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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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28 Mar 2020

Views: 210


Wanted Wanted: 4" elliptical secondary mirror - any condition

By: earthstar Location: CA

Got an old tired mirror, under loved, a bit rough? Any condition will do, so the cheaper rougher candidate is preferr...

31 May 2017

Views: 399


Wanted Howie Glatter Sling

By: azfar72 Location: Oakville / Toronto

Hi - I am looking for a howie glatter sling to install on my 15 inch UC . If you have the one for the 18 inch UC, tha...

28 Feb 2020

Views: 222


Wanted Spider for 16" Dob

By: DSalters Location: Missouri

Wanted: Spider for 16" Dob. Prefer four straight vane but will consider curved. I already have an Astrosystems hub an...

09 Mar 2020

Views: 354


For Sale Counter Weights

By: jrb Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

18 lbs with 2" hole - $20.00 5 lb with 1.5" hole - $10.00 Buyer pays shipping vis USPS.

21 Apr 2019

Views: 424


For Sale Free steel tube for 12" F5 reflector

By: laixiaolue Location: San Jose

I will rebuild my 12" DOB and this tube is useless for me. The steel tube with end ring and cap is in great condition...

26 May 2018

Views: 317


Wanted WNNTED 60mm X 1000mm lens

By: oldtimer Location: Chicagoland

I'm looking for a 60mm X 1000mm lens. With or without a cell.

19 Aug 2018

Views: 338


Criterion 1" Minor Axis Elliptical Diagonal on Curved Vane Hoder

By: starbird Location: 9

This is a criterion 2" elliptical diagonal fllat mounted on a curved vane spider. Reduces diffraction spikes as compa...

18 Mar 2021

Views: 79


Wanted Looking for a 6” f5 mirror.

By: Simon Alderman Location: NC

Looking to find a 6” f5 mirror for a bino scope project. I don’t need a secondary but can take it if need be. Doesnt...

29 Dec 2020

Views: 412


For Sale 12’ x 16” cardboard tube- FREE

By: Sully606 Location: North Chicago suburbs

This was left over from a non-ATM project. I thought I’d post it here before I get rid of it. It’s free to anyone who...

31 Dec 2018

Views: 632


For Sale Tube for 10" reflector (free)

By: laixiaolue Location: San Jose

12" ID and 45" length. Good for a 10" F4.5 reflector. Pick up free in Bay area.

08 May 2018

Views: 305


Wanted Carton 100mm f/13 lens

By: Dorin Blajan Location: Europe

Hi, I want to buy a Carton 100mm f/13 objective lens with or without cell. Preferably in Europe. Thanks, Dorin

10 Sep 2018

Views: 355


Wanted Mirror set

By: jakefromporcupine Location: ontario

Hello. I am looking for a 16 inch f/4.5 mirror and matching secondary. One in Canada would be nice. In Ontario, ev...

28 Oct 2020

Views: 147


Wanted intelliscope encoder

By: MIKEG Location: Ontario, Canada

I am looking for one of these - an orion intelliscope encoder, I got a used intelliscope system and this encoder does...

18 Feb 2018

Views: 405


Wanted 7 inch secondary

By: kfrederick Location: Pa USA

I am looking for a 7 inch secondary mirror

21 May 2020

Views: 304


Wanted Obsession Altitude Bearing from 15" (20.5" arc)

By: Alan Lippert Location: Chicago

Fellow ATM'ers! Looking for some gently used Obsession Altitude bearings from a 15" scope, these are the 20.5" arcs....

07 Aug 2018

Views: 268

Offer Pending

Wanted Wanted Orion xt8 secondary mirror and spider vane

By: rnc39560 Location: Long Beach, MS

Hello, was out of the hobby awhile, had sold my xt8 to a guy in New Orleans. He sold it to another in West Louisiana....

08 Nov 2018

Views: 300


Wanted Tube for 6" Newtonian

By: Gavin Warnes Location: New Jersey

I'm looking for a tube to rebuild a 6" Newtonian scope. A fiber glass tube by Parks, Cave etc would be ideal. A tub...

27 Oct 2020

Views: 144


Wanted Wanted!! Tripod feet for an Orion atlas.

By: woody wood Location: Long Island

Without realizing it until last night I am missing a foot for my Atlas EQ mount and tripod. Looking to replace it. If...

01 Oct 2019

Updated: 02 Oct 2019

Views: 288


Wanted foucault tester

By: Itz marcus Location: NY

Hi, Someone's got ot have a tester that they don't use or need. Let me know if you have one. Maybe we can work out a...

24 Nov 2019

Views: 287


Wanted Mirror Blank Wanted

By: jjam47 Location: 87031

Hello, I am looking for an 18" dia. x at least 1" thick (preferably) plate glass (or similar) blank suitable for maki...

13 Nov 2019

Views: 266


Wanted Looking for a mirror cell for 13.1 coulter

By: M Shelton Location: St. George Utah

Hi, our club here in Souther Utah has acquired a coulter 13.1 DOB. We would like to upgrade the mirror cell. anyone...

03 Jan 2019

Views: 288


Wanted Wanted D&G 6 inch F-12 lens in Cell assembly

By: drd715 Location: Anywhere

Wanted D&G 6 inch F-12 lens in Cell assembly for my project scope

06 Dec 2017

Views: 374


Wanted WTB High Quality 8" Mirror F/6 - F/8

By: rford322 Location: Los Angeles area

Looking for a high quality 8" mirror, Fagin, Lightholder, Zambuto, Spooner, Harry, or ? Let me know what you have an...

21 Feb 2020

Views: 182


Wanted 3.5" to 4.25" diagonal or optical flat

By: David Mc Location: central Texas

Looking for a diagonal or optical flat mirror in the 3.5" to 4.25". A bit larger is fine. Sleeks are not a concern. B...

11 Jun 2019

Views: 367


For Sale FREE-coulter odyssey 17.5” OTA structure- tube & base, LESS OPTICS

By: Bob4BVM Location: Western Oregon, near Albany

Big red tube & base NO Mirrors

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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