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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Yesterday, 07:09 PM

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Wanted Meade 8” corrector plate f/10

in Wanted by SteveA2080

I need a corrector plate for a Meade 8” SCT, f10. Needs to be clean and a good coating. I know the drama about primar...

Yesterday, 08:46 AM

Views: 15


Wanted ETX-90 Screw on dew shield

in Wanted by Diggity Dog

Looking for an early type screw on dew shield for a Meade etx-90mm. Thanks

Yesterday, 01:32 AM

Views: 34


Wanted Losmandy GM8

in Wanted by Beren

Looking for a Losmandy GM8 , message me specs price and condition if you have one that you wish to sell, thank you

04 Dec 2019

Views: 26


Wanted Astro-Tech .8x Reducer/flattener

in Wanted by Baskevo

Hi y'all, I'm looking for an astro-tech .8x reducer/flattener for my 80mm. If you have one for sale, please let me...

02 Dec 2019

Views: 47


Wanted Looking for an AT72ed / AT72ed2 consider an AT60ed2 / WO ZS61

in Wanted by HowardSD

Hi there, i'm looking to start my AP adventure and seems like these are good scopes for a noob such as myself! Would...

01 Dec 2019

Views: 19


Wanted Wanted ZWO ASIAIR

in Wanted by vtec7

I am in need of a ZWO ASIAIR for my ZWO setup. Latest models of 2019 preferred, but willing to discuss offers of 2018...

29 Nov 2019

Views: 34


Wanted Skyview pro eq

in Wanted by Daniel

I am in need of a new Dec motor...or the plug in port assembly for my mount. It was damaged in a small move and I ca...

29 Nov 2019

Updated: 29 Nov 2019

Views: 64


Wanted WANTED: tripod legs for Sears Discoverer 6344-a

in Wanted by Greenflash1

I need at least one replacement metal leg for the sears 6344. These have a tendency for the metal strap that holds th...

28 Nov 2019

Updated: 28 Nov 2019

Views: 48


Wanted vixen 1.25 eyepiece screw in adapter

in Wanted by grif 678

Anyone have one of the 1.25 inch screw in vixen eyepiece holders, that screws into the end of the draw tube on a 60mm...

28 Nov 2019

Views: 52


Wanted SBIG ST-Series Desiccant Plug

in Wanted by Gert

Hello CN, Did you upgrade from your old ST-series SBIG camera to something new, and have a replacement desiccant plu...

28 Nov 2019

Views: 94


Trade Trade for Triplet F/7 or less scope over 120mm aperture

in Wanted by imzaphod

I have a SV 102 Raptor with a large field flatterer and I want to trade for a larger scope rather than selling and bu...

27 Nov 2019

Views: 29


Wanted Unitron 30mm finder with brackets

in Wanted by Starliner

Looking for a Unitron 30mm finder with the two brackets.

27 Nov 2019

Views: 24


Wanted Zenithstar 73 with flattener

in Wanted by jfritz3620

in search of a Zenithstar 73 preferably with flattener.

27 Nov 2019

Views: 21


Wanted William Optics Latitude Adjuster (High Latitude)

in Wanted by JayS_CT

Looking for the high latitude William Optics adjuster (preferably red)..

26 Nov 2019

Views: 71


Wanted WANTED: Sears 6344 or at least the OTA

in Wanted by Greenflash1

Hi, I realize trying to convert my 6339 to accept 1.25” eyepieces is not going to help. So I’m looking for a 6344. Th...

26 Nov 2019

Views: 64


Wanted Astro/Terrestrial Binos

in Wanted by shredder1656

Not sure that this will work, but thought I would give it a shot. What do I have to lose? I am looking for assistan...

25 Nov 2019

Views: 40


Wanted GSO dual speed Crayford focuser (2")

in Wanted by jessebear

Probably a long shot, but if anyone's got a dual speed GSO Crayford focuser (2") for a reflector I'd love to take it...

25 Nov 2019

Views: 30


Wanted WTB - Sky-Watcher 0.9x coma corrector

in Wanted by aa5te

Looking for a Sky-Watcher 0.9x coma corrector in decent shape. I will only pay with Paypal. Let me know if you have o...

24 Nov 2019

Views: 50


Wanted Starsense large base

in Wanted by Hobiemark

Looking for a Starsense large base. Pls add shipping to zip 19347 to your price.

23 Nov 2019

Views: 39


Wanted Tak 12.5mm, 18mm LE.

in Wanted by Richard Lynch

Excellent optically and cosmetically please. Box 'nice to have' but not essential. I believe that Tak finally provide...

22 Nov 2019

Views: 35


Wanted hyper star

in Wanted by john guy

I am looking for a hyper star for my meade 14'' uhtc version with six screws at corrector plate if anyone is about t...

22 Nov 2019

Views: 26


Wanted SkyFi iii

in Wanted by MikeyM

Looking for a used SkyFi iii Thanks

21 Nov 2019

Views: 44


Wanted C.O.C Carton Optics Vintage D=60mm F=910mm Lens

in Wanted by lh881026

Accidentally shatter the lens, heart broken, see if any one has the lens. Willing to pay $100 + shipping. If you hav...

20 Nov 2019

Views: 33


Wanted Skywatcher 9x50 straight though

in Wanted by Jond105

If you have a black with the flakes 9x50 straight through from skywatcher with bracket, I’d be willing to take it fro...

19 Nov 2019

Views: 32


Wanted D Series Dovetail and Riser blocks

in Wanted by KennFromTX

Hello i'm looking for a D series Dovetail Plate and Riser Blocks for a 10" Meade SCT if you got one and are willing t...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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