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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Yesterday, 05:56 PM

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Wanted Wanted: BAADER 2" Clicklock M60 for Vixen focuser

in Misc. Items by msl615

I am looking for the Baader 2 inch Clicklock that is fitted for the 60mm female thread on current Vixen drawtubes. I...

19 Jan 2020

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Wanted Wanted: Takahashi collimating scope and 2” sleeve adapter

in Misc. Items by rfic1

Looking for a Takahashi collimating telescope with instructions in addition to a Takahashi 2" Sleeve for Collimatin...

19 Jan 2020

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Wanted Rainbow Optics Eyepiece Attachment (Cylindrical Lens)

in Misc. Items by Enkidu

Hello all,I'm searching for the eyepiece component of the Rainbow Optics spectroscope:https://www.cloudyni...-1558037...

17 Jan 2020

Views: 33


Wanted Looking for an AT2FF or ATRF72 field flattener

in Misc. Items by HowardSD

Hi there, i'm looking for an AT2FF field flattener or a specific ATRF72 field flattener/reducer in good to excellent...

15 Jan 2020

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Wanted WTB CG5 mount motor/s

in Misc. Items by petersmeadelx6

ow that I have a better idea of what I have, I can start looking for the right motor. I thought these were externally...

13 Jan 2020

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Wanted Need Stellarvue Riser Blocks RB002 Set

in Misc. Items by SebaAstro

If you have a pair of Stellarvue Riser Blocks RB002 Set please contact me. I will buy it. thanks

13 Jan 2020

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Wanted WTB- Dewshield for AR-6

in Misc. Items by tag1260

Looking for a dewshield for a Meade AR6. Will consider any but would really like to find one of the extended ones tha...

13 Jan 2020

Views: 27


Wanted TEC-140 Field Flattener or reducer

in Misc. Items by StarDust1

Looking for a TEC field flattener or a AP QTCC reducer for the TEC-140. - 0.72x Quad Telecompressor Corrector for TEC...

09 Jan 2020

Views: 46


Wanted 60mm tube rings

in Misc. Items by grif 678

Know it is a long shot, but I am looking a pair of tube rings for my 60mm scope. I had a pair once, and thought I wou...

07 Jan 2020

Views: 45


Wanted WANTED 11 lbs counterweight iEQ45/CEM60 - any condition

in Misc. Items by SebaAstro

I am looking to buy an used 11 lbs counterweight iEQ45/CEM60. I don't care about cosmetic as long as it works. Shipp...

07 Jan 2020

Updated: 11 Jan 2020

Views: 33


Wanted SBIG NIKON Lens Adapter for STL - SBIG 11000

in Misc. Items by 1onica

SBIG NIKON Lens Adapter for STL - SBIG 11000 cameras with FW8 filter wheel

01 Jan 2020

Views: 40


Wanted Meade Lightbridge altitude brake

in Misc. Items by Jbslus2

I recently acquired a used 16” lightbridge that is missing a few minor accessories. Among these is the little altitud...

01 Jan 2020

Views: 42


Wanted Primaluce Eagle 3

in Misc. Items by Tattooeddeputy

Looking for a newer model Eagle 3. With power Chord. Looking to buy ASAP.. Let me know what u got Thank You

31 Dec 2019

Views: 45


Wanted WTB: Plastic Altitude Bearings from Your XT10

in Misc. Items by kfiscus

I'm in need of a pair of altitude bearings from an Orion XT10. These are needed to re-convert an XT10 OTA that was d...

30 Dec 2019

Views: 35


Wanted Dew Zapper+Heat Strip

in Misc. Items by Lee.Wolfson

I am looking for a Dewzapper(or equal) 4 terminal controller and a heat strap for a C-11. (42"?). These should be in...

23 Dec 2019

Views: 66


Wanted Motor board NXW200

in Misc. Items by Shadow and light

Looking for Motor board from any Gps 8i, gps 5i or gps 11. If 4.xx version, I am willing to paid good price. Eric

21 Dec 2019

Views: 75


Wanted quantum 4 or 6 box

in Misc. Items by empikid

Needed a quantum4 or quantum6 storage box for ota or mount. also looking for an accessory kit for the same Thanks Ron

18 Dec 2019

Views: 50


Wanted Questar case cover

in Misc. Items by LKSM12

latest version of padded case cover as offered by Questar in good condition.

17 Dec 2019

Views: 36


Wanted WANTED: Tube Rings for 115mm OTA

in Misc. Items by Surfinash

Preferably Teleskope Service OR Primalucelab OR AstroTech or Williams Optics Thanks for looking.

15 Dec 2019

Views: 71


Wanted WTB: Unitron Tripod Spreader(s)

in Misc. Items by Rich Nugent

I’m hoping to find one or two metal tripod spreaders for Unitron 114/128 and 140/142 mounts. These spreaders have the...

12 Dec 2019

Views: 55


Wanted Radius blocks and dovetail for Meade 8” SCT

in Misc. Items by The Ardent

I need some radius blocks and a Losmandy sized dovetail for an older Meade 8” SCT. Can send check or money order....

07 Dec 2019

Views: 36


Wanted Counterweight for Meade LXD650 or LXD750 mount

in Misc. Items by rfic1

Still looking for one or two counterweights to fit a LXD 650 or LXD750 mount. Shaft size is 7/8th inch. Thanks.

24 Nov 2019

Views: 39


Wanted WANTED combo ZWO OAG and ASI120MM

in Misc. Items by SebaAstro

I am looking for an used combo ZWO OAG and ASI120MM. If you have let me know. I use PP for payment.

23 Nov 2019

Views: 32


Wanted WTB: EvoFF (field flattener for the Sky Watcher EvoGuide 50)

in Misc. Items by gatsbyiv

If you have an EvoFF you'd like to sell, let me know.

21 Nov 2019

Views: 64


Wanted Wanted: Edmund solar projection/ camera holder

in Misc. Items by shootingsta98

I would like to buy an Edmund solar projection screen/ camera holder. Please let me know if you have one you are will...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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