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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 02:12 PM

Updated: Today, 05:07 PM

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For Sale Orion XX14G Goto Plus accessories

in Reflectors by Libertysson

We just closed on a home in North Coventry and...

Today, 12:57 PM

Views: 83


For Sale Orion Star Blast 6 Newtonian OTA

in Reflectors by fcathell

Excellent Star Blast 6", F/5 Newtonian reflecto...

Today, 01:08 AM

Updated: Today, 01:56 PM

Views: 134


For Sale Celestron\Vixen C4.5 (Japan) Newtonian OTA

in Reflectors by mateodiego

I have a Celestron\Vixen C4.5 (114mm X 900mm f/...

Yesterday, 09:49 PM

Views: 198

Offer Pending

For Sale Tom O EQ platform. $350 shipped

in Reflectors by george golitzin

Thought I would try running this in the reflect...

Yesterday, 12:39 PM

Views: 205


For Sale OMNI XLT 150mm f/5 Reflector

in Reflectors by MarkMittlesteadt

I bought this scope for more aperture for both...

15 Oct 2017

Views: 198


For Sale AT8IN - AstroTech 8" Newtonian Reflector

in Reflectors by TROPiCALRUBi

Trying to upgrade to a refractor, so I want to...

15 Oct 2017

Views: 107


For Sale Antares 2" dual speed, lo-profile focuser for reflectors

in Reflectors by MarkMittlesteadt

I have for sale an almost brand new Antares 2"...

15 Oct 2017

Views: 249


For Sale Orion SkyQuest XX16g GoTo Truss Tube Telescope

in Reflectors by jimo94sun!

Orion SkyQuest XX16g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian...

15 Oct 2017

Views: 224


For Sale Meade 2045 102mm (4") f/10 SCT for sale

in Reflectors by Jvtucke

Time to part with my Meade 102mm SCT model 2045...

15 Oct 2017

Views: 79


For Sale Orion-SkyQuest-XX16g-GoTo-Truss-Tube-Dobsonian-Telescope

in Reflectors by codemanwa


15 Oct 2017

Updated: Today, 04:01 PM

Views: 105


For Sale Edmund 2001 Astroscan

in Reflectors by JIMZ7

Vintage/classic Japan telescope from the early...

15 Oct 2017

Views: 146



in Reflectors by sntent

This scope is a very fast, customized, ORION 12...

14 Oct 2017

Views: 342


For Sale ORION 10" f3.9 1000mm ASTROGRAPH OTA

in Reflectors by deepwoods1

As I live in a walkup, this is seeing less use...

14 Oct 2017

Views: 104


For Sale Antique Gregorian Replica

in Reflectors by Dave Trott

This is a wonderful replica of a Gregorian tele...

14 Oct 2017

Updated: 14 Oct 2017

Views: 190


For Sale AT8RC w/Moonlite focuser

in Reflectors by gardenfish

I ave an AT8RC scope equipped with a 2" Moonlit...

14 Oct 2017

Views: 202


For Sale Meade Polaris 130EQ plus Extras

in Reflectors by Jimbards

Selling my Meade Polaris 130EQ, along with my f...

13 Oct 2017

Updated: 13 Oct 2017

Views: 278


For Sale Cave 12.5" F6 primary mirror 1977

in Reflectors by prjctapollo

Made July 20 1977 76 1/2" FL M772862 Mirror in...

12 Oct 2017

Views: 195


For Sale Orion 10" 254mm Dobsonian Mirror & Secondary f/4.7

in Reflectors by scopehed

Orion 10" f/4.7 Reflecting Parabolic Mirror Set...

12 Oct 2017

Updated: 12 Oct 2017

Views: 124


For Sale Celestron 130 SLT

in Reflectors by Portdriver

Celestron 130 SLT in good shape. Comes with all...

12 Oct 2017

Views: 304


For Sale TS Optics 8" F4 Carbon Fiber Newtonian with Moonlite Focuser

in Reflectors by ChrisWhite

Excellent condition telescope with moonlite CR...

12 Oct 2017

Views: 175


For Sale Orion StarBlast 6i IntelliScope *** Available Again

in Reflectors by jim4nd

Great grab-n-go scope. A lot of fun to use. Fin...

11 Oct 2017

Views: 32


Wanted Looking for Paracorr Type 2 in great/mint condition

in Reflectors by RogeZ

Please contact me if you have P2 in great/mint...

11 Oct 2017

Views: 185


For Sale Custom Rocker Boxes for any Telescopes . . .

in Reflectors by Dennis Steele

Get a furniture grade all Baltic birch rocker b...

11 Oct 2017

Views: 343


For Sale Let Us "Remake" Your Telescope -- Ultra-Lite

in Reflectors by Dennis Steele

I take your existing telescope and rebuild it i...

09 Oct 2017

Updated: 11 Oct 2017

Views: 295


For Sale Celestron 130SLT 5" reflector!! 💰Reduced!!💰

in Reflectors by woody wood

This telescope has been around the block with i...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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