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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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28 Mar 2020

Views: 43


Wanted Wanted: 4" elliptical secondary mirror - any condition

By: earthstar Location: CA

Got an old tired mirror, under loved, a bit rough? Any condition will do, so the cheaper rougher candidate is preferr...

27 Feb 2019

Views: 115


Wanted Berger Antireflexfarbe flat black OTA paint

By: Klaus_160 Location: Corning, NY

I am looking for this paint: Berger Antireflexfarbe flat black OTA paint Please let me know what you have and we can...

02 Jul 2018

Views: 202


Wanted WANTED : plano convex lens

By: meade4ever Location: france

Hello, I'm looking for a long focal length singlet with a diameter greater than 80mm

31 May 2017

Views: 223


Wanted Howie Glatter Sling

By: azfar72 Location: Oakville / Toronto

Hi - I am looking for a howie glatter sling to install on my 15 inch UC . If you have the one for the 18 inch UC, tha...

16 Aug 2019

Views: 92


Wanted 4.5" f/4 Mirror

By: Red-Fawn Location: Dothan, AL

Our library loans out telescopes, and a patron broke the primary on one of them. So, were looking for a replacement 4...

15 Jun 2018

Views: 181


Wanted 8se corrector plate

By: karimooo Location: Bahrain

Looking for 8se corrector plate or even used or danage 8se with good condition of the corrector plate

08 May 2018

Views: 168


Wanted Carton 100mm f/13 lens

By: Dorin Blajan Location: Europe

Hi, I want to buy a Carton 100mm f/13 objective lens with or without cell. Preferably in Europe. Thanks, Dorin

10 Sep 2018

Views: 197


Wanted Mirror set

By: jakefromporcupine Location: ontario

Hello. I am looking for a 16 inch f/4.5 mirror and matching secondary. One in Canada would be nice. In Ontario, ev...

18 Apr 2018

Views: 181


Wanted Wanted: Flockboard

By: scott50 Location: Valley Cottage, NY

I need a piece of flockboard at least 7.5" x 45" for a Dob cage. I believe Protostar is the manufacturer

18 Jan 2020

Views: 78


Wanted Edmund Scientific Spanner Wrench Set

By: Van Do9:3 Location: US Cont

Hello, I am looking for a used complete Edmund Scientific spanner wrench set with short and long bars, and instructi...

10 Jun 2018

Views: 212


Wanted WANTED: 12" - 12.5" Mirrors, or...

By: Dennis Steele Location: Palm Desert, CA.

I'm on the lookout for 12" or 12.5" primary mirrors. Must have good coating, NO scratches or chips. Please let me kn...

18 Feb 2018

Views: 235


Wanted 7 inch secondary

By: kfrederick Location: Pa USA

I am looking for a 7 inch secondary mirror

08 Nov 2018

Views: 132


Wanted Tube for 6" Newtonian

By: Gavin Warnes Location: New Jersey

I'm looking for a tube to rebuild a 6" Newtonian scope. A fiber glass tube by Parks, Cave etc would be ideal. A tub...

09 Dec 2017

Views: 214


Wanted JMI MOTODEC install kit - C-8

By: Adam Albino Location: Scituate, MA

Have an old C8 JMI MOTODEC I want to put on one of my vintage c8’s - looking for the install kit - collar, coupler, s...

01 Oct 2019

Updated: 02 Oct 2019

Views: 124


Wanted foucault tester

By: Itz marcus Location: NY

Hi, Someone's got ot have a tester that they don't use or need. Let me know if you have one. Maybe we can work out a...

24 Nov 2019

Views: 113


Wanted Mirror Blank Wanted

By: jjam47 Location: 87031

Hello, I am looking for an 18" dia. x at least 1" thick (preferably) plate glass (or similar) blank suitable for maki...

13 Nov 2019

Views: 114


Wanted Looking for a mirror cell for 13.1 coulter

By: M Shelton Location: St. George Utah

Hi, our club here in Souther Utah has acquired a coulter 13.1 DOB. We would like to upgrade the mirror cell. anyone...

26 May 2018

Views: 176


Wanted Meade 8" primary cell

By: airbleeder Location: Powder Springs, GA

I'm looking for an aluminum primary cell which will fit inside a 9"ID sonotube. It can be a Meade cell or an adjustab...

03 Jan 2019

Views: 127


Wanted Wanted D&G 6 inch F-12 lens in Cell assembly

By: drd715 Location: Anywhere

Wanted D&G 6 inch F-12 lens in Cell assembly for my project scope

13 Jan 2019

Updated: 14 Jan 2019

Views: 127


Wanted Want to buy: Televue Paracorr Type II

By: WahHK Location: USA

Want to buy: Televue Paracorr Type II

10 Feb 2019

Views: 221


Wanted 30”-40” mirror blank Wanted

By: edebvoss Location: Sacramento, CAr

Looking to find a 30”-40” mirror blank. While Pyrex is preferred, plate is still considered if the thickness is 1 1/2...

20 Jan 2018

Views: 206


Wanted Wanted 5" Tubing

By: JohnH Location: North america

I need some in either aluminum, steel, brass or even that weird titanium tubing used in aircraft AC systems. Would p...

10 Jul 2019

Views: 160


Wanted WTB: Jaegers 6" cell flange

By: mccarthymark Location: 94555

I'm not sure what this piece is called. On an old Jaegers refractor assembly I have, it is a brass flange or holder...

13 Mar 2019

Views: 101


Wanted 6" mirror cells

By: NeilPerlin Location: Massachusetts

Looking for two (ideally but will settle for one) mirror cells for 6" mirrors.

07 Apr 2018

Views: 218


Wanted mirror

By: Dana Wright Location: 19350

Your unfinished 8'' mirror project

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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