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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 11:58 AM

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For Sale TMB 228 mm f/9 apo refractor

in Refractors by jgardner

I bought this instrument new from Thomas Back in Ohio (assembled, tested, and shipped directly from him, though order...

29 Oct 2018

Views: 1455


For Sale complete remote astrophotography setup located in the south of Spain

in Refractors by A VAN ZEGVELD

I am selling my complete remote astrophotography setup located in the south of Spain, near the Portugal border.The lo...

22 Jun 2017

Views: 2347


For Sale AP 155mm Portable Observatory

in Refractors by BIGEYE93416

This is a combined telescope system that can be classified as a complete portable observatory. It contains a pristine...

29 Jun 2018

Views: 1380


For Sale Antique T. Cooke and Sons 4″/F18 triplet Apo. Circa 1890

in Refractors by ukcanuck

Historically important, 1890’s T. Cooke and Sons 4″/F18 PhotoVisual triplet for sale. This museum piece is a rare ex...

25 May 2018

Updated: 12 Mar 2019

Views: 1831


For Sale Astro-physics 155 EDF f/7

in Refractors by alvarete

Hi all, For sale is my beloved AP 155 EDF apochromat refractor telescope. 2.7" focuser. It is in excelent+ shape. Per...

20 Nov 2018

Views: 650



in Refractors by alvarete

Hi all,for sale is my beloved Astro-Physics 155 EDF apochromat refractor telescope. Impressive planetary lunar and De...

16 Mar 2019

Updated: 22 Mar 2019

Views: 608


For Sale APM/TMB 180 F9 OTA

in Refractors by Jim Rouse

This scope is a TMB design made in Russia for APM. Never used. It is in new condition and collimation is spot on. Spe...

07 Jan 2019

Updated: 07 Jan 2019

Views: 319


For Sale [Germany] Takahashi TOA-150B

in Refractors by donadani

Selling a like new Takahashi TOA-150B (MY 2010). incl. - Tak rings - Tak counterweight - Tak handle - Tak plate bet...

27 Sep 2018

Updated: 27 Sep 2018

Views: 1255


For Sale Istar 9” achromatic refractor - excellent!

in Refractors by VZsohar

For sale a 9” (228 mm) f 7.7 achromatic refractor. Handcrafted by Istar Optical to excellent performance. Optical te...

12 Jul 2017

Updated: 06 Aug 2017

Views: 966


For Sale 160 mm f6.5 for sale

in Refractors by Catalin Fus

Part of our Solar Eclipse expedition, we will have with us a 160 mm f6.5, which will be used to make a series of expo...

29 Mar 2019

Updated: 04 Apr 2019

Views: 574


For Sale Takahashi TOA-150B

in Refractors by pappayliou

TOA 150B f7.3 triplet OTA. Excellent condition (see below). This is a 2012 B model scope (with the upgraded focuser)....

06 Aug 2018

Updated: 09 Aug 2018

Views: 771


For Sale Model 160/165

in Refractors by LLarry

I am the owner of a complete Unitron model 160/165. (I say this because I have the pier and the tripod.)The only part...

03 Jan 2019

Updated: 01 Mar 2019

Views: 794


For Sale tak 150B

in Refractors by Michael Birolin

takahashi 150B excellent shape with weight for balance and case and add ons to make longer8000.00 or best offer+ship...

06 Nov 2017

Views: 594


For Sale Lunt LS152THa Solar Telescope and Accessories

in Refractors by hgstratmann

* Lunt LS152THa solar telescope with pressure tuning. 152mm f/6 refractor with hydrogen-alpha module for solar viewin...

06 Dec 2018

Updated: 06 Dec 2018

Views: 583


For Sale Takahashi FC-125J

in Refractors by ltha

I have owned two FC-125s and both have been excellent performers. These scopes do not come up often, especially this...

05 Feb 2018

Updated: 06 Feb 2018

Views: 1123


For Sale CFF Telescopes 135 mm f6.7/ 165mm f7.9 apochromats

in Refractors by Catalin Fus

Starting with this month and continuing throughout all of 2018, we will have all sorts of special deals like:- apochr...

24 Feb 2019

Views: 1250


For Sale Astro Physics 6" f/8 on Losmandy G11

in Refractors by brewtes

RARE refractor made by Roland Christen using the extra low dispersion glass made for NASA. Images are nearly a perfec...

08 Apr 2019

Views: 389


For Sale TMB 130 f/6 Super ED CNC - MINTY!

in Refractors by stevenwav

Fantastic opportunity to true Tom Back fans, thus is a like new TMB Optical 130/780 f/6.0 Super ED air-spaced triplet...

18 May 2018

Views: 347


For Sale Complete collectible Zeiss Asegur 80/840 A 1924

in Refractors by chonum

Hello, I sell this vintage Zeiss "reisemodel" Asegur 60mm aperture 84cm focal length serie A.This serie was introduce...

26 May 2017

Views: 1158


For Sale Stellarvue 130 EDT W/Mount

in Refractors by SteelValley

I'm quite devastated, but I tried all other options (including dragging my feet for 7 months) and the time has come t...

12 Nov 2018

Updated: 23 Feb 2019

Views: 1775


For Sale 8" Zerochromat Refractor (price dropped!)

in Refractors by AlphaGJohn

It's big, it's beautiful, and (sigh) I need to sell it.This 8-inch/200mm f/12 manufacturer-upgraded Zerochromat refra...

10 Nov 2018

Views: 477


For Sale Televue NP127 non-IS OTA with FT dual rate focuser

in Refractors by vkhastro1

Televue NP127 non-IS OTA - satin black focuser model Includes upgraded Starlight Feathertouch TVRF focuser with brake...

10 Mar 2019

Updated: 12 Mar 2019

Views: 864


For Sale Lowered Price-Complete Astro Setup

in Refractors by 577nitro

I am selling a new never out of the house, high end telescope, mount, lenses, cameras, computers etc. My observatory...

15 Mar 2017

Views: 1024


For Sale FC100DF

in Refractors by butch1944

Includes X.66 reducer, Tak flatner, Tak 50mm guide scope, Tak deluxe clamshell, 50 mm Tak Diagonal and all needed tub...

25 Oct 2017

Views: 1181


For Sale Unitron telescope and mount

in Refractors by Clifford1

Unitron with turret attachment, original case and tripod. Optically very good, could use a refinish to make beautifu...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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