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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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27 Sep 2017

Updated: 28 Sep 2017

Views: 534


Wanted Tube Rings for Orange Celestron Comet Catcher OTA...

By: dragonstar4565 Location: San Jose, CA

Hello, I am looking for the tube rings for the orange Celestron Comet Catcher OTA, I know they can be difficult to fi...

17 Jun 2017

Updated: 22 Jun 2017

Views: 519


Wanted WANTED 16" mirror *FOUND* just what I needed!

By: robba Location: NW Fla

16"f4 or higher.β­οΈπŸŒ›

28 Mar 2018

Updated: 29 Mar 2018

Views: 484


Wanted WANTED: 12" - 15" Mirrors, or...

By: Dennis Steele Location: Palm Desert, CA.

I'm on the lookout for 12" to 15" primary mirror. Must have good coatings, no scratches or chips. Mirrors with cells...

15 Jan 2018

Updated: 15 Aug 2018

Views: 460


Wanted EQ Platform for 0ΒΊ Latitude

By: Adun Location: Miami

I'm looking for someone who can build an equatorial platform for me. My dob is a 10" skywatcher dob (I can provide d...

06 Jun 2017

Views: 435


Wanted Small Mirror Sets for School Club

By: -a.e.d Location: Bay Area

Hello, I'm looking for mirror sets for a project for our next year's middle school Makers Club. We will be building...

05 Apr 2017

Views: 426


Wanted Achromatic objective for Celestron

By: nightsky34775 Location: USA

Wanted; an achromatic 80mm objective for an orange-tube Celestron C 80. Focal length is 910 mm.Mounted or unmounted...

12 Aug 2017

Views: 422


Wanted Helical focuser

By: Joe H Location: MN

Hi all, Wondering if anyone has an 1 1/4 or 2 inch helical they would sell? Please send photo and price with shippin...

10 Apr 2017

Updated: 02 May 2017

Views: 400


Wanted 127mm aluminum lens cell

By: levidog2 Location: Washington State

Hi all, I am still looking to replace a lens cell that I have that is made of PVC with one made of aluminum. If you h...

24 May 2018

Views: 400


Wanted Wanted:Large refractor Objective

By: Sean Cunneen Location: Flossmor Il

I am looking for a large refractor Objective, 6" or larger, f8-f15, preferably 8" dia. I prefer one of known quality....

16 Aug 2017

Views: 393


Wanted YOKE for a 60MM Telescope

By: DoubleJoe Location: US

Hi Everyone!!!I'm looking for a Yoke that could hold a 60mm OTA.It could be Celestron, Meade and / or any other brand...

06 May 2017

Views: 390


Wanted Upper tube connectors

By: Stargazer Location: North America

Hi All, Does anyone have a set of 1-1/4 upper truss connectors, the ones used on the obsession telescopes that they a...

07 Oct 2017

Views: 382


Wanted RAO-style (like Tasco 7TE-5) 2 tube focuser

By: Tenacious Location: Cincinnati

I need this focuser. Have one for sale? Please PM me!

27 Dec 2017

Views: 370


Wanted WTB: cheap diagonals for binoscope POC

By: drneilmb Location: Iowa, USA

I have an idea for a binoscope conversion using mostly spare parts, but I need two 1.25 inch diagonals as the tertiar...

19 May 2017

Views: 370


Wanted Wanted: 4-6" Aluminized Optical Flat

By: Tucker512 Location: Tucson, AZ

Looking for a good quality optical flat in the 4-6" diameter range that is aluminized for use as an autocollimation m...

13 Mar 2017

Views: 368


Wanted 3.5" to 4" Secondary mirror

By: oalithgow Location: Miami FL

Hi, ATM'ers. Need to replace a 4.25" secondary. Looking for a decent used 3.5" or 4".

12 Oct 2017

Views: 358


Wanted 4-inch secondary holder

By: Kim Jenner Location: 98226

Hi All, would anybody have an astrosystems,or similar 4 inch.A spider is not required. thanks Kim.would like to use p...

14 May 2017

Views: 355


Wanted Mirror Cell 4.5 inch

By: ShaulaB Location: Missouri

I am looking for a 4.5 inch mirror cell for a small Dob. I did a search. Vendors out there don't seem to sell anythin...

18 Feb 2018

Views: 354


Wanted 7 inch secondary

By: kfrederick Location: Pa USA

I am looking for a 7 inch secondary mirror

10 Jun 2017

Views: 354


Wanted Looking for Istar Optical Objective Lenses

By: Jesal Location: US or Canada

Thinking of building a refractor. Let me know if you have any used/unused Istar Optical Lenses Thanks, Jeff

04 Feb 2018

Views: 351


Wanted OTA cover for zhumell z12

By: Euclid's Brother Location: Dallas

I lost my ota lid at a star party. Anyone have one for sale or know where I can get a replacement?

31 May 2017

Views: 342


Wanted Howie Glatter Sling

By: azfar72 Location: Oakville / Toronto

Hi - I am looking for a howie glatter sling to install on my 15 inch UC . If you have the one for the 18 inch UC, tha...

20 Feb 2018

Views: 337


Wanted Foucault Tester

By: Aquarius Of The Night Location: Albemarle NC

Looking for a Foucault tester at a reasonable price. Doesn't need Ronchi gratings.

10 Feb 2019

Views: 336


Wanted 30”-40” mirror blank Wanted

By: edebvoss Location: Sacramento, CAr

Looking to find a 30”-40” mirror blank. While Pyrex is preferred, plate is still considered if the thickness is 1 1/2...

10 Oct 2017

Views: 334


Wanted Small primary mirror cell

By: ScottW Location: N.Y.

Need a mirror cell for a 3.6" (91mm). Any cell up to a 4.25" cell would most likely be fine. Thanks, Scott

09 Dec 2017

Views: 324


Wanted JMI MOTODEC install kit - C-8

By: Adam Albino Location: Scituate, MA

Have an old C8 JMI MOTODEC I want to put on one of my vintage c8’s - looking for the install kit - collar, coupler, s...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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