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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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17 Oct 2014

Views: 686


For Sale TeleVue NP127is Showroom Demo for sale

in Refractors by Astronomics

Doing some renovations on the Ponderosa and we...

25 Oct 2014

Views: 3142


For Sale Unitron Model 152 Brass Plated with EQ Mount and extras.

in Refractors by Astronomics

Classic Unitron 152 100mm f/15 achromatic doubl...

07 Nov 2014

Views: 848


For Sale TMB 92 Light Version

in Refractors by Astronomics

This is the non FeatherTouch version of the TMB...

19 Nov 2014

Views: 542


For Sale 15% Off Explore Scientific until Nov. 26th

in Refractors by Astronomics

Explore Scientific is running a sale on all the...

31 Dec 2014

Views: 2044


For Sale APM Premium 152mm f/8 Custom Achromat

in Refractors by Derek Wong

This is a custom high quality achromatic refrac...

01 Jan 2015

Views: 875


Wanted 5” achromat for DIY project

in Refractors by fanglei

Any one who have a 5" achromat the ideal ones a...

01 Jan 2015

Views: 1901


For Sale Borg 125SD f/6 refractors BOTH SOLD

in Refractors by Derek Wong

I have two Borg 125 SD f/6 apo refractor scopes...

01 Jan 2015

Views: 1274


For Sale TMB 80 CF Signature Series w/Feathertouch

in Refractors by WarGawd

Makes me sad to do it, but I am offering a high...

02 Jan 2015

Views: 895


For Sale Nice Sears 6339-a refractor-will ship!

in Refractors by TexasSky

I have a real nice vintage sears 6339-a telesco...

03 Jan 2015

Views: 1019


For Sale Stellarvue nighthawk AT1010 80mm Refractor - Reduced!!

in Refractors by SM1978

The Nighthawk AT1010 is tank!. Very good condi...

03 Jan 2015

Views: 1252


For Sale Orion EON 110mm ED f/6.0 Apochromatic Refractor

in Refractors by tolgagumus

Beautifully crafted refractor with a 110mm (4.3...

04 Jan 2015

Views: 948


For Sale ED80T Equitorial Refractor Astrophotography Bundle Package

in Refractors by Ibaapzo

This is a new Orion-brand Astrophotography "Sta...

04 Jan 2015

Views: 1368


For Sale Stellarvue SV85s with LOMO objective

in Refractors by bluedandelion

After much dithering I have decided to put up m...

04 Jan 2015

Views: 940


For Sale Astro physics guide scope

in Refractors by TexasSky

This is an astro physics 80mm f11 guidescope......

04 Jan 2015

Views: 432


For Sale Astro-Physics Lens Cap for 130mm Scopes

in Refractors by zawijava

This is a machined aluminum A-P lens cap from a...

04 Jan 2015

Views: 1435


For Sale Celestron 80ED

in Refractors by randcpoll

Telescope: I received the telescope in May of 2...

05 Jan 2015

Views: 269


Wanted Unitron 75mm Dust Cap

in Refractors by jafl

I am looking for a Unitron 75mm dust cap, white...

05 Jan 2015

Views: 655


For Sale AT72ED Doublet Refractor - Astro-Tech

in Refractors by Dabajeh805

AT72ED Doublet Refractor - 72mm f/6. Scope is...

06 Jan 2015

Views: 326


Wanted Wanted - Skywatcher Quantum 150ED Apo Triplet

in Refractors by snovosel

Looking for Skywatcher Quantum 150ED Apo Triple...

06 Jan 2015

Views: 376


Wanted Wanted: SkyWatcher Pro 80ED Refractor

in Refractors by mostlyemptyspace

I'm looking for a used 80ED doublet refractor....

07 Jan 2015

Views: 3078


For Sale TMB 152 Refractor

in Refractors by Brian1965

This is a TMB 152/8 that I had talked to Tom Ba...

08 Jan 2015

Views: 1164


For Sale Zeiss Telementors

in Refractors by donsurles

For Sale: Two Zeiss Telementors... a T1 and a T...

08 Jan 2015

Views: 1419


For Sale Celestron 80mm Guidescope Package and NexGuide Autoguider

in Refractors by collaredkeeper

Hello,This guidescope setup has not been used a...

09 Jan 2015

Views: 1468


For Sale Vixen 4" F/15 acromat refractor OTA

in Refractors by Stephen Kennedy

This long focus Vixen refractor OTA was made an...

09 Jan 2015

Views: 877


For Sale Orion ED80 and SSAG

in Refractors by dascenc

Selling my Orion ED80. Used a couple of times b...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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