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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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25 Oct 2014

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For Sale Unitron Model 152 Brass Plated with EQ Mount and extras.

By: Astronomics Location: Norman, OK

Classic Unitron 152 100mm f/15 achromatic doublet refractor, mount, and accessories for sale. The mount is complete...

07 Sep 2020

Updated: 27 Mar 2021

Views: 4055


For Sale 1891 10" Alvan Clark F15 Telescope

By: GerryK Location: WI

Telescope is in excellent condition. Has been refurbished. Excellent optics. Will possibly deliver depending on locat...

22 Jun 2017

Views: 3634


For Sale AP 155mm Portable Observatory

By: BIGEYE93416 Location: Chicago, Illinois

This is a combined telescope system that can be classified as a complete portable observatory. It contains a pristine...

10 Jan 2020

Views: 3565


For Sale University Class Telescope

By: Dave Radosevich Location: Santa Cruz Ca.

You have all seen this Telescope before. Some have made comments about it. Some have dreamed about it. I am here to e...

05 Jan 2020

Updated: 14 Sep 2020

Views: 2997


For Sale 180mm (7") Doublet

By: dramodt Location: Southern Utah

I have a custom built 7" refractor with an R35 Istar Objective, 8" tube with rings and 2" Moonlite focuser. The lens...

20 Apr 2019

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For Sale TMB 228 mm f/9 apo refractor

By: jgardner Location: Virginia

I bought this instrument new from Thomas Back in Ohio (assembled, tested, and shipped directly from him, though order...

01 May 2017

Updated: 18 May 2017

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For Sale 6" ED APO refractor OTA.

By: rtalaga Location: NM

Lunt Engineering ED-APO 6" f/8 refractor designed by APM-Telescopes. Hate to sell but I recently incurred some unexpe...

27 Jul 2019

Updated: 08 Nov 2019

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For Sale AstroGarage Sale: AT92, EdgeHD moonlite and more!

By: RogeZ Location: Palm Beach Gardens

Hi Folks: I have a move coming soon and I'm reshuffling a lot of my equipment. Prices are shipped/Paypaled except fo...

21 Apr 2018

Updated: 22 Apr 2018

Views: 2684


For Sale 10 inch F/10 Thompson Optical Refractor tube assembly

By: AstroDxtr54 Location: Central Wisconsin

You'll feel like Percival Lowell when you're at the helm of this 10" 100" focal length beauty. Made by the Thompson O...

30 Apr 2019

Updated: 01 May 2019

Views: 2661


For Sale Brand new APO Refractors for sale

By: ccdguy Location: Coventry, CT

Hi all,I have two, new in box, never used Apo refractors for sale. I have recently became a proud owner of an HDX110...

05 Apr 2017

Updated: 06 Apr 2017

Views: 2607


For Sale Meade 178 F/9 ED/APO, 7" Refracting Telescope

Meade 178 F/9 ED/APO 7" Refracting TelescopeThis sale includes the telescope, dew shield, Thousand Oaks “white light”...

23 Sep 2017

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For Sale Explore Scientific AR127mm + 2" Baader Fringe Killer filter

By: tschleif22 Location: Kelseyville CA

About a year old in excellent condition. Has a few minute scratches near the mounting saddle. Comes with original fin...

01 Apr 2020

Updated: 01 Apr 2020

Views: 2552


For Sale Aperture Fever: for sale 9" refractor

By: VZsohar Location: Whitehorse, YT, Canada

For sale a 9” (228 mm) f 7.7 achromatic refractor. Excellent lens by Istar Optical. This telescope should surprise yo...

05 Mar 2017

Views: 2520


For Sale Meade 6" refractor

By: joseph daukantas Location: Fl.

Have an Ex. Cond. Meade 6" F8 refractor, comes with 3" dual speed R&P focuser, 2', 1.25" adapters, 8x50 finder, O...

03 Jul 2020

Views: 2459


For Sale 12 inch refractor

By: howardbrown Location: N. Utah

I'm going to try one last time to sell this 12 inch refractor. It was originally a D&G doublet.=f/17 200 inch fl....

02 Apr 2017

Updated: 26 Dec 2020

Views: 2399


For Sale Classic scopes Unitron, Edmund, etc.

By: gelkin Location: Maryland

Considering the sale of several of my 20 years of classic scope collecting / restoring. My work will be taking my wif...

25 May 2018

Updated: 12 Mar 2019

Views: 2399


For Sale Astro-physics 155 EDF f/7

By: alvarete Location: Spain

Hi all, For sale is my beloved AP 155 EDF apochromat refractor telescope. 2.7" focuser. It is in excelent+ shape. Per...

23 Jun 2017

Updated: 11 Jul 2017

Views: 2398


For Sale Takahashi FS-128 - SOLD

By: RLH Location: Wichita Falls, Texas

This refractor is in exceptional condition with original box along with some very nice extras (listed below). I am as...

12 Nov 2018

Updated: 23 Feb 2019

Views: 2349


For Sale 8" Zerochromat Refractor (price dropped!)

By: AlphaGJohn Location: PA USA

It's big, it's beautiful, and (sigh) I need to sell it.This 8-inch/200mm f/12 manufacturer-upgraded Zerochromat refra...

09 Jun 2020

Updated: 10 Jun 2020

Views: 2164


For Sale SV80A .993 Strehl

By: RogeZ Location: Palm Beach Gardens

Hi Folks:For sale a SV80A with Zygo report at .993 Strehl. I used the scope for AP and it worked great with a noticea...

21 Apr 2020

Views: 2095


For Sale 254mm F9 APM Refractor

By: john1006 Location: Las Vegas, NV

Purchased sound the year 2000 for an observatory that was never built, this 10" F9 apochromat has been sitting in tem...

19 Apr 2020

Updated: 31 Aug 2020

Views: 2084


For Sale Takahashi FCT150 with NJP Mount **Reduced Price**

By: john1006 Location: Las Vegas, NV

This is a great scope at an even lower price. Now $8,500. Serial # 00006, purchased in the late 1990s. Excellent cond...

15 Sep 2017

Updated: 11 Jan 2018

Views: 2079


For Sale Explore Scientific 127mm APO CF refractor

By: bettlejuice Location: Creswell, North Carolina

REDUCED PRICE.... Carbon fiber OTA, hard case, 2 in.diagonal, 2.5 in. Moonlite focuser. Gently used. NO longer intere...

09 Mar 2017

Updated: 11 Apr 2017

Views: 2053



By: Larry Carlino Location: Lockport, NY

FOR SALE: FINAL PRICE REDUCTION: Vixen FL-102S f/8.8 true fluorite doublet optical tube assembly with accessories. Th...

07 Dec 2018

Updated: 13 Dec 2018

Views: 2050


For Sale Astro Physics AP-175 w AP1100 GTOCP4 mount and pier

By: ceresma Location: NJ

I'm selling my AP-175 OTA with the AP1100GTOCP4 mount. The entire setup is in like new condition. There is a small di...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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