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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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20 Sep 2019

Views: 204


For Sale Brand New Astro-Smart SMP-R2-PRO(OLED) Astronomical Weather Station

in Observatories by astromiester1

Buy a brand new Astro-Smart Computerized SMP-R2-PRO(OLED) Sky Master Pro Observatory Controller System (Model-SMP-R2-...

13 Nov 2019

Updated: 13 Nov 2019

Views: 221


For Sale Never used Nexdome Rotation kit $750 (free shipping)

in Observatories by Astroscrub

Hello all, I have a Nexdome rotation kit that I bought in October 2018 and I won't be using it. The only use it has s...

22 Sep 2019

Views: 271


For Sale Brand New Astro-Smart CDAP Observatory Dew, SQM, Rain And Relay Controller

in Observatories by astromiester1

Buy a brand new Astro-Smart Observatory Class 4 Channel Differential Computerized Dew Annihilator CDAP Family Control...

14 May 2018

Views: 381


For Sale Fiber Optic Converter $35

in Observatories by iwannabswiss

I bought this a year ago since I was planning to run fiber optic out to my observatory, but I built in a different lo...

28 Sep 2019

Views: 454


For Sale 16 Foot Star Lab, Fan & Projector

in Observatories by timothy1776

Hello, I'm selling a 16 foot Starlab with fan, Projector, 3 cylinders "1 has a crack" but all in good shape. comes w...

29 Nov 2019

Views: 527


For Sale SkyShed POD XL3 + PZT

in Observatories by akulapanam

SkyShed POD with 3 bays + PZT that I had built last summer. POD is in good condition but needs some replacement weath...

23 Sep 2017

Updated: 26 Oct 2017

Views: 533


For Sale Wanted Skyshed POD Visor

in Observatories by jaggcmi

Also Skyshed POD door panel.

30 Nov 2019

Views: 570


For Sale Dobhut observatory

in Observatories by nreed

Up for sale is my prototype Dobhut ll observatory. It is designed for those who prefer to leave their scope set up to...

14 May 2018

Views: 584


For Sale U groove wheels, $45

in Observatories by iwannabswiss

Selling some old stuff I had laying around. These wheels were going to be used on my original observatory when I was...

24 Mar 2017

Updated: 05 Apr 2017

Views: 610


For Sale Solar Panel for ProDome 10

in Observatories by GLR

I have a custom made mounting fixture with a Ramsond 20 Watt solar panel and SunShield solar charge controller for sa...

19 Oct 2019

Views: 662


For Sale Skyshed Pod (Top dome only)

in Observatories by abdas

For sale is the top dome portion (all 4 quadrants) of a skyshed pod in great condition. Moving to the nexdome. So kee...

16 Nov 2018

Updated: 17 Nov 2018

Views: 679


For Sale Jeff B1

in Observatories by Jeff B1

I have four 5” chain link fence gate casters/rollers and bolts, washers and nuts if anyone wants them. See this for d...

07 Nov 2017

Updated: 09 Nov 2017

Views: 688


For Sale Pier Tech Alum mounting J-plate / Anchor Plate

in Observatories by Scopeman61

Listed is an unused J-Plate / Anchor Plate by Pier-Tech Please add $25.00 for Shipping & paypal fees.

16 Apr 2017

Updated: 14 Mar 2018

Views: 757


For Sale Differential Thermostat

in Observatories by mccarthymark

This is the Kera Technologies Differential Thermostat, model DSD-2. It can be used to control the temperature in an o...

20 Oct 2017

Updated: 27 Oct 2017

Views: 812


For Sale SunEye 110N w/GPS Aid for Observatory Location

in Observatories by TimberRock

Solmetric SunEye 110N v2 with GPS Shade Analysis and Solar Access Hand-held Tool The Solmetric SunEye 110N V2 provide...

27 Apr 2019

Views: 972


For Sale 10 by 10 Exploradome

in Observatories by rodney

This is my personal equipment, Getting out of the hobby for awhile. Up for sale is my 10 by 10 with 8 foot dome. Dom...

24 Mar 2019

Updated: 28 Mar 2019

Views: 1092


For Sale The Portable Affordable Observatory Building Plans

in Observatories by hovlandbound

The Portable Affordable Observatory plans! Build your own observatory out of PVC piping, fittings and tarps for about...

08 Nov 2019

Updated: 30 Nov 2019

Views: 1098


For Sale Professional Observatory and Home for Sale

in Observatories by Beau

Observatory and home located on 3.1 acres in Star’s End Estates, an astronomy enclave in Mayhill, New Mexico. Observa...

10 Apr 2019

Views: 1292


For Sale SmartAstronomy's ClearView Portable Observatory Tent

in Observatories by StarVic

SmartAstronomy.com888.291.6577Saint Augustine, FloridaClearView Portable Observatory Tent Telescope Protection and Pr...

11 Dec 2017

Views: 1332


For Sale POD upgraded tan walls and black lined bays

in Observatories by gillmj24

In case I don't find a dome only I am willing to sell my pod walls and bays. I gave the skate wheels and brackets to...

15 May 2018

Updated: 15 May 2018

Views: 1343


For Sale Deerlick Astronomy Village (DAV) sites and membership for sale

in Observatories by Kirek

The DAV is a planned dark sky community. The site consists of a number of amenities to support both the goals of the...

10 Jun 2017

Views: 1365


For Sale Pier Tech Roll off Roof 10x10 complete with Controller

in Observatories by Peter27284

This is a three yr old building. I'm selling it as my plans have changed. The building is in excellent shape. The...

22 Oct 2019

Views: 1403


For Sale Telescope Observatory Package

in Observatories by key_l0

Amateur Astrophotography setup selling as a complete package this backyard observatory setup. Moving and have decided...

20 Nov 2019

Updated: 30 Nov 2019

Views: 1512


For Sale Astronomer's Paradise For Sale

in Observatories by The Research Center

The Apache-Sitgreaves Research Center is looking to upgrade their systems and location. Thus, a very unique opportuni...

22 Aug 2019

Views: 1559


For Sale Sirius

in Observatories by Elmoooo

6 ft circle to be mounted on roof she'd or homemade shelter

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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