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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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05 Apr 2020

Updated: Yesterday, 11:55 AM

Views: 162


For Sale 10 inch blank

By: wavefront Location: Colorado

This blank is 7/8ths of an inch thick by 10 inches in diameter. One side has a chip which is roughly 1/10th of an inc...

05 Apr 2020

Views: 123


For Sale 18" Trunnions (altitude bearings)

By: Barry Peckham Location: Oahu

3/4" cabinet grade plywood with gray primer and Ebony Star bearing surface, masked with tape so you can finish the pa...

05 Apr 2020

Views: 117


For Sale 12 1/8" Diameter Trunnions (altitude bearings)

By: Barry Peckham Location: Oahu

Leftover trunnions from the days of LITEBOX Telescopes. 3/4" lumber-core plywood with Philippine mahogany faces and E...

05 Apr 2020

Views: 105


For Sale 1x6 inch pyrex blank or ?

By: wavefront Location: Colorado

A very nice piece of glass which has no chips or scratches. Nicely beveled. Mechanically flat on both sides. Looks li...

05 Apr 2020

Views: 165


For Sale Zambuto 12.5" F4.6 Mirror

By: sqrlman Location: Central Ohio

Zambuto 12.5" F4.6 Pyrex mirror. 1.25" thick. I purchased this new from Carl Zambuto. It was a custom order made to f...

05 Apr 2020

Views: 37


For Sale Wanted :Lumicon 1.25' focuser

By: rachnoman Location: Indiana

Looking for a 1.25" focuser just like this one. Must in top condition or as new. Thanks, Dave.

05 Apr 2020

Updated: Yesterday, 09:38 PM

Views: 279


For Sale Various Astro parts

By: rachnoman Location: Indiana

Available for your stay home projects: Edmund 6" mirror cell in excellent condition. Will only work with older Corni...

05 Apr 2020

Views: 8


Wanted Antares or Protostar 2.14" secondary mirror

By: jeanine Location: Utah

Looking for either one of these in as-new condition. 1/20 wave or 1/30 wave only.

05 Apr 2020

Views: 24


Wanted 11" F5.6 or 10" F6 quality Primary Mirror - Wanted

By: bartine Location: Silver Spring MD

I'm looking for a Primary Mirror to use with my vintage Starmaster truss telescope It should work with a 10"F6 - or...

05 Apr 2020

Updated: 05 Apr 2020

Views: 37


Wanted Tak 114 Tube Clamp

By: intiflame Location: Washington

I am looking for a Takahashi 114mm Tube Clamp. Because limited budget I can only afford to pay a maximum of $100.00...

02 Apr 2020

Views: 51


Wanted WANTED 130mm f/5 primary

By: speedster Location: Texas

I came across a Celestron 130 EQ that had its primary apparently come loose in shipment and break. I thought, "what...

02 Apr 2020

Updated: 02 Apr 2020

Views: 100


For Sale Phenolic Navigation Knob for Dobsonian Reflector

By: Artemis65 Location: California

Up for sale is a phenolic knob. I had an extra and figured someone could use it for a project. Makes a great Navigati...

01 Apr 2020

Views: 137


For Sale Parallax Tube Rings

By: jrb Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Set of Parallax Tube Ring 11 7/8" ID with no felt Good condition Buy pays shipping

31 Mar 2020

Views: 63


For Sale Dew Shield

By: oldtimer Location: Chicagoland

Celestron Dew Shield, approx. 5 & 5/16" ID and 6.5" long, Nice gloss black finish with flat black interior. VG c...

31 Mar 2020

Views: 86


For Sale VIRGIN TEFLON 12"x1.5"x.125(1/8")and 1x12" Glow Tape

By: Artemis65 Location: California

I have a piece of Virgin Teflon for sale if anybody needs it for a project. Also including a 1"x12" strip of Purple O...

30 Mar 2020

Views: 297


For Sale Three Mirrors

By: MASILMW Location: US

Three Mirrors 1. 3" in Dia. and is flat. The coatings are very good. I do not know how flat it is but, it did come f...

29 Mar 2020

Views: 60


Wanted 10" f/4 - f/3.9 Parabolic Mirror

By: DE_Mast Location: San Jose CA

Looking for a good condition 10" parabolic mirror in the f/4.0 - f/3.9 range. If you have an astrograph size secondar...

28 Mar 2020

Views: 50


Wanted Wanted: 4" elliptical secondary mirror - any condition

By: earthstar Location: CA

Got an old tired mirror, under loved, a bit rough? Any condition will do, so the cheaper rougher candidate is preferr...

27 Mar 2020

Views: 451


For Sale 12.5" parabolic pyrex primary mirror

By: thomasdoncarlos Location: Phoenix, AZ

This primary mirror has spent many nights and days outside in a home made telescope. I cleaned it with window cleane...

26 Mar 2020

Views: 153


For Sale Set of Two Large Tube Finder Protection Rings

By: starbird Location: 95409

This is a set of two large aluminum tube protection rings for a large finder scope. They fit over the tube and protec...

26 Mar 2020

Views: 80


Wanted WANTED Alt Bearings for 12in Dob

By: kimbul56 Location: CA

WANTED Alt Bearings and hardware for 12in Dob, Orion or Skywatcher preferred, possibly Meade Lightbridge. Please let...

26 Mar 2020

Views: 96


For Sale 6 inch Newtonian Mirror Cell

By: RickHull Location: Orange County, CA

I have a robust older style mirror cell for a 6 inch just collecting duct in my garage. Brand unknown; could be Novak...

26 Mar 2020

Views: 287


For Sale Objective C 110/750 Carl Zeiss Jena

By: lusen Location: Germany Deggendorf

CARL ZEISS JENA Objective Lens C 110/750 COMETFINDER-Objectiv Nr. 62141 it is the last one Cometfinder C 110/750 -...

25 Mar 2020

Views: 118


For Sale Meade Eclipse view table top 114MM DOB Base

By: scopehed Location: Meadview, AZ

Eclipse view 114 DOB Base Accepts Vixen Dovetails Will work with any tube up to 2 feet long that has a vixen dovetail...

24 Mar 2020

Views: 66


Wanted Vintage Edscorp 1.25" Focuser From 6 Inch Space Conqueror

By: rcobservatory Location: WV

In need of a good condition 1.25" focuser from an vintasge Edscorp 6" Space Conqueror telescope. Will pay $35. PayPal

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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