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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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30 Dec 2018

Views: 91


Wanted Wanted ES 127/152 achromat, Orion 120ST, similar

in Refractors by HowardSD

Looking for a nice 5 to 6 inch achromatic refractor for visual use either Explore Scientific 127mm or 152mm, consider...

29 Mar 2017

Views: 274


Wanted Wanted Stellarvue SV080ST-25SV

in Refractors by FuriousRabbit

In the market for a Stellarvue SV080ST-25SV. Let me know what you have!

02 Apr 2017

Views: 514


Wanted Astro-Tech AT80EDT f/6 ED Triplet Refractor

in Refractors by Martyh.

If some one has it for sale in very good/ excellent shape for reasonable offer.https://www.astronom...ota_p20307.aspx...

19 May 2018

Updated: 19 May 2018

Views: 193


Wanted William Optics Gran Turismo 81

in Refractors by desper0

Looking for a William Optics Gran Tursmo 81. Thanks

07 Apr 2017

Views: 185


Wanted Explore Scientific 3" FF/.7X Reducer

in Refractors by B Quig

Looking for Explore Scientific 3" FF/.7X Reducer.

01 May 2017

Views: 220


Wanted Looking for Meade 178 ED Apo

in Refractors by watchever

I am looking for this old big refractor from Meade, the famous and contreverse 178 Ed Apo for a personal project. Pl...

08 May 2017

Views: 211


Wanted Wanted: Skywatcher Equinox 80ED

in Refractors by Aitrus3

Looking for a skywatcher Equinox 80ED. I'm located in Canada. I've seen a couple of these for sale in Canada (unfortu...

13 May 2017

Views: 184


Wanted WANTED tube assembly for 80mm F15 achro in cell

in Refractors by Mark Harry

I am looking for a tube, and hopefully a focuser assembly for an achromat I have. It's an 80mm F/15 achromat in a cel...

02 Jun 2017

Views: 248


Wanted At72ed

in Refractors by Huaaron

Looking for a good condition At72ed preferably 300 and I'll pay shipping

09 Jul 2017

Views: 222


Wanted Takahashi FS-128

in Refractors by jag32

I am trying to find a Takahashi FS-128 in good condition to purchase. If anyone has one for sale, I would certainly...

17 May 2018

Views: 131


Wanted AT2FF Field Flattener

in Refractors by DonBoy

Looking for an AT2FF Field Flattener. Price should include USPS Priority mail.

27 Aug 2017

Views: 213


Wanted Discontinued Meade EMC ED Doublet

in Refractors by EricJW

Anyone out there have one of the old Meade EMC ED doublets that have been discontinued since 2002? I am interested in...

20 Sep 2017

Views: 144


Wanted Wanted: 75mm Unitron Clamshell in good condition

in Refractors by starmason

Hoping someone can part with a good condition 75mm Unitron clamshell ring to adapt to my vintage refractor tube. Will...

04 Oct 2017

Views: 173


Wanted Orion 80 Shortube "rings and dovetail plate"

in Refractors by astropho

Hello, I am looking for the original Orion rings and dovetail that goes with the Orion 80 Shortube f/5 400mm refract...

13 Oct 2017

Views: 158


Wanted Wanted, Celestron Omni XLT 150 Refractor

in Refractors by mandopickr

Looking for Celesetron Omni XLT 150r refractor

25 Oct 2017

Views: 180


Wanted Wanted: Celestron 80ED (C80ED)

in Refractors by iceblaze

As the title says.. If you have one for sale in good condition, then please let me know. Thanks! -James

01 Nov 2017

Views: 187


Wanted Wanted: Orion 102 mm f/7 ED doublet OTA or equivalent

in Refractors by Coconuts

I had one of these in a short term rental on an Astro-Tech alt-az mount, and it was perfect. Hurricane Irma wrecked...

04 Nov 2017

Views: 160


Wanted Brandon bird master

in Refractors by lit

hi there l would have an interst in the old Brandon bird master thanks

26 Nov 2017

Views: 213


Wanted Tinsley 4" finder scope or any Saturn Tinsley Refractor Scope

in Refractors by sfo

I have an almost fully intact 4" Tinsley refractor with excellent optics. The finder scope has seen better days and I...

03 Dec 2017

Views: 175


Wanted Wanted: Astro Tech 130

in Refractors by Paguy123

Hello, Looking for AT130 or similar scope. Must be a triplet. Excellent condition. Prefer someone near N.E. Pa but a...

16 Dec 2017

Views: 152


Wanted wanted Takahashi Reducer for FS-60C

in Refractors by Ccd_pappilon

I'm looking for a Takahashi Reducer for FS-60C scope .I'm living in UK not far from London and if there is anyone wil...

19 Dec 2017

Views: 222


Wanted Unitron Paper---Wanted to buy

in Refractors by Hillbill

I'm looking for Unitron catalogs from the 1960s. I'd love to find original instructions for the model 160 with weigh...

20 Dec 2017

Views: 156


Wanted Wanted: Edmund Scientific Voyager

in Refractors by Zoom77

Desire to purchase a classic Edmund Scientific Voyager Model 6001

19 Aug 2018

Updated: 19 Aug 2018

Views: 195


Wanted TMB 92SS from Germany based astronomer

in Refractors by LittlePhatty

If you have a TMB 92SS to sell please let me know. In excellent condition only. I am not interested in other refracto...

28 Dec 2017

Views: 110


Wanted WTB: Dust cap for Orion ST80

in Refractors by wa5dxp

Need shield tube dust cap. Thanks. Jim

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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