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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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12 Apr 2018

Views: 552


For Sale ST80 Auto Guider Package

in Refractors by puckhead28

Selling my guider package: contents include an Orion ST80 with upgraded GSO focuser, upgraded ADM rings, Orion field...

14 May 2018

Views: 478


For Sale Older style AP 130 F8 or 155 F7 flattener $350

in Refractors by gillmj24

And good shape for his age missing the 2 in the suffix of the part number so this is the older style. Price includes...

29 Aug 2018

Views: 406


For Sale Meade ETX-80 Refracting GoTo Telescope

in Refractors by scopehed

Meade ETX-80 Refracting Telescope Multi Coated Optics D= 80mm F= 400mm f/5 Built in Barlow Built in Flip Mirror Meade...

30 Oct 2018

Views: 525


For Sale 80mm Zeiss scope

in Refractors by pjgerb65

I have a Nedinsco s Gravenhage Systeem Carl Zeiss Jena 80mm scope. The turret has 3 eyepieces 12x, 20x, and 40x. This...

24 Nov 2018

Views: 538


For Sale Orion ST120 f/5.0 OTA w/extras

in Refractors by rwt

I'm selling an Orion ST 120 f/5.0 in very good condition. Extras included are a pair of OTA rings, dovetail, and a "n...

03 Jan 2019

Views: 855


For Sale Takahashi TOA 130 with or without NJP Mount

in Refractors by BarrySimon615

Ok, let's try this again. I have adjusted prices on a scope and mount I really don't want to sell, but need to sell....

17 Mar 2019

Views: 373


For Sale Custom 80mm f/15 refractor OTA

in Refractors by Adam Taylor

I designed and built this telescope to be an updated version of a classic refractor. It has an excellent quality Cart...

06 May 2019

Views: 255


For Sale Meade ETX 60 Refractor Tube Assembly ONLY!

in Refractors by scopehed

Meade ETX 60 Refractor Tube Assembly ONLY! would make a great right angle finder or spotting scope. D=60mm F=350mm f/...

11 May 2017

Updated: 11 May 2017

Views: 607


For Sale Astro-Tech AT72mm ED

in Refractors by Ronnie Miller

For sale is my Astro-Tech AT72mm ED refractor. I'm at least the second owner of this scope. It comes with lens cover,...

21 Jun 2017

Views: 901


For Sale Expolre Scientific 127 Triplet

in Refractors by joseph daukantas

ES 127 F7.5 Triplet, in Ex. Cond. bought 4-17, comes w/dual speed rotating focuser, lens cover, 8x50 Meade finder, m...

03 Jul 2017

Views: 250


Wanted Lunt 152mm f/7.9 ED APO Refractor

in Refractors by Starship21ZNA9

I want your Lunt Engineering 152mm f/7.9 ED APO Refractor. Thanks, Rick

12 Jul 2019

Views: 473


For Sale Orion SkyView Pro 120mm f/8.3 refractor

in Refractors by aa5te

I've got an Orion SkyView Pro 120mm f/8.3 (1000mm focal length) achromatic refractor w/collimatible lens cell and 2"...

26 Aug 2017

Views: 350


For Sale Meade Infinity 102mm AZ

in Refractors by MrJones

Good condition in original box. With scope, alt-az mount, red dot finder, 3 eyepieces, 2x Barlow, prism diagonal. $1...

20 Sep 2017

Views: 746


For Sale Explore Scientific 127mm carbon-fiber Triplet ED refractor

in Refractors by NightSkyGuy

Explore Scientific's 127mm carbon-fiber apochromoatic refractor (EDT-127075-CF) can be hard to find right now — but y...

21 Sep 2019

Views: 184


For Sale Vintage Balscope 10 with rare tripod adapter

in Refractors by Chuck Hards

I'm selling this vintage Bausch & Lomb Balscope 10 in original box. The scope is in good condition, clear views....

11 Nov 2019

Views: 382


For Sale William Optics 80mm f/555 mm Fluorite Doublet lens in cell

in Refractors by Nicu Barbieru

I am selling my William Optics 80mm f/555 mm Fluorite Doublet lens in cell.It was co-designed by optics designer Thom...

19 Dec 2017

Updated: 20 Dec 2017

Views: 885


For Sale **CHRISTMAS SPECIAL PRICE** Sky Watcher Equinox 80

in Refractors by doccap111

Sky Watcher Equinox 80/500 - APO for photography and visual observation Apochromatic refractor telescope with good 2"...

26 Nov 2019

Views: 90


For Sale Takahashi FS102NSV instruction booklet & certificate of inspection

in Refractors by smart

Original 19 page instruction booklet and original double sided Certificate of Inspection hand signed by the Takahashi...

09 Dec 2019

Updated: 09 Dec 2019

Views: 186


For Sale 60mm refractor lens Japan

in Refractors by astronomy-shoppe.com

This is an air spaced doublet with cell and dew shild will fit Tasco, Bushnell, etc MgFl coating, great shape ,coatin...

10 Mar 2018

Views: 320


For Sale Binoviewer eyepiece pair - 20mm

in Refractors by rtalaga

I have a pair of Burgess optical 20mm eyepieces that I used in my binoviewer. Since I no longer do any binoviewing th...

12 Apr 2018

Updated: 13 Apr 2018

Views: 716


For Sale Orion 120mm f/5 Achromat OTA - REDUCED!

in Refractors by sandraluv

I have an almost new Orion 120mm refractor available. I have only used it a few times because I typically use my 11"...

30 Oct 2018

Updated: 30 Oct 2018

Views: 594


For Sale Meade LXD75 6” Refractor

in Refractors by Jalpa_Mike

For Sale is my Meade LXD-75 6” Refractor. Excellent condition.I have all manuals, book, Meade series 4000 eyepieces...

04 Dec 2018

Views: 286


For Sale Two Unitron Model 114, 128 OTA Tubes

in Refractors by Stan Lopata

Two Unitron Model 114, 128 OTA Tubes - one of the tubes is from a very early Unitron that directly attached the tube...

10 Jan 2019

Updated: 23 Jan 2019

Views: 365


For Sale Vintage SPI 60mmx800mm Refractor Original complete set!

in Refractors by Scopeman61

Listed is a vintage SPI (Japan) '58-59 60mm 800mm Refractor, complete with original eyepieces, 90°diag, double terres...

19 May 2019

Updated: 17 Aug 2019

Views: 436


For Sale Unitron Model 114 Package

in Refractors by scroff

Unitron Model 114 PackageWorking condition, far from like new condition.OTA+orginal box, Mount/Tripod+original box, U...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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