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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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04 Mar 2017

Views: 284


Wanted ERF Filter

in Solar Filters by newlife

Hi, I'm looking for a 100mm erf to fit a 102mm refractor with a 120mm dewshield. Thanks. Sal

04 Mar 2017

Views: 711


For Sale ETX-125 Thousand Oaks Glass Solar Filter

in Solar Filters by Tom Duncan

Lightly used but in excellent condition, a #6000 Thousand Oaks Type 2+ glass solar filter. Came to me with an ETX-125...

04 Mar 2017

Updated: 04 Mar 2017

Views: 458


For Sale B&L 4000 solar filter- full aperture

in Solar Filters by rogan

You won't see this very often, a B&L 4000 full aperture solar filter. It screws right into the end of the OTA neg...

05 Mar 2017

Views: 238


Wanted lunt adapter plate for 50mm

in Solar Filters by bandazar

want a front lunt adapter plate to fit my 90mm achro refractor to front 50mm filter. My dewsheild measures 4" across...

05 Mar 2017

Views: 275


Wanted ETX-90 Solar Filter

in Solar Filters by rzep8

Looking for a solar filter (preferable glass) for my ETX-90. Thanx!

06 Mar 2017

Views: 262


Wanted BF10 or 15, coronado

in Solar Filters by seb lebouc

Looking for coronado BF 15 or BF10. even in bad contitions, even if ITF is rusty...

08 Mar 2017

Views: 752


For Sale LS50F Lunt H-Alpha filter

in Solar Filters by Roland David

LS50F Lunt H-Alpha filter, bought new in August 2016, including original Lunt end caps, metal case and documentations...

09 Mar 2017

Views: 472



in Solar Filters by LoveUT's

Hello, I have a used B1200 Lunt blocking filter in very good condition. It has a small stain on the entrance filter,...

15 Mar 2017

Updated: 10 Jul 2017

Views: 228


Wanted Wanted Coronado PST CaK

in Solar Filters by gawainduncan

Ship to Australia. All offers considered.

16 Mar 2017

Views: 583


For Sale Thousand Oaks Glass 8" Solar Filter

in Solar Filters by starbird

This is a thousand oaks 8" glass solar filter. Fits meade and celestron 8" sct telescopes or other scopes with same s...

16 Mar 2017

Views: 274


Wanted Lunt ls60 da ft pt or ls80 ft

in Solar Filters by astroandy

I will absorb the shipping cost to HK.

17 Mar 2017

Updated: 21 Mar 2017

Views: 351


For Sale Baader solar filter for an 8" SCT

in Solar Filters by Bill Barlow

Hi. I have for sale a Baader solar filter that will fit the front cell of an 8" SCT, either Celestron or Meade. It wi...

19 Mar 2017

Updated: 20 Mar 2017

Views: 561


For Sale Celestron gold-bodied glass solar filters 1980s vintage

in Solar Filters by FC-100N

I got these filters as a set a few years back and mainly used the masked one. I'm doing more upgrades to my Tak FS fo...

20 Mar 2017

Views: 268


Wanted 60MM Lunt H-Alpha Filter Front Mounted.

in Solar Filters by bdg

Looking for front mounted filter for DS LUNT60PT.

20 Mar 2017

Views: 611


For Sale Coronado 60MM Solarmax - Made in USA

in Solar Filters by 1joel1

Here is a 60MM Solarmax in very nice condition. It comes with everything shown in the pictures. The blocking filter i...

20 Mar 2017

Views: 432


For Sale Celestron / Baader Film Solar Filter - C11 CPC1100

in Solar Filters by bartine

Solar filter for a CPC1100 Celestron part number 94238 There are no pin holes, but there is a tiny crease in it. I...

23 Mar 2017

Updated: 24 Mar 2017

Views: 1181


For Sale Coronado SolarMax 60 II double stack BF15 w/Moonlite focuser, Pelican case, more

in Solar Filters by chopper2585

I'm selling my beloved double stack Ha solar telescope. It's in great condition and comes with lots of extras. It hur...

23 Mar 2017

Views: 349


For Sale Orion 4.10" solar filter

in Solar Filters by mvenkatram

Orion 4.10" solar filter fits any 80mm refractor 55$ , buyer pays shipping will accept paypal and ship to conus

25 Mar 2017

Views: 342


For Sale Lunt 2" Solar Wedge

in Solar Filters by Dubboy

Lunt 2" Solar Herschel wedge with original case, caps, and papers. Included is a 2" variable polarizing filter and a...

25 Mar 2017

Views: 249


Wanted Lunt Calcium K module

in Solar Filters by Holltim4103

Wanted to buy! Lunt Calcium K module. (Ca-K) B1200 or B1800. I will be at NEAF both Saturday and Sunday with cash on...

27 Mar 2017

Views: 575


For Sale Lunt 60mm Telescope with 60 front filter

in Solar Filters by Don O'Cain

I have for sale this immaculate Lunt 60mm double stacked telescope Included: Lunt 60 mm HA telescope Lunt 60mm Front...

28 Mar 2017

Views: 292


Wanted Solar Filter

in Solar Filters by JOHN55

I am looking to buy Orion Solar Filter #07767, glass with aluminum frame. 9.45 diameter.

31 Mar 2017

Views: 638


For Sale Lunt Pressure Tuned 60mm Ha Telescope with a B1200 Blocking

in Solar Filters by slepage

Hi, I have a beautiful, like new Lunt Pressure Tuned 60mm Ha Telescope with a B1200 Blocking filter and the 10:1 Cray...

01 Apr 2017

Views: 260


Wanted Quark Chromosphere

in Solar Filters by hbrunet181

I'd like to get the Quark Chromosphere Eyepiece filter from Daystar. If you have one in good to excellent fully worki...

01 Apr 2017

Views: 556


For Sale Lunt White Light Solar Wedge - 2"

in Solar Filters by chrisastro8

Lunt White Light Solar Wedge - 2" Lightly used with some light marks on the 2" barrel and small tear in the foam box...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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