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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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16 May 2021

Views: 165



By: Iowa.Joe Location: USA

I have the RA motor on CGEM mount running continuously after pressing the HC. It does not stop after releasing the p...

03 Nov 2019

Views: 458


Wanted Wanted c8 fastar

By: onefatguyseti Location: washington

Looking for the celestron fastar for the c8. pm me with what you have, will pay paypal fees and shipping!

13 Mar 2021

Views: 240


Wanted Telescope

By: Brettld08 Location: VA

Looking for a go to scope that includes tripod and eyepieces. Please let me know what you have. I’d prefer something...

18 Sep 2017

Views: 647


Wanted T-Adapter for NexStar 4SE/c90

By: onefatguyseti Location: 99336

Links to what im looking for.https://www.celestro...ter-nexstar-4sehttp://agenaastro.co...ter-93635a.htmlPm me with t...

07 May 2021

Views: 139


Wanted lathe chuck

By: reallybigscopes Location: Munster,In. 46321

Looking to buy an old craftsman 109 lathe chuck a 4 jaw or 3 jaw chuck these chucks are about 3 to 4 inches in diamet...

25 Apr 2020

Views: 341


Wanted Meade azimuth adjustment bar

By: bob midiri Location: se pa 19320

Hi I am looking for this little triangular bar that attaches to the Meade tripod for its ultra wedge or superwedge ....

25 Aug 2019

Updated: 25 Aug 2019

Views: 394


Wanted Orion or Skywatcher Synscan V3 Hand Controller

By: doclov Location: Cape Coral Fl.

My V2 controller is giving me problems. If anyone has a V3 version in good operating condition they could part with i...

15 Oct 2019

Views: 384


Wanted 5 inch aluminum tube

By: reallybigscopes Location: munster,in. 46321

i am looking for an aluminum tube with an inside diameter of 4.7/8 inches and an outside diameter of around 5 inch...

26 Feb 2018

Views: 528


Wanted Adm Dual saddle for AVX

By: onefatguyseti Location: 99336

Looking for a used adm dual saddle for an avx.

04 Jun 2020

Views: 302


Wanted Looking for 12v adapters

By: Noro Location: Ohio

Looking for 12 volt 5a adapters. The size that fit ZWO cameras to power their coolers, and fits the ASIAir Pro

29 May 2020

Views: 309


Wanted Paracorr Type 1

By: dustyc Location: Phoenix

Looking for a Type 1 Paracorr with the tunable top. Version 2 or 3. Thanks!

24 Aug 2021

Views: 63


Wanted Howie Glatter 2" laser collimator with holographic projections

By: pathint Location: FL

Looking for a Howie Glatter collimator in perfect alignment condition. Please let me know if you have a set collectin...

21 May 2018

Views: 722


Trade Astro Physics 1100 GT Mount for 18” Classic Obsession (loaded)

By: DuiA1 Location: Whitby, Ontario

If you would like to trade your AP 1100 GT for a gently used 18” Obsession please pm me. I have built an observatory...

31 Oct 2019

Views: 366


Wanted Wanted—Questar 7

By: Greenflash1 Location: Santa Fe

Looking for a Questar 7 with fork mount.

07 Jan 2018

Views: 452


Wanted Webster D18

By: Pstar Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for a Webster 18" F/4 - D18 in very good condition. I will pay a fair price via PayPal including shipping or...

28 Sep 2020

Updated: 30 Sep 2020

Views: 145


Wanted AP 1200 gto with cp-3

By: brewtes Location: N.M.

I am looking for one of the newer versions of an older discontinued Astro Pyhsics mount with hand held computer. Thanks

27 Jul 2017

Views: 510


Wanted Need a Barlow

By: onefatguyseti Location: Kennewick, Washington

Im looking for a 1.25 barlow plain and simple. A celestron x-cel, meade 140 triplet, something like that. Pm me price...

03 Jul 2017

Updated: 06 Jul 2017

Views: 691


Wanted Takahashi FS128 f/8 + reducer for $3500 or less; FS152 for x2

By: ramdom Location: Youngstown, NY

I am looking for a very good to excellent condition FS128 (f/8) or a FS152. I saw a couple of FS128s advertised here...

04 Feb 2020

Views: 309


Wanted Looking for ZAO II Set Without Barlow But With Walnut Case

By: SandyHouTex Location: Dickinson, TX

I'm in search of a nice set of the ZAO II eyepieces with their walnut case. I already own the Zeiss barlow, so I'm n...

27 Apr 2020

Updated: 17 May 2020

Views: 307


Wanted Coronado, Lunt, or Daystar solar scope under 3K

By: jackeugene Location: DC

For solar imaging purpose. At least B1200 or BF15. Thanks.

24 Sep 2019

Views: 452


Wanted Wanted: Sears 6345 refractor with RAO 90 mm objective

By: Greenflash1 Location: Santa Fe New Mexico

I you have a complete or nearly complete Sears 6345 with intact objective, I will pay up to $3000 for it. So if you’v...

04 Apr 2019

Updated: 23 Aug 2019

Views: 400


Wanted 11 rasa wanted

By: 1onica Location: Fremont, CA

Hello,I am looking for a 11" Rasa to buy will offer $2500-$2650 including shipping,thanks,ioan

11 Aug 2018

Views: 402


Wanted *WANTED* 10", 12", or 14" SCT in the UK

By: emadmoussa Location: Derbyshire, UK

I'm looking for a large SCT, preferably a 12" Meade LX200 ACF. I'm open to other suggestions. I'm in the UK, so I'm...

06 Dec 2020

Views: 113


Wanted A&M triplet

By: SP@CN2020 Location: Northampton, PA

Looking for an A&M super apo, specifically 80mm. These are pretty rare, and I believe they are the older version...

01 Feb 2020

Updated: 05 Feb 2020

Views: 388


Wanted jrscpu2004

By: jrscpu2004 Location: Selden, NY 11784

Looking for a Questar 3 1/2" Duplex model in great condition and with All accessories. Willing to pay $2500. Will nee...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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