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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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22 Mar 2019

Views: 80


Wanted Wanted 8' to 10' fiberglass observatory

in Observatories by Astrochip

Looking for a 8 foot or 10 foot fiberglass dome Observatory. Would consider a skyshed. Please contact me with anythin...

07 Apr 2019

Views: 89


Wanted Astrohaven 7ft or 12ft

in Observatories by akulapanam

Looking for a couple of 7ft or possibly a single 12 foot Astrohaven dome.

17 Mar 2019

Views: 118


Wanted Wanted a used SkyShed

in Observatories by orangemaze

I am looking for a used SkyShed, thanks.

Today, 06:14 PM

Views: 133


For Sale 10' Home Dome

in Observatories by Gary Hug

Older 10' Home Dome with 3' high extension wall panels. A bit faded but otherwise in good condition. Pick Up only...

18 Jun 2018

Views: 148


Wanted Wanted- Skypod Dome Cover

in Observatories by rms40

Got one you are not using? It is so hot already in Texas that I need the shade. Let me know how much want. Any condit...

25 Mar 2019

Views: 173


Wanted Observatory

in Observatories by PABresler

I am looking for ideas for a small, relatively low cost observatory. I am in California on the coast, and the climate...

31 Oct 2018

Views: 174


Wanted Exploradome 8 foot

in Observatories by David K

I'm looking for any dc motor and cog gear I can use for the upper shutter on a exploradome 8 foot observatory or idea...

31 Jan 2019

Views: 180


Wanted Skyshed Pod or Nexdome

in Observatories by cvbateman

Looking for Dome for use with Boy Scouts

13 Sep 2018

Views: 200


Wanted Shyshed Pod or Nexdome

in Observatories by Johnathan Edwards

I am looking for a used observatory, either skyshed or nexdome.

08 Jun 2018

Views: 208


Wanted 8-12' Observatory Dome

in Observatories by ManboneRidge

Looking for an 8 to 12 foot diameter observatory dome in the southeast. It can be fiberglass, metal or even wood (if...

21 Sep 2018

Views: 218


Wanted Skyshed Pod or Nexdome

in Observatories by abdas

Looking for a Skyshed pod or Nexdome. Prefer a complete observatory but if you just have the dome, I'll take that to...

24 Apr 2018

Views: 227


Wanted Wanted: Kendrick Observing Tent

in Observatories by curronh

I'm looking for a Kendrick Observing Tent in good condition. Thanks! curronh

01 Apr 2018

Views: 241


Wanted Wanted: SkyShed POD PZT

in Observatories by akulapanam

I'm looking for someone who is willing to sell me, or build me, a SkyShed POD PZT. I don't have the tools nor pickup...

02 Nov 2018

Views: 249


Wanted Wanted: 16 foot Ash dome or equivalent

in Observatories by x-ray

I have finished the restoration of my fantastic Warner and Swasey 10" refractor from 1916 with a new lens, now I want...

16 Jun 2018

Views: 256


For Sale Observatory Controllers (Seletek Platypus and Firefly) + Sensors

in Observatories by austin.grant

Selling my excellent condition Seletek Platypus and Firefly controllers along with two magnetic sensors and one optic...

30 Mar 2018

Views: 268


Wanted Wanted SKYRoof and SKYAlert observatory part

in Observatories by ZL4PLM

wanted ROR controller (skyroof) and monitoring system (Sky Alert) prefer unused vs removed ..must be working and com...

03 Nov 2018

Updated: 01 Dec 2018

Views: 277


Wanted 10 foot or greater dome-any brand

in Observatories by ManboneRidge

I just love hauling all my stuff in every night and covering my SCT. Well, maybe not. I would like to buy a used dome...

31 Oct 2017

Views: 303


Wanted Sky Shed pod visor

in Observatories by rotaxman

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a sky shed pod visor Thanks Jerry

14 May 2018

Views: 332


For Sale Fiber Optic Converter $35

in Observatories by iwannabswiss

I bought this a year ago since I was planning to run fiber optic out to my observatory, but I built in a different lo...

17 Jul 2017

Views: 335


Wanted WTB: Pro Logger Switch

in Observatories by dhaval

Hello all, A long shot in here, but does anyone have the pro version of the web logger switch in working condition th...

16 Jun 2018

Views: 335


For Sale Aurora Eurotech Cloud Sensor III

in Observatories by austin.grant

Selling my Aurora Eurotech Cloud Sensor III. Functions perfectly. There's a little bit of paint on the exterior of th...

17 Sep 2018

Updated: 13 Nov 2018

Views: 345


For Sale (SOLD SN4553559)New Astro-Smart Astronomical Weather Station System(SMP-R2)

in Observatories by astromiester1

(SOLD SN4553559)Buy a brand new Astro-Smart Computerized SMP-R2 Astronomical Observatory Weather Station Controller S...

16 Apr 2017

Views: 351


Wanted Wanted: star tent or astrogizmo portable observatory

in Observatories by Shadowoo2

Looking for a star tent or astrogizmo portable observatory

25 Aug 2018

Updated: 16 Sep 2018

Views: 352


For Sale (SOLD SN4553299)Brand New Astro-Smart Astronomical Weather Station (SMP-R2-PRO)

in Observatories by astromiester1

(SOLD SN4553299)Buy a brand new Astro-Smart Computerized SMP-R2-PRO Astronomical Observatory Weather Station Controll...

08 Feb 2018

Updated: 28 Mar 2018

Views: 363



in Observatories by gdechaine

I am looking for a used Pod Dome or Nexdome observatory. I live NJ but would have it shipped from anywhere in the cou...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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