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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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29 Oct 2018

Views: 1315


For Sale complete remote astrophotography setup located in the south of Spain

in Refractors by A VAN ZEGVELD

I am selling my complete remote astrophotograph...

22 Jun 2017

Views: 2263


For Sale AP 155mm Portable Observatory

in Refractors by BIGEYE93416

This is a combined telescope system that can be...

29 Jun 2018

Views: 1308


For Sale Antique T. Cooke and Sons 4″/F18 triplet Apo. Circa 1890

in Refractors by ukcanuck

Historically important, 1890’s T. Cooke and Son...

07 Feb 2019

Updated: 08 Feb 2019

Views: 901


For Sale APM/TMB 180 F9 triplet OTA

in Refractors by Jim Rouse

This scope is a TMB design made for APM by Astr...

25 May 2018

Updated: 29 Jan 2019

Views: 1666


For Sale Astro-physics 155 EDF f/7

in Refractors by alvarete

Hi all, For sale is my beloved AP 155 EDF apoch...

20 Nov 2018

Views: 608



in Refractors by alvarete

Hi all,for sale is my beloved Astro-Physics 155...

07 Jan 2019

Updated: 07 Jan 2019

Views: 262


For Sale [Germany] Takahashi TOA-150B

in Refractors by donadani

Selling a like new Takahashi TOA-150B (MY 2010)...

27 Sep 2018

Updated: 27 Sep 2018

Views: 1163


For Sale Istar 9” achromatic refractor - excellent!

in Refractors by VZsohar

For sale a 9” (228 mm) f 7.7 achromatic refract...

12 Jul 2017

Updated: 06 Aug 2017

Views: 938


For Sale 160 mm f6.5 for sale

in Refractors by Catalin Fus

Part of our Solar Eclipse expedition, we will h...

06 Aug 2018

Updated: 09 Aug 2018

Views: 722


For Sale Model 160/165

in Refractors by LLarry

I am the owner of a complete Unitron model 160/...

03 Jan 2019

Updated: 30 Jan 2019

Views: 674


For Sale tak 150B

in Refractors by Michael Birolin

takahashi 150B excellent shape with weight for...

06 Nov 2017

Views: 572


For Sale Lunt LS152THa Solar Telescope and Accessories

in Refractors by hgstratmann

* Lunt LS152THa solar telescope with pressure t...

07 Sep 2018

Views: 541


For Sale Lunt LS100THa solar telescope

in Refractors by mdolenga

Lunt LS100THa solar telescope with double stack...

06 Dec 2018

Updated: 06 Dec 2018

Views: 531


For Sale Takahashi FC-125J

in Refractors by ltha

I have owned two FC-125s and both have been exc...

05 Feb 2018

Updated: 06 Feb 2018

Views: 1087


For Sale CFF Telescopes 135 mm f6.7/ 165mm f7.9 apochromats

in Refractors by Catalin Fus

Starting with this month and continuing through...

20 Jan 2019

Views: 937


For Sale Takahashi FS-152 Fluorite APO Doublet with Case

in Refractors by Camcon101

Includes: Original Hard case 2 Speed Focuser F=...

12 Nov 2018

Updated: 26 Nov 2018

Views: 1580


For Sale 8" Zerochromat Refractor (will consider reasonable offer)

in Refractors by AlphaGJohn

It's big, it's beautiful, and (sigh) I need to...

18 May 2018

Views: 325


For Sale Complete collectible Zeiss Asegur 80/840 A 1924

in Refractors by chonum

Hello, I sell this vintage Zeiss "reisemodel" A...

26 May 2017

Views: 1118


For Sale Stellarvue 130 EDT W/Mount

in Refractors by SteelValley

I'm quite devastated, but I tried all other opt...

10 Nov 2018

Views: 420


For Sale Televue NP127 non-IS OTA with FT dual rate focuser

in Refractors by vkhastro1

Televue NP127 non-IS OTA - satin black focuser...

07 Aug 2018

Updated: 20 Aug 2018

Views: 354


For Sale Lunt LS80THa Solar Telescope with Extras

in Refractors by sgreiner

I am selling my Lunt 80mm Solar Telescope with...

15 Mar 2017

Views: 990


For Sale FC100DF

in Refractors by butch1944

Includes X.66 reducer, Tak flatner, Tak 50mm gu...

25 Oct 2017

Views: 1148


For Sale Unitron telescope and mount

in Refractors by Clifford1

Unitron with turret attachment, original case a...

16 May 2018

Views: 510


For Sale [Free Shipping]STELLARVUE SVA130T-IS2 IMAGING Apo + FeatherTouch + Reducer

in Refractors by nandita.archer

Selling my 2017 STELLARVUE SVA130T-IS2 which co...

21 Mar 2018

Views: 288


For Sale Swarovski ATX 95 30/70

in Refractors by Luca Artesky

Hello! I sell a Swarovski ATX modular 95mm 30-...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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