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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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03 Aug 2021

Views: 48


Wanted 6" or 8" optical flat

By: PawPaw Location: Kansas City

Looking for a 6 or 8 inch optical flat. Coated or non coated will work. Thanks for looking.

02 Aug 2021

Views: 35


Wanted AC power cord for a Questar 1973-4

By: joseph daukantas Location: SE Florida

Looking foe an AC power cord for a 1973-4 Questar,

02 Aug 2021

Views: 44


Wanted Moonlite Truss Tube Inserts for 1.25" Tube

By: John Miele Location: ALABAMA

Help...I need six for a hexapod build! Thanks! JM

16 Jun 2021

Views: 88


Wanted Ebony Star laminate

By: jeanine Location: Utah

Does anyone have a 22"X 22" piece of the original Ebony Star 4552-50 available? Thanks...Lynn

13 Jun 2021

Views: 58


Wanted spider and secondary holder for 6" telescope

By: shootingsta98 Location: RI

I would like to purchase a Novak or similar spider and 1.25" m.a. secondary holder that will fit a 7" ID tube. Let me...

10 Jun 2021

Views: 95


Wanted Ronchi Grating

By: Steve Allison Location: Washington

Hi people- I am looking to purchase a small section of Ronchi grating, maybe 125 LPI and 3/4 to 1 inch square, for u...

08 Jun 2021

Views: 58


Wanted [WTB] 11-12 Inch Thin Mirror, Preferable Fused Silica Ones

By: kcl31 Location: California

Please let me know if you have one that you'd like to sell. Thanks,

02 Jun 2021

Views: 50


Wanted WTB - 4.2” to 4.5” rings

By: Talusman Location: Lancaster, PA

Looking for a set of rings for an ETX-90 build for my son’s birthday. Orion and ScopeStuff are both back ordered. Let...

23 May 2021

Views: 54


Wanted ATCO 1254 Finder Bracket, or similar brands

By: Garyth64 Location: SE Michigan

I am trying to find a finder bracket, and finder, for the restoration of an ATCO 1254, 80mm x 1200mm scope. It is fo...

22 May 2021

Views: 55


Wanted Moonlite ball/socket truss connectors

By: spaceoddity Location: PA

Anybody have a set of 4(or 8) of these for 1" tubing that they don't need?

21 May 2021

Views: 109


Wanted 8 inch f/6 newtonian mirror

By: harbrank Location: Virginia

I need an 8 inch f/6 newtonian mirror; thank you

17 May 2021

Views: 88


Wanted Aluminum Truss poles

By: Stargazer Location: Canada

Does anyone have a set of eight 1-1/4 O.D. by .049 inside aluminum poles 72" long or there about that are no longer o...

13 May 2021

Views: 112


Wanted Broken Explore Scientific ED80

By: Alrakis Location: NC

Looking for a Explore Scientific Essential Series ED80 with a broken lenses. I just purchased a lenses from user MASI...

08 May 2021

Views: 74


Wanted Coulter 4.25" f/12 Mirror &/Or Complete Kit

By: cavecollector Location: USA

Looking for one of the old Coulter make-it-yourself telescope kits which came with a 4.25" mirror, a diagonal, an ine...

06 May 2021

Views: 100


Wanted Dobsonian bearing laminate

By: annatsang Location: CT

Looking for 14in x 14in laminate for azimuth dob bearing. Ebony Star preferred but let me know what you have. I am ha...

02 May 2021

Views: 89


Wanted 6" f/5 Parabolic Primary Mirror

By: mksf4554 Location: San Francisco Bay area, CA

Looking for a 6" f/5 Parabolic Primary Mirror in very good condition. Thank you for looking

02 May 2021

Views: 68


Wanted Moonlite Ball and Socket Truss Connectors for 1.25" ID poles

By: Mike H. Location: Louisiana

Looking for a set of Moonlight Ball and Socket Truss Connectors for 1.25" ID poles - 4 double upper socket assemblies...

02 May 2021

Views: 96


Wanted Seeking 6-8" mirror, cheapish

By: gribley Location: Rhode Island

Looking for a 6-8" mirror for a project. Prefer pretty fast, f/6 or under. It's just an experiment, so it doesn't nee...

25 Apr 2021

Views: 72


Wanted 70mm (2.75") Diagonal/Secondary Mirror

By: Taosmath Location: NM 87571

Looking for a diagonal mirror for my latest ATM project. Preferred size is 70mm minor axis (2.75 ") but there's a li...

18 Apr 2021

Views: 79


Wanted Meade 826C Spider/secondary assembly

By: AtlantaAstro Location: Atlanta

Looking for a secondary assembly/spider for my Meade 826c. Current one just crumbled

15 Apr 2021

Views: 81


Wanted 3" Secondary Mirror

By: thoughtwave Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for a 3" +/- 0.1" (74-80mm) minor axis elliptical secondary mirror, new or used, in good condition. Thanks!

10 Apr 2021

Views: 168


Wanted Higher quality 6” Newtonian Mirror

By: DSalters Location: MO

Looking for a 6” Newt mirror of known pedigree/quality. Doesn't have to be premium but close would be nice. Don’t wan...

30 Mar 2021

Views: 77


Wanted 70mm f4 primary and secondary.

By: Simon Alderman Location: WNC

I’m looking for the optics from one of those little scopes that seem pretty common. Around 70mm f4ish, almost certain...

29 Mar 2021

Views: 167


Wanted Wanted! 3-d printed focuser plate

By: Sean Cunneen Location: Flossmoor IL

I am looking for someone who can design and print a focuser plate for me. I would like it to be 3.5" square with a 2....

04 Feb 2021

Updated: 20 Mar 2021

Views: 162


Wanted Wanted - 14.5" f4.3 mirror - FOUND.

By: vjstangelo Location: VA

I have a Night Sky Scopes dob and I need a mirror. The scope is configured for a 14.5 f4.3 Pegasus Optics mirror whic...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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