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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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30 Mar 2021

Views: 30


Wanted 70mm f4 primary and secondary.

By: Simon Alderman Location: WNC

I’m looking for the optics from one of those little scopes that seem pretty common. Around 70mm f4ish, almost certain...

12 Mar 2021

Views: 30


Wanted WTB: 2.60" Secondary Holder

By: peleuba Location: Maryland

Looking to purchase a 2.60" (minor axis) secondary holder. Let me know what you have and the asking price. Thanks!

20 Feb 2021

Views: 41


Wanted Elliptical Secondary Mirror - 62.5mm (2.5")

By: psimmsny Location: Finger Lakes NY

Looking for an Elliptical Secondary Mirror - 62.5mm (2.5") for a 10" ATM project. Thanks for looking!

25 Mar 2021

Views: 47


Wanted Eyepiece tray for Sears 6339a

By: Garyth64 Location: SE Michigan

Hi. I'm looking for an eyepiece tray that would have come on a Sears 6339a. (it would be nice if I could post a pic...

07 Mar 2021

Views: 48


Wanted 74mm GSO Secondary Mirror

By: Aaron_tragle Location: Virginia

Looking to buy a 74mm secondary mirror for my 6" F3 newtonian.

05 Feb 2021

Views: 53


Wanted Polishing pitch

By: mvdmitri Location: Central Illinois

Hi to all, I am looking for a used or surplus polishing pitch or resin and asphalt pitch for my newtonian mirror pr...

Yesterday, 05:41 PM

Views: 53


Wanted Meade lightbridge 16” Parts

By: Bikeboy60 Location: Parker, CO

Hello, I am looking for an upper section to a 16” Meade lightbridge. If you happen to have one let me know. Keep L...

12 Mar 2021

Views: 54


Wanted 1.25 focuser top with male threads

By: kjkrum Location: Tucson, AZ

Looking for a 1.25 eyepiece holder with male threads to fit a cheap plastic draw tube with female threads. (The spare...

25 Nov 2020

Views: 56


Wanted Wanted: Novak Cassegrain Mirror cell for 6"

By: shootingsta98 Location: Rhode Island

I would like to purchase a Novak 6" Cassegrain mirror mount with focuser that will fit a 7" tube. Please let me know...

25 Nov 2020

Views: 58


Wanted Wanted: Novak tube counterweight set

By: shootingsta98 Location: Rhode Island

I would like to purchase a Novak tube counterweight set. Please let me know if you have one and your asking price.

24 Feb 2021

Views: 62


Wanted Cradle for 6" OD tube

By: CltFlyboy Location: Charlotte, NC

Looking for a cradle to put my 6" x 20" (f/5) tube in, preferably with a Losmandy plate or at least the capability o...

23 Mar 2021

Views: 63


Wanted University Optics Mirror Cell for Coulter Odyssey 1

By: clamchip Location: Seattle WA

I would like to buy or trade for a University Optics mirror cell for the Odyssey 13.1" mirror.

16 Feb 2021

Views: 63


Wanted Pitch Lap Mat by Telescopics

By: LBerlin Location: Colorado

I’m looking for an 8-inch diameter Pitch Lap Mat made by Telescopics in the 1970s-1980s. I believe they also made the...

11 Feb 2021

Views: 64


Wanted Old JMI NGF-SE to C8 SCT Adapter

By: DGB Location: Reva, Virginia

I have theJMI-SE and JMI large adapter (used with 12"Lx200 until I upgraded to a Moonlight), and now require the stan...

24 Mar 2021

Views: 64


Wanted 8" Mirror Cell

By: Broglock Location: MO

Looking for an 8" mirror cell. Thanks!

08 Jan 2021

Views: 66


Wanted Artificial star

By: Bonco2 Location: Florida

Looking for an artificial star for collimating telescopes.

24 Mar 2021

Views: 66


Wanted Wanted: Classical or Dall Kirkham Cassergrain set of optics 10" or larger

By: maroubra_boy Location: Australia

Hi all I'm looking for a Classical Cassegrain or Dall Kirkham optical set, 10" or larger. I am not after a Mak or S...

19 Mar 2021

Views: 66


Wanted Lens cell for Jaegers 4 3/16" doublet

By: dan boyar Location: Boynton Beach, FL

Looking for a lens cell to fit my old Jaegers 4 and 3/16 inch Jaegers cemented achromat. Catalog listed it as a 4.25"...

12 Mar 2021

Views: 67


Wanted Hurst motor part # 3008-002

By: mccarthymark Location: Fremont, CA

I have these on an older mount and I think it would be a good idea to have spares in case I need them someday. Hurst...

04 Mar 2021

Updated: 07 Apr 2021

Views: 67


Wanted 10" ID Tube Rings

By: matt_astro_tx Location: Dallas, TX

Looking for a set of tube rings that are 10" (254mm) inner diameter for my homemade newt. The OTA weighs 19lbs, so th...

24 Dec 2020

Views: 69


Wanted NEEDED: 3.5” to 4” good quality diagonal mirror

By: MDearingJaxFL Location: Jax, FL

I need a good quality 3.5” to 4” quality elliptical secondary mirror; prefer known wavefront and good coatings. Pleas...

27 Sep 2020

Views: 69


Wanted Aluminum Dew Shield - Antares

By: Gregtw80 Location: Kentucky

Looking for an Aluminum Dew Shield with an inside diameter of 150mm. Atleast 100mm long. 175mm or so long is perfect....

15 Oct 2020

Updated: 15 Oct 2020

Views: 71


Wanted Needing a Used Meade ETX 80 Base

By: highertheflyer Location: North Central Texas

I'm looking for an ETX 80 operable base/drive so I might mount a workable Meade ETX OTA as a give-away prize for our...

05 Nov 2020

Views: 71


Wanted Wanted: 3.75" - 4" secondary mirrors

By: C3P0 Location: Melbourne, Australia

I'm building a binoscope and am looking for 2 secondaries of between 3.75" and 4"

23 Dec 2020

Views: 73


Wanted Wanted 1/8 RPM AC synchronous motor

By: Richard Turner Location: Louisburg NC

Anyone have a 1/8 rpm ac synchronous motor they would like to sell? Thanks, Richard North Carolina

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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