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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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01 Jan 2018

Updated: 15 May 2018

Views: 1125


For Sale Reduced: Brand new in box APM 140 f/7 SD APO (Europe)

in Refractors by igor979

If you're in the market searching for new APM 140 doublet - I'm selling one, unused, in factory box. This is a model...

01 Nov 2017

Updated: 05 Nov 2017

Views: 1484


For Sale Update:Jaegers 6"F15 sweet

in Refractors by bob midiri

I have a excellent performing 6"F15 Jaegers with Homemade Berry type alt/az mount. These optics were tested by D&...

11 Sep 2018

Views: 567


For Sale Bresser 80MM F900MM Refracting Telescope

in Refractors by scopehed

Bresser 80 Refracting Telescope D= 80mm F= 900mm Meade DS 1 1/4" Super Plossl 26mm eyepiece 6X30 finder w/tall bracke...

09 Aug 2017

Views: 1096


For Sale 8.5" f 12'5 achromatic refractor lens

in Refractors by james adams

Bought this for a project and had it in a test bed for awhile. It is excellent, and I have a double-pass interferomet...

28 Oct 2019

Updated: 11 Nov 2019

Views: 146


For Sale Meade ETX-70AT Refractor with Tripod, Hard Case, Eyepieces

in Refractors by wd8sbb

This is our Meade ETX-70AT observing outfit for sale. Selling to fund another project. -Meade ETX-70AT refractor tel...

28 Feb 2018

Updated: 30 Mar 2018

Views: 1021


For Sale Unitron Polarex 102 Price Reduced

in Refractors by Victor Dekert

Price Final Reduction 2500 €. It includes all original. Two wood boxes. And original hard paper box for the tripod l...

10 Jun 2019

Views: 157


For Sale National Geographic by Bresser 60mm f/700 Achromatic Lens

in Refractors by scopehed

National Geographic by Bresser 60mm f/700 Achromatic Lens, Cell,Dew Cap & Dust Cap. Quality Lens! Nice and clear....

23 Jul 2018

Updated: 04 Aug 2019

Views: 624


For Sale Astrozap focusing cap

in Refractors by saguaro

Astrozap focusing cap, $20. Adjustable to fit refractors having front diameters from 101 - 110mm. Built-in Bahtinov m...

23 Feb 2019

Updated: 02 Sep 2019

Views: 222


For Sale Meade 60 mm spotting scope/ non-zoom

in Refractors by TicTacToe

For sale, Meade 60 mm spotting scope , non-zoom, it has a 25 mm eyepiece installed permanently. Works well, sharp. Ev...

22 Jan 2019

Updated: 22 Jan 2019

Views: 501


For Sale UNITRON parts and pieces

in Refractors by Hillbill

Dew shield with mounting ring, 3" diameter, damaged, needs painted..$20 sold Focuser, nice and smooth. Near E...........

08 Nov 2019

Views: 166


For Sale 80mm f/10 Refractor Lens & Cell

in Refractors by scopehed

Air spaced achromat. There is a small edge chip and coating smudge on the lens that won't affect the view. Price incl...

28 Jan 2018

Updated: 28 Jan 2018

Views: 342


For Sale Televue refractor bracket

in Refractors by gatorengineer

As shown $22 shipped Not sure what the Televue part number is

10 Mar 2018

Views: 307


For Sale Binoviewer eyepiece pair - 20mm

in Refractors by rtalaga

I have a pair of Burgess optical 20mm eyepieces that I used in my binoviewer. Since I no longer do any binoviewing th...

02 Mar 2018

Views: 203


For Sale Polarex 3 inch lens cell

in Refractors by Bonco2

Old style 3 inch cell that has no adjustment screws. Cell only no glass

02 Mar 2018

Views: 226


For Sale Flint element 3inch Unitron/Polarex

in Refractors by Bonco2

Just the flint element, crown was cracked. good clear glass

03 Jun 2019

Views: 122


For Sale Takahashi Sky90 spare dewshield/ lens cover

in Refractors by waso29

Good condition. No dents/ scratches on outer surfaces. Will need to replace deteriorated liner. Threads work on sky90...

23 Apr 2019

Views: 175


For Sale Meade 90MM X F900MM Lens & Cell for Refractor Telescope

in Refractors by scopehed

Meade 90MM X 900 Lens & Cell for Refractor Telescope Lens is in Excellent Condition! minor scuff on outside (see...

14 May 2019

Views: 265


For Sale 90mm Air Spaced F8.8 800MM focal length Achromatic Lens

in Refractors by scopehed

90mm Air Spaced Achromatic Lens F8.8 800mm focal length Multi Coated with dewcap and dustcap Excellent Condition $35....

18 Jul 2019

Views: 207


For Sale Meade 90mm f/10 Lens, Cell, Dew Shield & Cap

in Refractors by scopehed

Excellent condition, has a few minor scuffs on the dew shield. Came off of a Meade Polaris 90 refractor. Multi-coated...

29 Jan 2019

Updated: 25 Feb 2019

Views: 396


For Sale SocalAstro Rings 125mm and 80mm NEW

in Refractors by SocalAstro

I have located a few sets of 95mm and 125mm SocalAstro Rings - NEW Old Stock. Also available are: - DA adapter plate...

30 Oct 2019

Views: 134


For Sale Bresser Callisto 70mm optical tube & Accessories

in Refractors by scopehed

Bresser Callisto 70mm F10 Refractor optical tube & Accessories FLSC 70 F=700mm D=70mm Fully Coated optics Include...

09 May 2018

Views: 436


For Sale Bresser 70 X 700 refractor

in Refractors by scopehed

Bresser 70mm x 700 mm refractor. This is a quality product from the German Bresser company. Made in China to the B...

27 Aug 2017

Views: 562


For Sale Classic 60mm Sears Refractor - box, sun projector screen

in Refractors by bartine

Some parts from a 60s Sears Refractor Box - in good shape - no holes, lamination is good OTA - just the tube, no le...

14 Jun 2019

Views: 231


For Sale National Geographic 70mm Refractor OTA w/eyepieces

in Refractors by scopehed

Excellent condition. Nat Geo 70mm refractor. F=600mm, f/8.6. Includes: red dot finder, 1.25" focuser with diagonal, H...

14 Oct 2019

Views: 162


For Sale National Geographic 70 mm Refractor optical tube

in Refractors by scopehed

National Geographic 70 mm Automatic Refractor Telescope #80-10171 comes with built in right angle back for 1.25" eyep...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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