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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Yesterday, 09:01 AM

Views: 211


Wanted Wanted: Astro-Physics AP180

in Refractors by mohawk195

Let me know condition, age, and available acces...

19 Aug 2018

Updated: 19 Aug 2018

Views: 79


Wanted TMB 92SS from Germany based astronomer

in Refractors by LittlePhatty

If you have a TMB 92SS to sell please let me kn...

15 Aug 2018

Views: 45


Wanted Wanted: William Optics GT102

in Refractors by pkillo

Anyone have a wo gt102 for me? I’m looking to u...

12 Aug 2018

Views: 73


Wanted Astro-Tech 65EDQ

in Refractors by gustavo_sanchez

Looking for one of these scopes in good conditi...

01 Aug 2018

Views: 64


Wanted WTB Orion EON 120

in Refractors by jay.i

I needs me more glorious refraperture! Yes I ju...

27 Jul 2018

Views: 37


Wanted wanted stellarvue SFF3-25-42

in Refractors by ZL4PLM

looking for a SFF3-25-42 type usedok as long...

24 Jul 2018

Views: 47


Wanted SW Esprit 120ED and FF wanted

in Refractors by ZL4PLM

looking for a SW Esprit 120ED and matching fiel...

17 Jul 2018

Views: 52


Wanted Dew Shield Cap ST80

in Refractors by Mr Magoo

I am looking for a dew shield cap for an older...

15 Jul 2018

Views: 102


Wanted TEC 140 w/rings and field flattener

in Refractors by exmedia

Looking for a used TEC 140 in good condition wi...

11 Jul 2018

Views: 45


Wanted WTB: Takahashi FC76

in Refractors by PJ Anway

Looking for a Takahashi FC76 - older version (n...

11 Jul 2018

Views: 96


Wanted Astro-Tech AT72ED

in Refractors by khursh

This can be the new type II or the original ver...

08 Jul 2018

Views: 61


Wanted Takahashi 67 Flattener for TOA150

in Refractors by GeneralT001

Wanted to Buy.

14 Jun 2018

Updated: 25 Jun 2018

Views: 92


Wanted Wanted - William Optics ZenithStar 61

in Refractors by Ciscokid

Looking for a William Optics Zenith Star 61 - P...

12 Jun 2018

Views: 90


Wanted TAK 150B

in Refractors by GeneralT001

WTB Tak 150B.

11 Jun 2018

Views: 93


Wanted WTB: Takahashi FC-100DL

in Refractors by slack

I'm interested in purchasing a Tak FC-100DL in...

08 Jun 2018

Views: 113


Wanted Want to buy TEC 140

in Refractors by ji4m

I 'd like to buy your TEC 140. Please reply wi...

28 May 2018

Views: 234


Wanted FS128, TEC140, TOA130, or AP 130

in Refractors by mikona

Help me. Just purchased a used TOA130 that arr...

28 May 2018

Updated: 29 May 2018

Views: 174


Wanted Small ED Refractor (around 72mm)

in Refractors by whitesoxsfan12

Looking for a used refractor, similar to a 72ED...

27 May 2018

Views: 89


Wanted Case for AR 152 refractor

in Refractors by Prasad

I am looking for a storage/carry case for ES AR...

21 May 2018

Views: 189


Wanted Clavé objective

in Refractors by Disciplus55

Hello, Looking for a Clave objective (or Refrac...

19 May 2018

Updated: 19 May 2018

Views: 110


Wanted William Optics Gran Turismo 81

in Refractors by desper0

Looking for a William Optics Gran Tursmo 81. T...

17 May 2018

Views: 57


Wanted AT2FF Field Flattener

in Refractors by DonBoy

Looking for an AT2FF Field Flattener. Price sh...

12 May 2018

Views: 84


Wanted Synta 150mm f/5 Refractor

in Refractors by manfromplanetx

looking for a Synta 150mm f/5 Refractor OTA rea...

11 May 2018

Views: 103


Wanted Wanted ES 127 Ed apo

in Refractors by Ruthlessaz

Looking for a 127 or similar sized apo

11 May 2018

Views: 99


Wanted WANTED TAKAHASHI FC100DL 1st gen only

in Refractors by balu01

Looking for an optically perfect and pristine i...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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