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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Yesterday, 09:50 PM

Views: 31


Wanted Wanted: Lunt 80mm H-alpha Solar Telescope

in Solar Filters by lakewoodpaper

Wanted - 80mm Lunt H-alpha solar telescope. Pre...

02 Aug 2018

Updated: 03 Aug 2018

Views: 45


Wanted Questar Full Aperture Solar Filter

in Solar Filters by Matt Looby

Hi Folks, I may get back into solar observing,...

27 Jul 2018

Views: 39


Wanted Lunt LS50c double stack filter

in Solar Filters by blippincott

Hi, Looking for an LS50c double-stack filter f...

13 Jul 2018

Views: 37


Wanted WTB: Lunt b1200 blocking filter

in Solar Filters by djp183

Please let me know if you’ve looking to get rid...

27 Jun 2018

Views: 56


Wanted Lunt 100 front DS unit

in Solar Filters by jbalsam

Looking for a front-mounted (not internal) Lunt...

17 Jun 2018

Views: 51


Wanted Wanted: Thousand Oaks Solarlite or Baader filter for CPC 1100

in Solar Filters by Procyon

Wanted: Thousand Oaks Solarlite filter or Baade...

10 Jun 2018

Views: 68


Wanted WTB: 60mm double stack etalon

in Solar Filters by 39.1N84.5W

Looking for a gently used Coronado or Lunt doub...

19 May 2018

Updated: 23 May 2018

Views: 81


Wanted Baader 2" Safety Cool Wedge

in Solar Filters by stubeeef

I'm looking for a deal on a 2" Baader Planetari...

06 Feb 2018

Views: 106


Wanted WTB Lunt B600 blocking filter 1.25"

in Solar Filters by djp183

Looking for one of these; please let me know if...

24 Jan 2018

Views: 123


Wanted Wanted: Quark Combo Chromosphere

in Solar Filters by FlankerOneTwo

Hi all! Looking to build an h-alpha system arou...

20 Jan 2018

Views: 100


Wanted Solar filer for 6" APM

in Solar Filters by critter12952

Baader Astrosolar filter for 6" APM refractor....

28 Dec 2017

Views: 121


Wanted Pre-Meade 90mm Etalon for Double Stacking

in Solar Filters by ron scarboro

Looking for a 90mm Etalon in excellent conditio...

28 Dec 2017

Views: 127


Wanted Coronado BF15

in Solar Filters by ron scarboro

I'm looking for a Coronado BF15 diagonal. ITF...

17 Nov 2017

Views: 114


Wanted Wanted: Aperture Iris for solar

in Solar Filters by cptbobrfh

Hello- Looking for Aperture Iris for my Lunt En...

03 Oct 2017

Views: 151


Wanted Daystar Quark Chromosphere Hydrogen Alpha

in Solar Filters by JohannT

I am looking for a used Daystar Quark Chromosph...

14 Sep 2017

Views: 163


Wanted LS60THA Double Stacked B1200PCT

in Solar Filters by dtran1968

Please pm the condition and your asking price i...

22 Aug 2017

Views: 147


Wanted WTB: Kendrick Astro filter 6004-SF

in Solar Filters by at680

Now that the eclipse has passed, I'm hoping som...

16 Aug 2017

Views: 181


Wanted Wanted: good newer objective lens cell from Coronado PST

in Solar Filters by bluecoast

Would someone have a good newer Coronado PST ob...

13 Aug 2017

Updated: 13 Aug 2017

Views: 209


Wanted 12 inch Full aperture glass solar filter

in Solar Filters by Michael Dziak

I accidentally dropped and broke my 12 inch Ful...

10 Aug 2017

Views: 152


Wanted Wanted

in Solar Filters by stryker490

Looking to buy a solar filter for a Orion Skyqu...

06 Aug 2017

Views: 158


Wanted Needing filter 4.10 / 5.81

in Solar Filters by BigSkyHammer

Looking for either .. contact me!

29 Jul 2017

Views: 182


Wanted Wanted: Solar Scope Lunt..or?

in Solar Filters by wavo

I'm looking for something better than my Corona...

29 Jul 2017

Views: 145


Wanted Wanted solar filter : AR 102 mm explore scientific refractor

in Solar Filters by rick barnaby

I'm looking for a film or glass solar filter fo...

28 Jul 2017

Views: 137


Wanted Quark chromosphere combo

in Solar Filters by prjctapollo

Looking for the combo version of the quark comb...

11 Jul 2017

Views: 135


Wanted wtb- white light/solar filter for 120mm

in Solar Filters by chongo228

Looking to get a white light filter for my Orio...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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