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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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15 Sep 2021

Views: 30


Wanted Celestron C8 Powerstar PEC manual

By: DennyD Location: Fair Oaks California

Looking for an original Celestron C8 Powerstar PEC manual in good condition.

14 Sep 2021

Views: 39


Wanted Understanding & Attaining 3-Axis Binocular Collimation

By: cnchillstar Location: Beijing

Looking for Understanding & Attaining 3-Axis Binocular Collimation, and I am in Beijing,China. If you have one pl...

08 Sep 2021

Views: 37


Wanted Pocket Sky Atlas

By: CharlaE Location: any

Looking for the Pocket Sky Atlas for my daughter wanting to get into Astronomy, thanks so much!

04 Sep 2021

Views: 57


Wanted The Night Sky Observers Guide, vol. 2

By: DanDK Location: Connecticut

Just looking for vol. 2 of The Night Sky Observers Guide, Spring & Summer, in acceptable or better condition.

13 Aug 2021

Views: 50


Wanted DVD_A Beginner's Guide to the Meade LX200 GPS

By: MarionAZ Location: Arizona

Please let me know if you have this DVD for sale. Thank you! Marion

09 Aug 2021

Views: 64


Wanted Hidden Treasures, Year-Round Messier Marathon, Popular Optics 9445, others

By: thecelloronin Location: SC

In search of:Edmund Scientific: Popular Optics Library 9445O'Meara: Hidden TreasuresPennington: Year-Round Messier Ma...

08 Aug 2021

Views: 50


Wanted Looking for Atlas Australis 1950

By: bigdob24 Location: USA

Looking for a nice copy of Atlas Australis 1950 to add too my collection cloth covered beige in color ‘Let me know wh...

03 Aug 2021

Views: 50


Wanted WTB Telescopes, Eyepieces and Astrographsby by Gregory Hallock Smith

By: kcl31 Location: California

Please let me know if you have this book and like to pass it along. Thanks,

29 Jul 2021

Views: 75


Wanted Edmund Scientific Popular Optics (Popular Optics Library, 9445)

By: thecelloronin Location: Charleston

Looking to pick up a copy of Popular Optics by Edmund Scientific. I’m specifically in search of the original 1974 pri...

26 Jul 2021

Views: 61


Wanted NSOG Vol. 4

By: EZsky Location: 77441

Appreciate this is an example of a hard-to-come-by book these days, but hoping someone has a copy they are willing to...

24 Jul 2021

Views: 56


Wanted Celestron the Early Years - Robert Piekiel

By: Neptune Location: GA

Looking for this e book in pdf format. Please state price shipped to Covington, GA 30016 David

21 Jul 2021

Views: 71


Wanted Advanced Telescope Making Techniques

By: Sathya Location: Bangalore

Hi, I am looking for both books of Advanced Telescope making techniques. Even if you have the Vol2, please feel free...

13 Jul 2021

Views: 133


Wanted Wanted: "The Night Sky Observers Guide"

By: cRule5 Location: Southern California

I am looking for a set of "The Night Sky Observers Guide" by Kepple and Sanner, volumes 1, 2 and 4. The books do not...

11 Jul 2021

Views: 55


Wanted Meade LS boot card (MINI SD)

By: Theodore Beaty Location: Virginia

Hello, I am looking for a Meade LS MINI SD boot card. I capitalized that because I need mini. IF you have a straight-...

11 Jul 2021

Views: 79


Wanted Optical Testing, A Practical Introduction for Engineers, …

By: SandyHouTex Location: Houston

I’m looking for this book. If you have one, please contact me. Copyright 2013. Thanks, Sandy

03 Jul 2021

Views: 95


Wanted Wanted – Great Atlas of the Sky, Jubilee Edition

By: eyeoftexas Location: Austin, TX

I am looking for The Great Atlas of the Sky – Jubilee Edition by Piott Brych. I would like it to be in excellent cond...

22 Jun 2021

Views: 67


Wanted Reiseatlas Mond wanted

By: The Ardent Location: VA

Looking for a copy of the Reiseatlas Mond, thank you.

18 Jun 2021

Views: 65


Wanted Sky Atlas 2000 Deluxe

By: BigSkyHammer Location: N Florida

Looking for a decent copy thanks

26 May 2021

Updated: 07 Jun 2021

Views: 135


Wanted Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies

By: SuneH Location: Denmark

I'm interested in buying Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies. Its a book by Jeff Kanipe & Dennis Webb. I'm located in...

25 May 2021

Views: 76


Wanted Annals of the deepsky volumn 1

By: cnchillstar Location: Beijing,China

Hi,I am looking for annals of the deepsky volumn 1. And I am in Beijing,China, if you have one please contact with me...

23 May 2021

Views: 79


Wanted Copies of "The Sky" Magazine

By: lcpadua Location: Southern California

I'm looking for any copies of "The Sky" magazine, a predecessor of "Sky and Telescope" and published 1936 through 194...

19 May 2021

Views: 66


Wanted Wanted: "The Astrograph" Magazine 1962-1966

By: John Rogers Location: Northern California

I am looking for copies of "The Astrograph" magazine published between 1962 and 1966. Let me know what you have to o...

19 May 2021

Views: 135


Wanted Wanted: "All About Telescopes" by Sam Brown

By: Dr. Wm Location: Pennsylvania

I am looking for a copy of Sam Brown's Edmund Scientific classic telescope book All About Telescopes.I would prefer a...

29 Apr 2021

Views: 67


Wanted Pempro V3

By: 007Martini Location: PA

Looking to purchase Prempro V3 if you no longer have use for this software.

28 Apr 2021

Views: 90


Wanted Engineering, Design and Construction of Portable Newtonian Telescopes

By: Neptune Location: 30016

Looking for this telescope making book, Engineering, Design and Construction of Portable Newtonian TelescopesPlease...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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