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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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08 Nov 2019

Updated: 17 Dec 2020

Views: 385


Wanted Glass Solar Filter for 80mm ED sky watcher Refractor

By: refet Location: Jefferson Wisconsin

I am looking for a small solar filter that gives yellow view of sun, typically like Thousand Oaks or so Size to fit 8...

10 May 2021

Views: 95


Wanted Lunt 60 or 80 in excellent condition

By: gchugh111 Location: International

Interested to buy a Lunt 60 or 80 solar scope - SS or DS - preferably not too old and/or in excellent condition. Inte...

14 May 2017

Views: 564


Wanted Wanted: Neutral Density Filter for use with classic Herschel Wedge

By: twhite Location: Broken Arrow, OK

I am modifying and modernizing an older Japanese-made Herschel wedge that I have and am interested in finding neutral...

22 Aug 2017

Views: 523


Wanted WTB: Kendrick Astro filter 6004-SF

By: at680 Location: Canada

Now that the eclipse has passed, I'm hoping someone will want to get rid of a hastily-purchased solar filter. I'm loo...

15 Dec 2019

Updated: 31 Dec 2019

Views: 401


Wanted Wanted: Double stack solar telescope.

By: nativebowman Location: Oregon

Wanted: Double stack solar telescope. A Coronado or Lunt. I am thinking of something around a 60 mm to 100 mm apeture...

15 Mar 2017

Updated: 10 Jul 2017

Views: 521


Wanted Wanted Coronado PST CaK

By: gawainduncan Location: South Australia

Ship to Australia. All offers considered.

17 May 2019

Updated: 12 Apr 2020

Views: 295


Wanted wanted Questar finder solar filter

By: empikid Location: Oklahoma

still looking wanted a solar filter for the Questar 3.5 finder lens Thanks Ron

30 Apr 2021

Views: 80


Wanted C8" Solar filter

By: JOELSAND4456 Location: CA

Hello friends. Looking for a Solar filter for a C8" Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thank you guys. Bes...

06 Jun 2021

Views: 86


Wanted Lunt 60/80 SS or DS Solar Scope in excellent condition

By: gchugh111 Location: International

Hello Looking for lunt 60 or 80 SS or DS in excellent condition- preferably not too old and with FT focuser. Thanks.

19 Sep 2019

Views: 302


Wanted Looking for Solar H alpha scope under $2k

By: punkmanmatthew Location: South Carolina

Just looking for a Solar Telescope with H alpha. Thanks

18 May 2021

Views: 107


Wanted Lunt 60/80 SS or DS Solar Scope - still looking

By: gchugh111 Location: International

Hi, Looking for a Lunt 60 or 80 SS or DS, pressure tuned with feather touch focuser in excellent condition. Hopefully...

17 May 2019

Views: 293


Wanted Daystar Quark Chromosphere

By: okietwisterdan Location: Oklahoma

Looking for a Daystar Quark Chromosphere Thanks

04 Jul 2017

Views: 417


Wanted Coronado CaK PST

By: LTHB Location: Germany

I'm looking for a Coronado CaK PST. Regards, Frank

10 Jun 2018

Views: 356


Wanted WTB: 60mm double stack etalon

By: 39.1N84.5W Location: Cincinnati Ohio

Looking for a gently used Coronado or Lunt double stack etalon for my 60mm Lunt. Thanks!

21 Apr 2019

Views: 329



By: Schiffi Location: Everywhere

Hi everybody, im looking for an Coronado Solarmax 3 70mm bf 15 with Doublestack. If anyone sell one, please feel free...

28 Apr 2021

Views: 94


Wanted LUNT Adapter-Plate LS50/60FHa to 121 - 140mm

By: caseyfinn Location: Not important

Hello I’m looking for an adapter to use my Lunt 50mm filter with my refractor, Tak Fc100d. Ideally this:https://www.t...

12 Apr 2017

Updated: 30 May 2017

Views: 422



By: zbadger Location: wi

Wanted a used HUTECH HINODE SOLAR GUIDER for eclipse

02 Jun 2021

Views: 77


Wanted Coronado BF-10mm or BF-15mm Blocking Filter

By: irin Location: NJ

I am still looking for the Coronado BF-10mm or BF-15mm Blocking Filter. If you have any version of it and you would b...

10 Aug 2017

Views: 422


Wanted Wanted

By: stryker490 Location: Bertrand mo

Looking to buy a solar filter for a Orion Skyquest XT 10/ 254 mm

01 May 2020

Views: 180


Wanted Wanted. ERF 135mm or larger

By: rcwinter Location: Southampton UK

I am looking for a large ERF 135mm or more Baader. D/C ERF Or Daystar to be shipped to the UK

04 Aug 2020

Updated: 06 Aug 2020

Views: 170


Wanted WTB Coronado PST Solar Telescope w/ ZWO Adapter

By: TheStargazer Location: Houston, TX

Pretty self explanatory, looking to buy a Coronado PST Solar Telescope with ZWO/ASI adapter.

06 Feb 2018

Views: 341


Wanted WTB Lunt B600 blocking filter 1.25"

By: djp183 Location: Baltimore

Looking for one of these; please let me know if you have one to sell outright or possibly trade for a televue nagler...

28 Mar 2017

Views: 579


Wanted Solar Filter

By: JOHN55 Location: L.I. New York

I am looking to buy Orion Solar Filter #07767, glass with aluminum frame. 9.45 diameter.

29 Jul 2017

Views: 475


Wanted Wanted solar filter : AR 102 mm explore scientific refractor

By: rick barnaby Location: Lk. Nebagamon

I'm looking for a film or glass solar filter for my AR -102 explore scientific refractor . Outside diameter of dew sh...

05 Mar 2017

Views: 523


Wanted lunt adapter plate for 50mm

By: bandazar Location: greensboro NC

want a front lunt adapter plate to fit my 90mm achro refractor to front 50mm filter. My dewsheild measures 4" across...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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