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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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10 Jan 2020

Views: 2670


For Sale University Class Telescope

By: Dave Radosevich Location: Santa Cruz Ca.

You have all seen this Telescope before. Some have made comments about it. Some have dreamed about it. I am here to e...

07 Sep 2020

Updated: 07 Sep 2020

Views: 2984


For Sale 1891 10" Alvan Clark F15 Telescope

By: GerryK Location: WI

Telescope is in excellent condition. Has been refurbished. Excellent optics. Will possibly deliver depending on locat...

29 Oct 2018

Views: 2311


For Sale complete remote astrophotography setup located in the south of Spain

By: A VAN ZEGVELD Location: worldwide

I am selling my complete remote astrophotography setup located in the south of Spain, near the Portugal border.The lo...

22 Jun 2017

Views: 3252


For Sale AP 155mm Portable Observatory

By: BIGEYE93416 Location: Chicago, Illinois

This is a combined telescope system that can be classified as a complete portable observatory. It contains a pristine...

16 Oct 2019

Updated: 11 Dec 2019

Views: 1549


For Sale Astro-Phisics 180mm f9

By: Losmandy Location: Burbank, CA

Hello I have a 2000 AP180 f9 2.7" feather touch focuser. The scope is in excellent shape. The case is good but the fo...

25 Mar 2020

Updated: 29 Apr 2020

Views: 1395


For Sale AP 178 f/9 STARFIRE APO

By: Russellmj Location: Australia

AP 178 f/9 STARFIRE APO oil spaced mid 1988 in outstanding optical condition. Unit 23 of less than 200 made, series r...

27 Mar 2020

Views: 1470


For Sale astro-physics 178mm f/9.0 starfire

By: telgigsv54 Location: West Suffield

The 178 is a triplet air spaced. it is all original. Suitcase, rings, plate.The scope is complete and come with all t...

20 Nov 2018

Views: 958



By: alvarete Location: Spain

Hi all,for sale is my beloved Astro-Physics 155 EDF apochromat refractor telescope. Impressive planetary lunar and De...

16 Oct 2019

Views: 931


For Sale Astro-Physics 155mm f7

By: Losmandy Location: Burbank, CA

Hello I have a 1997 AP 155mm f7 2.7" feather touch focuser If interested please call me at: 747-283-1075 these...

28 Sep 2020

Updated: 29 Sep 2020

Views: 654


For Sale Zeiss APQ 130 Flourite Refractor Matthias Wirth made OTA Europe

By: flamsteed_19 Location: Germany

I'm sellling my recently acquired Carl Zeiss APQ 130/1000. I bought this a couple of weeks ago from APM-Telescopes. I...

19 Apr 2020

Updated: 31 Aug 2020

Views: 1822


For Sale Takahashi FCT150 with NJP Mount **Reduced Price**

By: john1006 Location: Las Vegas, NV

This is a great scope at an even lower price. Now $8,500. Serial # 00006, purchased in the late 1990s. Excellent cond...

13 Mar 2020

Updated: 10 May 2020

Views: 1008


For Sale Broadhurst & Clarkson/Kufeld 6” f/12 Brass Refractor Roland Christen Lens

By: J A VOLK Location: Flagstaff, AZ

This incredible scope was purchased by me from Telrad inventor & club member Steve Kufeld’s estate after he sudde...

01 Apr 2020

Updated: 01 Apr 2020

Views: 2175


For Sale Aperture Fever: for sale 9" refractor

By: VZsohar Location: Whitehorse, YT, Canada

For sale a 9” (228 mm) f 7.7 achromatic refractor. Excellent lens by Istar Optical. This telescope should surprise yo...

15 Sep 2020

Views: 869


For Sale Complete Astrophotography Setup

By: nikunj3685 Location: Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec

Selling my Complete Astrophotography Setup. Just use power extension cable to bring power to setup and you are good t...

25 Nov 2020

Views: 356


For Sale Canon 600mm IS EF II f4 lens

By: jcschultz01 Location: Minnesota

I bought this Canon IS EF II F4 600mm lens for my Canon EOS 5D MK III a couple years ago thinking that it would be go...

26 Sep 2020

Updated: 07 Oct 2020

Views: 1107


For Sale Astro-Physics 130EDF GT Refractor AP Astrophysics

By: oracleartist Location: Prescott, AZ

AP 130EDF GT refractor in great condition. Includes a 2" max bright diagonal in excellent condition, mounting rings,...

06 Nov 2017

Views: 901


For Sale Lunt LS152THa Solar Telescope and Accessories

By: hgstratmann Location: Springfield Missouri

* Lunt LS152THa solar telescope with pressure tuning. 152mm f/6 refractor with hydrogen-alpha module for solar viewin...

26 Nov 2019

Updated: 26 Nov 2019

Views: 1396


For Sale Astro-Physics Super-Planetary 6” f12 refractor (Rare Condition)

By: mohawk195 Location: NY

Thomas Back writes the following description: "I viewed Jupiter with a 6"f/12 Super Planetary with the one and only R...

06 Dec 2018

Updated: 06 Dec 2018

Views: 1001


For Sale Takahashi FC-125J

By: ltha Location: Bend, Oregon

I have owned two FC-125s and both have been excellent performers. These scopes do not come up often, especially this...

25 Mar 2020

Views: 420


For Sale historical Telescope with Carl Zeiss Jena lens E110/1319

By: lusen Location: Germany Deggendorf

antique Telescope with Carl Zeiss Jena Objective lens E110/1319 from 1910 Fotos and more informations please contact...

24 Dec 2019

Views: 537


For Sale Stellarvue SVA130T, FF/fR, guidescope

By: Darkboonies Location: Portola, CA

2018 Stellarvue SVA130T package, 2 1/2" focuser, Stellarvue FF/FR, Stellarvue diagonal, Stellarvue 50mm guide scope w...

15 Mar 2020

Updated: 16 Mar 2020

Views: 900


For Sale APM/TMB 130mm Triplet (780mm FL, f/6)

By: kpendlebury Location: Austin, TX

Hey folks,I'm pretty sure my account here on CN will be listed as a vendor, but this is a personal sale of a beautifu...

14 Nov 2020

Updated: 21 Nov 2020

Views: 833


For Sale AstroPhysics 130 refractor

By: spectrumtf Location: Huntington, NY

This AP130 EDF refractor was just serviced by AP re oiled and brought up to specifications in excellent condition.. I...

18 Jul 2019

Updated: 01 Aug 2019

Views: 793


For Sale Sky-Scope Astronomical Telescope

By: Ormf Location: Western New York

A collector's dream. An original Sky-Scope Telescope. The scope is clean outside with the label from the Sky-Scope co...

09 Sep 2020

Updated: 04 Oct 2020

Views: 764


For Sale TMB 152 f/7.9 APO Triplet Lens

By: Peterse Location: Oregon

Selling my Tom Back 152 APO lens. I have developed a bad back and am moving to an area where the sky does not really...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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