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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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07 Sep 2018

Views: 393


For Sale Daystar quantum 0,4PE

in Solar Filters by seb lebouc

Selling my daystar quantum 0,4PE halpha filter. nice conditions. Very uniform etalon, very bright images of chromosph...

16 Aug 2019

Views: 212


For Sale PST w/ case

in Solar Filters by FiremanDan

Selling my PST. I want to fund a dob and I don't use this as much as I would like. I enjoyed it with the eclipse and...

01 Aug 2019

Views: 304


For Sale Daystar Filter Wheel - Lightly used Ha .3A / Ca II K-line

in Solar Filters by DaystarJen

Daystar Filters 'Solar System Filter Wheel' - Taken in on upgrade. Lovingly owned and lightly used with regular serv...

21 Nov 2017

Views: 419


For Sale Thousand Oaks Black Polymer Film 125 mm ID

in Solar Filters by Dave R

This is a new solar filter that was bought for a Stellarvue 102 telescope. New $69.

18 Apr 2019

Updated: 19 Apr 2019

Views: 298


For Sale Solar Filters - For 8" SCT

in Solar Filters by bartine

I have a series of mylar film solar filters $25 each shipped on the East side of the Missippi $30 each shipped to t...

18 Sep 2018

Views: 227


For Sale Full Aperture Glass Solar Filter TYPE 2+ for Meade 10" LX200

in Solar Filters by Pete LaFrance

Full Aperture Glass Solar Filter TYPE 2+ for Meade 10" LX200 New in box $125.00 buyer pays shipping and paypal fee.

19 Dec 2017

Updated: 20 Dec 2017

Views: 773


For Sale 4" F\15 solar scope

in Solar Filters by astrofossilbee

I am selling a 4" F/15 solar scope with a single red lens to optimized H-alpha. I have $2300 into the scope, but woul...

14 Jul 2018

Views: 266


For Sale Solar Filters - ID 270mm, ID 179mm, ID 149mm & ID 127mm

in Solar Filters by pandaemonium

$80 - Thousand Oaks - Glass Filter Condition: Very good condition, one mark on it, possible pin holes but I cannot s...

17 May 2019

Views: 164


For Sale Intes 1.25" Solar Wedge with B+W ND Filter

in Solar Filters by Camcon101

Excellent condition. Comes with ND Filter. Free shipping CONUS Send Paypal Payment to Camcon102@gmail.com

17 May 2019

Views: 271


For Sale Daystar Instruments CALCIUM QUARK Filter (Display Model)

in Solar Filters by Camcon101

Daystar Instruments QUARK is the first Calcium "Eyepiece" CALCIUM H MODEL for F/7 or longer focal ratio refractors Th...

27 Sep 2018

Updated: 05 Oct 2018

Views: 202


For Sale Baader Solar Filter 240mm for 9.25" SCT

in Solar Filters by sebring96hbg

For sale is a Baader Solar Filter ASTF 240 with an aperture of 240mm. This fits a 9.25" SCT. It is in excellent condi...

03 Nov 2018

Views: 264


For Sale SolaREDi 80 mm Dedicated Telescope

in Solar Filters by doccap111

1SolaREDi 80 mm Dedicated Telescope.This telescope is in pristine condition and gives outstanding views of the sun us...

06 Aug 2019

Views: 117


For Sale Baader #ASBF-80 Solar Filter

in Solar Filters by Augustus

Mistakenly bought this and it turned out to not fit my scope, and Agena doesn't take returns. Bought from Agena a few...

04 Jul 2017

Views: 291


For Sale Coronado BF40 Etalon Hard Case

in Solar Filters by PhotoGazer

This is a case for the BF40 Etalon. It also has room for a 1.25" Diagonal and 4 1.25" eyepieces. The case is in excel...

04 Oct 2018

Updated: 01 Feb 2019

Views: 138


For Sale Kendrick 6004-B 4" solar filter NIB

in Solar Filters by Mike W

New never used Kendrick solar filer fits 107-115mm. $45.00 plus shipping (in conus) plus pp fees Still available!!!!...

22 Jul 2018

Views: 237


For Sale 4.57 solar filter

in Solar Filters by detector

4.57 solar filter for sale $55.00 shipped

16 Dec 2018

Views: 220


For Sale Seymour Solar glass filter 8.376”/212mm

in Solar Filters by SeattleScott

Seymour Solar glass full aperture solar filter for sale. Got this as part of a package deal with AR6 refractor but ha...

11 Sep 2017

Views: 496


For Sale Kendrick 6010A Photographic Solar Filter

in Solar Filters by Neal G

This is the Kendrick Photographic Solar Filter that fits an OD of 169mm to 179mm. You cannot use this for visual. For...

22 May 2019

Updated: 22 May 2019

Views: 155


For Sale Thousand Oaks C-14 Solar Filter - Excellent Condition

in Solar Filters by Chuck T

Glass full aperture type 2+ Thousand Oaks solar filter that fits Celestron C-14 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. It als...

29 Aug 2017

Views: 546


For Sale Coronado BF5 Blocker

in Solar Filters by Daniel Mounsey

Coronado BF5 blocker. There's some abrasions on the silver barrel from normal use. The current new price on these is...

22 Apr 2017

Updated: 23 Apr 2017

Views: 702


For Sale Daystar Filters Quark Calcium H Filter

in Solar Filters by enes

Factory New Daystar Filters Calcium H Filter brand new in Box.

09 Aug 2019

Views: 128


For Sale Coronado 60mm SolarMax II Doublestack BF15

in Solar Filters by SteveThornton1

I'm selling my Coronado 60mm SolarMax II DoubleStack BF15 solar scope to fund other projects. Excellent condition. I...

16 Aug 2019

Views: 189


For Sale PST Doublestack - Near mint - 2 years old

in Solar Filters by MSWcdavis

Near mint PST doublestack See photos (comes with original packaging - will be very safe in shipping) Outperforms la...

10 Dec 2017

Views: 382


For Sale aluminum spun filter cell 165mm inner diameter

in Solar Filters by bandazar

aluminum spun filter cell slightly over 165mm inner diameter. It fit over my celestron xlt150 refractor. I dropped...

15 May 2019

Updated: 16 May 2019

Views: 254


For Sale Questar Full Solar Filter (As-Is with Pinholes!)

in Solar Filters by Optics Patent

This is a heavily pin-holed Questar solar filter. Case not included. The machined cell is excellent. But the coating...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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