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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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18 Sep 2020

Updated: 18 Sep 2020

Views: 116


Wanted secondary refigure

By: greenglass Location: ontario canada

would anyone fix my 2.25" newtonian secondary? It's pyrex. I messed it up in 2009 polishing off the tarnished silver...

14 Sep 2020

Views: 62


Wanted Tasco 7TE Objective Cell

By: Uncle Milt Location: Live Oak, FL

I am trying to find a more or less complete objective cell from a Tasco 7TE 60 x 900 mm refractor. I do not need the...

14 Sep 2020

Views: 95


Wanted 6" f/8 optics

By: Augustus Location: Connecticut

Looking for 6" f/8 primary mirrors and 1.3" or 1.52" secondary mirrors for a class I'm doing at a local STEM space. A...

06 Sep 2020

Updated: 11 Sep 2020

Views: 129


Wanted WTB tube rings for a small reflector

By: wavefront Location: Colorado

I left a mount outside with a plastic bag over it and the wind pushed it over cracking one of the tube rings. Luckily...

29 Aug 2020

Views: 125


Wanted 13.1 Coulter f4.5 mirror

By: jackstars Location: New Port Richey, l.

WANTED Coulter 13.1" f 4.5 mirror in good shape reasonable

20 Aug 2020

Views: 56


Wanted Wanted: Spider and secondary holder for 6" telescope

By: shootingsta98 Location: Rhode Island

I would like to buy a spider that will fit a 6 7/8" id tube with a 1.25 secondary holder. Old Novak, RV-6 spider or...

31 Jul 2020

Views: 113


Wanted WTB: Cheap objective for my first build

By: Milasdavid Location: New York

Hi, I'm looking to start my first DIY build and would like to start with a reflector in the 8" range, though feel f...

23 Jul 2020

Views: 156


Wanted Tube rings for 127mm /130mm tube.

By: astropinci Location: Western Mass

Looking for a used pair of tube rings for my 130mm tube. Thanks

12 Jul 2020

Views: 107


Wanted 4" focuser or 2.7" Astro-Physics focuser

By: delorehal Location: worldwide

I'm looking for a 4" focuser or a 2.7" or even better a 4" Astro-Physics focuser thanks

08 Jul 2020

Views: 124


Wanted SurplusShed 127mm/700mm Objective (Wollensak)

By: sunrag Location: Indiana

Looking for this item. Surplus Shed Product Code: L3968. WOLLENSAK MTD TELESCOPE OBJECTIVE 127MM DIAMETER, 700MM FL.

02 Jul 2020

Views: 144


Wanted Terrabeam Meade 4" objective lens

By: delorehal Location: worldwilde

I'm looking for a Terrabeam IR 4" objective made by Meade

30 Jun 2020

Views: 176


Wanted Surplus Shed 3" Mak optics

By: Matthew Paul Location: Orange County NY

I'm looking to see if anyone has this set of optics that they would like to sell me. I'm getting closer to finishing...

14 Jun 2020

Views: 119


Wanted Ring Adapters

By: Star_Explorer Location: Florida

I have a 60mm guidescope on rings that I need to attach to a Losmandy style rail. I do not want to drill holes into t...

01 Jun 2020

Views: 119


Wanted WANTED, 80mm 400mm focal length, air-spaced multicoated Achro lens

By: RalphMeisterTigerMan Location: Abbotsford, B.C.

Looking to upgrade a small refractor. Looking for a particular lens in good condition. An 80mm Air-spaced Multicoated...

31 May 2020

Views: 113


Wanted Want 50/500 achromat

By: WahHK Location: Hong Kong / US

Want a D=50mm F=500mm achromat

29 May 2020

Views: 101


Wanted 9.75" INNER DIAMETER tube rings

By: Hudson NY Location: NY

If anyone has 9.75 inch INNER DIAMETER tube rings, I need them to finish up a project. Any condition, just working pl...

28 May 2020

Views: 125


Wanted 16" f/4.5 primary mirror from old meade (or other brand)

By: Br4xton Location: Houston, TX

Hello - I'm looking for a used 16" f/4.5 mirror. I'd also be interested in an used complete/semi-complete dob for var...

23 May 2020

Updated: 28 May 2020

Views: 115


Wanted Wanted 130mm F/6 or F/7 ED or APO lens assembly

By: Thomas Marshall Location: Arizona

I am looking for a 130mm Ed or APO lens assembly F/6 or F/7 OR some Lens assembly near to those spec's, that I might...

22 May 2020

Views: 125


Wanted Wanted: 3.1 inch minor axis secondary mirror

By: Richard Turner Location: Rocky Mount NC

I accidentally broke mine.RichardNorth Carolina

21 May 2020

Views: 193


Wanted Obsession Altitude Bearing from 15" (20.5" arc)

By: Alan Lippert Location: Chicago

Fellow ATM'ers! Looking for some gently used Obsession Altitude bearings from a 15" scope, these are the 20.5" arcs....

09 May 2020

Views: 141


Wanted Large Cellular Secondary

By: gatorengineer Location: Anywhere

Well a million to one shot, but worth a try. WTB a large 6.5-7" MA cellular secondary mirror. If you have something...

30 Apr 2020

Views: 115


Wanted 10" f/4 - f/3.9 Parabolic Mirror for Newt Project

By: DE_Mast Location: San Jose CA

Looking for a good condition 10" parabolic mirror in the f/4.0 - f/3.9 range. If you have an astrograph size secondar...

29 Apr 2020

Views: 186


Wanted Achromatic Lenses

By: MarcoItaly Location: Italy

For a SHG project, I'm looking for good quality achromatic objective lenses (with or without cell). A 100mm diameter...

22 Apr 2020

Views: 143


Wanted rocker box and altitude bearings for 10" DOB.

By: Cosmicpeeper Location: tampabay , FL

want help converting my mead 10" EQ starfinder to a DOB. looking for rocker box and altitude bearings also any plans,...

18 Apr 2020

Views: 179


Wanted Seeking — 8” f6 Primary Mirror

By: daniel_gillis Location: North Texas

Seeking an 8” f6 Newtonian mirror of excellent figure. My experience base of really good to excellent includes Parks...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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