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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Yesterday, 05:50 PM

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Wanted WANTED 130mm f/5 primary

By: speedster Location: Texas

I came across a Celestron 130 EQ that had its primary apparently come loose in shipment and break. I thought, "what...

29 Mar 2020

Views: 58


Wanted 10" f/4 - f/3.9 Parabolic Mirror

By: DE_Mast Location: San Jose CA

Looking for a good condition 10" parabolic mirror in the f/4.0 - f/3.9 range. If you have an astrograph size secondar...

28 Mar 2020

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Wanted Wanted: 4" elliptical secondary mirror - any condition

By: earthstar Location: CA

Got an old tired mirror, under loved, a bit rough? Any condition will do, so the cheaper rougher candidate is preferr...

26 Mar 2020

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Wanted WANTED Alt Bearings for 12in Dob

By: kimbul56 Location: CA

WANTED Alt Bearings and hardware for 12in Dob, Orion or Skywatcher preferred, possibly Meade Lightbridge. Please let...

24 Mar 2020

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Wanted Vintage Edscorp 1.25" Focuser From 6 Inch Space Conqueror

By: rcobservatory Location: WV

In need of a good condition 1.25" focuser from an vintasge Edscorp 6" Space Conqueror telescope. Will pay $35. PayPal

24 Mar 2020

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Wanted Criterion Items

By: rcobservatory Location: WV

I am in need of 2 Criterion items. I need a good condition focuser from a RV6 Dynascope. Will pay $35. I also need a...

19 Mar 2020

Updated: 19 Mar 2020

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Wanted WTB: Countertop bearing material (ebony star/crystal/whatever works)

By: linuxizer Location: Pennsylvania

Hi guys, I've been stalled for a while in my building bearings and a base for my first scope (bought an 8" OTA) beca...

27 Feb 2020

Views: 58


Wanted Edmund 6" f/8 mirror

By: KentTolley Location: San Pedro, California

Wanted Edmund 6" mirror with 48" focal length.

23 Feb 2020

Views: 46


Wanted Mactac Remnant

By: jgort Location: Any

Looking for an astronomical themed (preferred) or dark blue/black piece of sticky-backed vinyl (Mactac or equivalent)...

17 Feb 2020

Views: 48


Wanted 6” Blanks Wanted

By: Dessman Location: Buffalo, NY

Hello, I am intending to teach telescope making to young people focused on a combination of 3D printing and mirror m...

16 Feb 2020

Views: 59


Wanted Wanted 10"/11" or 12" Byers gear

By: eric moerman Location: Belgium

I'm looking for a worm gear from Ed Byers. It may be 10/11 or 12" in diameter buth the worm should be mounted on both...

16 Feb 2020

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Wanted Secondary mirror and holder for Celestron C6

By: arachman Location: CA

I have a vintage Celestron C6 reflector. The one made by Vixen with the sliding focuser. It is missing the secondary...

09 Feb 2020

Views: 59


Wanted Wanted 3.5" Elliptical Mirror and Holder

By: ioptics Location: Salt Lake City

Looking for a 3.5" Diagonal Mirror coated or uncoated and Holder

29 Jan 2020

Views: 54


Wanted 2.8 inch MA secondary mirror

By: Hudson NY Location: New York

I need a 2.8 inch secondary. Seems they make 2.6 and then the sizes jump to 3.1. Any 2.8 inch Minor Axis secondaries...

18 Jan 2020

Views: 79


Wanted Edmund Scientific Spanner Wrench Set

By: Van Do9:3 Location: US Cont

Hello, I am looking for a used complete Edmund Scientific spanner wrench set with short and long bars, and instructi...

05 Jan 2020

Views: 52


Wanted Wanted: 8" tool - plate glass or pyrex

By: shootingsta98 Location: RI

I am looking for an 8" tool for a mirror making project. Please let me know what you have and your asking price.

13 Dec 2019

Views: 119


Wanted 12.5" f/8 Cave tube

By: icomet Location: USA (continental)

Before I continue on the route I was going to take, I thought I'd ask if there's a Cave tube out there from a 12.5" f...

06 Dec 2019

Views: 55


Wanted WANTED--Adapter(Slip On Ring) 4 Night.Vision PVS 7

By: SiriusLooker Location: Arizona

Thanks for Looking... I need an (1)adapter -*(called)- Slip on Ring Adapter for Night Vision Goggles to connect the l...

02 Dec 2019

Views: 70


Wanted Quality Ronchi Grating / Screen 85/100/133 LPI

By: Jethro777 Location: Australia

I am starting ATM and am looking for a quality glass Ronchi Grating Screen in either 85,100,133 to help. Postage c...

27 Nov 2019

Views: 83


Wanted Aluminum Cell for 4.25" Objective

By: dan boyar Location: Boynton Beach, FL

Looking for a cell and aluminum tube for a 4.25" F/8 Jaegers objective. Please let me know what you have and price....

24 Nov 2019

Views: 116


Wanted Mirror Blank Wanted

By: jjam47 Location: 87031

Hello, I am looking for an 18" dia. x at least 1" thick (preferably) plate glass (or similar) blank suitable for maki...

13 Nov 2019

Views: 115


Wanted Looking for a mirror cell for 13.1 coulter

By: M Shelton Location: St. George Utah

Hi, our club here in Souther Utah has acquired a coulter 13.1 DOB. We would like to upgrade the mirror cell. anyone...

26 Oct 2019

Views: 103


Wanted Foucault tester

By: Itz marcus Location: New York

Hi, I just don't seem to have the time to make one sooooo does anyone out there have a functional foucault tester? It...

07 Oct 2019

Views: 93


Wanted Wanted — 12-14" f/4 tested mirror

By: irin Location: NJ

I am looking for a tested primary mirror 12-14" f/4 to build astrograph. If you have one and you would be willing to...

06 Oct 2019

Views: 148


Wanted Tasco/Sears broken/empty Lens Cell or even screws only

By: regis helaine Location: colorado

Would prefer a cell as I would like spares. The missing screw on the picture is what I am missing.

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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