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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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15 Nov 2018

Updated: 16 Nov 2018

Views: 58


Wanted Wanted: 8" dobson - San Antonio, TX

in Reflectors by texcoco

Have a entry level, low-cost 8" dobson collecti...

10 Nov 2018

Views: 59


Wanted Meade 8" Research Grade OTA - *WANTED*

in Reflectors by The Planetman

I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking for...

07 Nov 2018

Views: 47


Wanted 10" f3.5 mirror

in Reflectors by stubeeef

Need a 10" f3.5 mirror, love about 1" thick if...

28 Oct 2018

Updated: 30 Oct 2018

Views: 47


Wanted WANTED - Orion Starblast 6i Intelliscope

in Reflectors by Froboz

Hello; After soliciting advice here and on Clo...

17 Oct 2018

Views: 241


Wanted Looking for a dobsonian.

in Reflectors by ChemguyLenny

I am looking to get a good conditioned 8-10 inc...

13 Oct 2018

Views: 84


Wanted Wanted: 6”f8 Dob

in Reflectors by gwlee

I am looking for a 6” f8 Dob in excellent condi...

12 Oct 2018

Views: 76


Wanted Looking for an TS 8" f/4.5 ONTC Carbon Tube Newtonian

in Reflectors by jmiller1001

If you have one to sell in the US, let me know....

09 Oct 2018

Views: 100


Wanted wanted to buy: 14 or 16 in dob

in Reflectors by philipdehazya

looking for a dob , no electronics necessary bu...

22 Sep 2018

Updated: 23 Sep 2018

Views: 265


Wanted 12-16 inch Dobsonian

in Reflectors by Hartscope

wanted 12-16 inch dob, hoping to get a go-to,li...

19 Sep 2018

Views: 78


Wanted Royce optics

in Reflectors by Peacock W.L.

I am looking 16" F 4.5 conical mirror for dobso...

10 Sep 2018

Views: 98


Wanted WTB- Astroscan telescope

in Reflectors by tag1260

Looking for an Astroscan scope in good optical...

06 Sep 2018

Views: 83


Wanted 2” TUBLUG. Howie Glatter

in Reflectors by fco_star

Hi I’m looking for a Tublug 2” Howie Glatter p...

15 Aug 2018

Updated: 16 Aug 2018

Views: 325


Wanted 16 inch Dobsonian or 16 to 18 inch mirror

in Reflectors by okietwisterdan

I am interested in purchasing a 16 inch Dobsoni...

15 Aug 2018

Updated: 16 Aug 2018

Views: 206


Wanted TAL ALCOR 65 (vintage) I offer 300$

in Reflectors by astroedu

Looking for a 80's Russian classic telescope TA...

05 Aug 2018

Updated: 05 Aug 2018

Views: 139


Wanted Wanted, 10 or 12in. F/6 Scope !

in Reflectors by Rollo

Looking for a nice 10 or 12in. F/6 scope,, can...

01 Aug 2018

Views: 81


Wanted Takahashi FC100 DF/DL or TSA102

in Reflectors by pancho61

All is in the title, i seach an tak FC100 DL/DF...

28 Jul 2018

Views: 146


Wanted WANTED: Comet Catcher Celestron

in Reflectors by TopQ

Hello All I am looking for a Celestron Comet ca...

21 Jul 2018

Views: 108


Wanted wanted discovery 10 inch f6

in Reflectors by glenn compton

want a discovery 10inch f6 dob telescpe will pa...

24 Jun 2018

Updated: 24 Jun 2018

Views: 132


Wanted 3" Red Edmund Scientific Newtonian -Wanted

in Reflectors by Matt Looby

I bought one for my son in 1996- he is back fro...

01 Jun 2018

Views: 301


Wanted WTB: Unloved 18(–15)" F5 (or slower) Truss Dob

in Reflectors by Jimmy462

Hi All, Looking for an 18" F5 or slower Truss...

30 May 2018

Views: 140


Wanted Orion SkyQuest xx14i or Sky-Watcher 14" Collapsible Dobsonian

in Reflectors by fl3tch

I'm wanting to get back into sky watching and p...

24 May 2018

Views: 247


Wanted WANT Nishimura Newtonian

in Reflectors by sanderslewallen

Looking for rare and wonderful Nishimura 6" New...

18 May 2018

Views: 165


Wanted WTB 6" Reverse Binoculars

in Reflectors by Smalleyster

Hi y"all, Newbee in Miami looking to buy a pai...

11 May 2018

Updated: 11 May 2018

Views: 247


Wanted Obsession 12.5 f/5 Clasic.

in Reflectors by refet

Hi. I'm a truck driver and I can arrange a pick...

07 May 2018

Views: 115


Wanted Zhumell z130 wanted, or just a table top dob base/mount

in Reflectors by MonstroSean

I am looking for a zhumell z130 tabletop dob. M...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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