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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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18 Nov 2018

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For Sale 75" Low Expansion Telescope Blank Corning Glassworks

By: gatorengineer Location: Pittsburgh PA Area

Not a typo. Over 2 yards of fun for someone. Kev and I have to settle for 71" the hard way. This one is not going...

21 Aug 2019

Views: 742


For Sale 28" F/4.1 Techno-Fusion mirror

By: Astronorm Location: Canada

This is a lightweight fast cooling mirror. 3 times more rigid than a solid mirror and reach thermal equilibrium in le...

18 Apr 2017

Views: 1741


For Sale Large Lightweight Mirrors

By: Astronorm Location: CANADA

If you are looking for a large Lightweight Mirror, I developed over the last 5 years with the help of Laval Universit...

13 Oct 2020

Views: 362


For Sale Tube and carrier for 8" Newtonian

By: MikeBY Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Greetings, For sale is a handcrafted telescope tube to make an 8" long tube Newtonian. The tube is made of luan type...

06 Jun 2020

Views: 887


For Sale Premium 23 inch diameter f/4.74 primary mirror

By: Jedi Dan Location: Illinois

An exquisitely figured ultra low expansion full thickness radially ribbed primary mirror at a phenomenally low price....

22 Jan 2020

Views: 774


For Sale Vacuum Deposition Mirror Coating System

By: DaystarJen Location: Warrensburg, MO

Complete NCR 3117 Vacuum Deposition Coating Deposition System for mirrors up to 18".This system is set up to coat mir...

27 Apr 2019

Updated: 27 Jul 2019

Views: 699


For Sale Pegasus Mirror-4Sale.-& Astro Accessories.

By: ARA AVEDISSIAN Location: Northern Arizona

A 24inch mirror done by master optician none other than John Hall of Pegasus Optics.24" f 4.5, 108 inch focal length....

08 Jan 2020

Updated: 13 Feb 2020

Views: 966


For Sale 30 inch f/5 Astro Sitall Mirror

By: redman2 Location: San Angelo, Texas

30 inch f/5 Astro Sitall Mirror Specifications - - - Material - - Astro Sitall. Coefficient of thermal expansion is...

19 May 2020

Updated: 01 Jun 2020

Views: 472


For Sale Normand Fullum 20" x 1.5" F/3.3 Mirror "New Price"

By: Astronorm Location: Canada

New Price for fast sale !!! Was $6500. Now for $5500. !! HiWhile in confinement, I had time to make this beauty...

25 Apr 2018

Updated: 25 Apr 2018

Views: 1053


For Sale Glass blanks for sale

By: AstroDxtr54 Location: Arizona

1- 22 1/2" Pyrex blank, 3 1/2" thick, center hole, with finished 21 1/2" Maksutov Corrector Plate (the plates the har...

05 Jun 2019

Views: 991


For Sale 60" Polishing Machine

By: ioptics Location: Salt Lake City, UT

60" Capacity Spindle Polisher Heavy Duty Came out of optical lab, fully functional 220Volt Single Phase DC Motors Of...

29 Sep 2017

Views: 903


For Sale 20" f/4 Mirror plus secondary

By: RickDarden Location: Key Largo Florida

Hello All, As you know, Florida was hit with Irma. We fared OK here in Key Largo. The mirror (and all my astro stuff...

24 Nov 2018

Updated: 27 Nov 2018

Views: 677


For Sale Lockwood 16” F4 Quartz 1” thick with 3.5” secondary

By: SACK Location: Terrell Texas

Howdy I purchased this from Lockwood Custom Optics about 3.5 years ago. Enjoyed it immensely. Pics are coming of this...

24 May 2017

Views: 970


For Sale 24" f/4.1 Mirror

By: Steve Dodds Location: Salt Lake city

For sale a 24" f/4.1 Focal Length 99.25" 2" thick fine annealed Pyrex. Enhanced Aluminum (96%) coating. Tested by dou...

21 Sep 2017

Views: 1216


For Sale 1 Meter F/3.3 Pyrex Mirror Blank

By: ioptics Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Actual Dimensions 38.8" x 1.75" Thickness Corning Pyrex Glass has been slumped and Fine Annealed to Menisicus shape...

16 Oct 2017

Views: 972


For Sale 22.5" Pyrex Telescope Primary Mirror & Matching 4" Secondary

By: ruachsheavens Location: 60050

This is the end of a dream. Recent diagnosis of issues with 3 discs in my back necessitate this sale. This mirror and...

18 Dec 2019

Views: 496


For Sale GSO 16inch F8 RC mirror set

By: xuranus Location: South Korea

This is the same mirror of the GSO 16" RC OTA. I have 2 set. (primary mirror + secondary mirror) Never used. Each on...

06 Sep 2020

Views: 562


For Sale 20-inch Maksutov corrector lens

By: ThomasMM Location: Danville, CA 94526

For Sale 20-inch Maksutov corrector lens. This has been on an going project for some 20-years. Time is up. Requires a...

03 Dec 2017

Views: 1213


For Sale ZERODUR optical mirror

By: JeanpierreG Location: Belgium

For sale; Two 16,5 inch F1 ZERODUR Mirrors Thickness 4,5 inchorigine Waferstepper Philips factory Eindhoven (Netherl...

26 Aug 2020

Views: 465


For Sale 32" Flat Test Mirror

By: ioptics Location: Salt Lake City

32" Diameter x 2" Thick Autocollimation Test Flat 2" Central Perforation, Coating Good Used Extensively Testing Large...

30 Aug 2017

Views: 938


For Sale 24" f/4.1

By: Steve Dodds Location: Sal;t Lake City

For sale a 24" f/4.1 Focal Length 99.25" 2" thick fine annealed Pyrex. Weight 68lbs. Tested by Double pass autocollim...

08 Mar 2020

Updated: 08 Mar 2020

Views: 679

Offer Pending

For Sale 24 in Cass

By: wrecker_0 Location: Lagrange Texas

Time for spring cleaning. 24 in full thickness Cass with 17 in Byers drive. Needs a home

26 Mar 2020

Views: 544


For Sale Objective C 110/750 Carl Zeiss Jena

By: lusen Location: Germany Deggendorf

CARL ZEISS JENA Objective Lens C 110/750 COMETFINDER-Objectiv Nr. 62141 it is the last one Cometfinder C 110/750 -...

27 Jul 2018

Views: 1116


For Sale 1 meter F/3 Pyrex Primary Mirror Blank

By: ioptics Location: Salt Lake City

39 1/4" Diameter x 1 3/4" Thickness uniform throughout (meniscus convex back) Blank was slumped and fine annealed pri...

05 Mar 2018

Views: 689


For Sale Recently Finished 17.5" F /4.5 Primary Mirror by Steve Swayze

By: ruachsheavens Location: 60050

I sent this mirror off to Steve Swayze for re-figuring and it came out very, very nice according to him (have paperwo...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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