mar 2017

Views: 1060


For Sale ProDome Rotation and Shutter Equipment

By: GLR Location: Missouri

I have had to dismantle my ProDome 10' that was equipped with the Technical Innovations rotation and shutter motors....

29 Jan 2021

Views: 286


Wanted SkyShedPod

By: JohnW* Location: Phoenix AZ

Looking for a good condition Skyshed Pod in the Phoenix,AZ area. Willing to travel a bit to purchase. If you have one...

20 Apr 2021

Views: 139


Wanted 3 Meter (10ft) ObservaDome (Europe)

By: observatory Location: Europe

Looking for a3 Meter (10ft) ObservaDomealuminium dome with cylindrical base or flat roof adapter.Will dismantle and c...

14 Jun 2021

Views: 804


For Sale Remote Observatory Piers for Lease

By: sweeney_a Location: Texas

The SOFAR observatory in northwest Texas has 2 steel permanent piers for lease at $250/month. The sky is very dark -...

17 Jul 2019

Views: 424


Wanted Kendrick stargaze II or similar

By: Jganz Location: Long Island, NY

I’m looking for a Kendrick stargaze II observatory tent, or a tent with a similar two room design. Clear skies!

01 May 2020

Views: 323


Wanted Wanted - Skyshed Pod

By: PWP Location: St Louis Missouri

Looking for a Skyshed pod....hopefully one close to Missouri or surrounding states but will travel if needed. Thanks!

24 Mar 2017

Updated: 29 Mar 2017

Views: 1131


For Sale MaxDome II Card with interface box

By: GLR Location: St. Louis, MO

I have 1 MaxDome II card mounted in custom made interface enclosure. The interface box was designed and fabricated by...

02 Nov 2018

Views: 592


Wanted Wanted: 16 foot Ash dome or equivalent

By: x-ray Location: Lincoln, MA

I have finished the restoration of my fantastic Warner and Swasey 10" refractor from 1916 with a new lens, now I want...

06 Jul 2021

Updated: 16 Jul 2021

Views: 1039


For Sale Technical Innovations Observatory Dome and Panels (PD6)

By: thedarksideobservatory Location: Weatherly, PA

Up for sale is this PD6 astronomical observatory dome panels. This dome was manufactured by Technical Innovations and...

16 Jul 2018

Updated: 16 Jul 2018

Views: 1103


For Sale 48 Inch Tall, Heavy Duty Pier (Software Bisque ME Style)

By: JohnKulczycki Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada

PRICE REDUCED from $440.0048 Inch Tall, Heavy Duty PierThis pier was designed to accommodate a Software Bisque ME mou...

22 Aug 2017

Views: 752



By: David Aguilar Location: Carbondale, CO

I'm looking for a dome within 100 miles? of Carbondale, Colorado

27 Mar 2017

Views: 723


Wanted Wanted: Kendrick Observing Tent

By: Aferrari66 Location: Yonkers

I wish I would have posted few months back, but got caught up with the day to day. Saw one of these at a Star Party a...

02 Mar 2021

Views: 936


For Sale 3 Meter (10ft) ObservaDome

By: patm24450 Location: Lexington, Virginia

3 Meter (10ft) ObservaDome purchased new in 1989 for House Mountain Observatory in western Virginia. The dome is all...

11 Aug 2019

Views: 1372


For Sale SkyShed POD

By: len_d Location: Massachusetts

SkyShed POD for sale in central Massachusetts. POD is in very good condition, would consider normal wear and tear. -C...

15 Dec 2020

Views: 978


For Sale Skyshed POD, pier, Mount

By: texcoco Location: Central Louisiana

Skyshed POD XL1. Fully insulated, along with a spare wall section.Small air conditioner and some electrical installat...

30 Apr 2018

Views: 2107


For Sale 15-foot Technical Innovations Pro Dome

By: Sierra Stars Location: Markleeville, CA

My 15' Pro Dome was part of the Sierra Stars Observatory unti the telescope was removed this year. The dome will be r...

01 Sep 2017

Views: 734


Wanted Wanted dome or Pod near Colorado.

By: fourstars Location: Colorado

Let me know if you are looking to sell.

27 Jan 2020

Views: 543


Wanted Observatory Trailer Wanted

By: Lightpath Location: Open minded

I would like to purchase a dome observatory that can be towed by a one ton diesel pickup. Specifically I would like...

31 Mar 2020

Views: 391


Wanted Sky Shed observatory

By: CJW8 Location: Arizona

Sky Shed observatory. Pods will be a bonus. I can pick up but it would need to be within 250 miles of Phoenix AZ.

21 Sep 2018

Views: 548


Wanted Skyshed Pod or Nexdome

By: Adas Location: Fairfax, VA

Looking for a Skyshed pod or Nexdome. Prefer a complete observatory but if you just have the dome, I'll take that to...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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