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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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04 Mar 2017

Views: 766


For Sale 1kg Gugolz 73 or 64

By: PPO Location: Hilo, Hawaii

I have several brand new unopened 1 kg size of the Gugolz 73 and 64. Purchase them here - https://www.etsy.com...p_ho...

15 Mar 2017

Views: 506


For Sale 4" Secondary

By: big gray Location: Az

4" elliptical secondary new uncounted $299.00 shipped conus.

19 Mar 2017

Updated: 20 Mar 2017

Views: 900


For Sale Parts for Equatorial Drive

By: bjmillet Location: Pasadena, TX

Two (2) USED Faulhaber AM1524-V-6-35-06 Precision Stepper Motor with Gearhead 485:1 Two (2) NEW GT2 40/16 Teeth Pitc...

20 Mar 2017

Updated: 29 Jun 2020

Views: 693


For Sale Meade LX200 GPS/R/ACF/LX90/RCX

By: meademods Location: pasadena

Meade LX200 GPS/R/ACF/LX90/RCX Stainless Steel Screw Upgrade kit This kit replaces all the black powered screws and...

31 Mar 2017

Views: 391


For Sale 57.5mm x 260mm FL Achromat

By: MASILMW Location: US

57.5mm x 260mm FL Achromat This is a cemented achromat made for the Military but I don't know for what purpose. It's...

02 Apr 2017

Updated: 04 Jun 2017

Views: 543


For Sale 4.5인치 bonded doublet

By: HKang Location: Schenectady NY

Bonded doublet 4.5inch diameter. FL ~980mm. I don't have other information. Asking $150. price lowered significantly

03 Apr 2017

Updated: 10 Apr 2017

Views: 664


For Sale Unique Novak 10inch Mirror Cell (SOLD)

By: johnlynch Location: Leesburg, Virginia

I'm selling a never used 10-inch cast aluminum mirror cell manufactured by Kenneth Novak & Company. It is unique...

10 Apr 2017

Views: 700


For Sale 30mm x 200mm Achromat in Metal Cell

By: MASILMW Location: US

30mm x 200mm Achromat in Metal Cell Made by Towa in Japan. It was use as a lens for a small zoom scope or fixed power...

12 Apr 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2019

Views: 775


For Sale Stainless steel disks for counterweights

By: RichA Location: Toronto

Machined stainless disks suitable for counterweights. Not drilled for set screw. 4.5 inch diameter 3/4 inch thick hol...

18 Apr 2017

Views: 1772


For Sale Large Lightweight Mirrors

By: Astronorm Location: CANADA

If you are looking for a large Lightweight Mirror, I developed over the last 5 years with the help of Laval Universit...

25 Apr 2017

Views: 382


For Sale Vintage Finder Brackets for Early Import Refractors

By: Uncle Milt Location: Jacksonville, FL

A few vintage restoration parts from the .965" ZoneThese two brackets fit the early series Tasco / Towa 2.4" refracto...

25 Apr 2017

Views: 275


For Sale 5 x 24 mm Finder Bracket for Early 4.5" Reflectors

By: Uncle Milt Location: Jacksonville, FL

Another vintage restoration part from the .965" ZoneThis original 5 x 24 mm, all metal finder bracket will fit the tu...

01 May 2017

Updated: 30 Oct 2018

Views: 892


For Sale 120mm F8 Multicoated Achromat in Cell

By: bremms Location: SC

120mm F8 multicoated achromat in cell. Very good condition, the lens is near perfect, although there are one or two f...

08 May 2017

Views: 505


For Sale FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)

By: scstusek Location: Greensboro, NC

I have a large sheet of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, .09" thickness, that could be used for telescope bearings. I'l...

15 May 2017

Views: 319


For Sale metal ring 90mm

By: doccap111 Location: Florida

Make your own solar filter or a cover. metal ring 90mm $15 includes shipping.

15 May 2017

Views: 865


For Sale Planetary Newtonian Tube

By: Daniel Mounsey Location: SoCal

This is a brand new, lightweight composite optical tube. The tube measures 53" long for a long focal ratio Newtonian...

24 May 2017

Views: 1008


For Sale 24" f/4.1 Mirror

By: Steve Dodds Location: Salt Lake city

For sale a 24" f/4.1 Focal Length 99.25" 2" thick fine annealed Pyrex. Enhanced Aluminum (96%) coating. Tested by dou...

24 May 2017

Views: 699


For Sale Mirror 6" F/8 finished but no coating

By: curmugin Location: 86326

The title just about says it all. The edge has one very small chip that should come off when beveling the edge. This...

25 May 2017

Updated: 11 Jun 2020

Views: 482


For Sale Lumicon 2" Easy Guider for Newt/Refract w/3x relay

By: SomeDoSomeDont Location: Michigan 48096

2" Lumicon Easy Guider for Newtonian / Refractor Telescopes - 2.00" #NEG20 Accepts 1.25 eyepiece Lumicon 3x Relay dia...

03 Jun 2017

Updated: 19 Feb 2019

Views: 1042


For Sale 12.5 Inch Pyrex - William Bell Lowered price

By: 4dark sky Location: Richmond VA

For those of you that made mirrors long ago the fine annealed Pyrex from William Bell was some of the best there was....

03 Jun 2017

Updated: 08 Jul 2017

Views: 356


For Sale 4 Inch Pyrex Mirror Blanks

By: 4dark sky Location: Richmond VA

I have three William Bell 4 Inch fine annealed Pyrex blanks, full thickness. They were bought in the early 1990's and...

03 Jun 2017

Updated: 08 Jul 2017

Views: 512


For Sale 6 Inch Pryex Mirror Blanks

By: 4dark sky Location: Richmond VA

There are two excellent condition new old school Pyrex mirror blanks. I believe them to be annealed but cannot be sur...

03 Jun 2017

Updated: 08 Jul 2017

Views: 433


For Sale 6 Inch Pyrex Mirror Blank - Chipped edge

By: 4dark sky Location: Richmond VA

This is the last mirror blank that I will have for sale. This is a 6 inch full thickness blank that somehow received...

10 Jun 2017

Views: 461


For Sale Vintage Cave 1.25" Rack and Pinion Focuser 9" tube radius

By: starbird Location: 95409

This is a vintage Cave Optical Company 1.25" Rack and Pinion Focuser with a 9" tube radius. Very hard to find item....

08 Jul 2017

Views: 491



By: refractory Location: Oakland, NJ 07436

Lens inscriptions includes: 9x18, RM 806, Made in USA Eastman Kodak Co. 805700. Includes original filter and internal...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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