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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Yesterday, 05:02 PM

Views: 90


Wanted Looking for a 1960's-70's Star-Liner Telescope

in Reflectors by rcobservatory

I am looking for a nice 1960's-70's Star-Liner...

15 Feb 2019

Updated: 15 Feb 2019

Views: 48


Wanted Wanted Skywatcher 16in Light Shroud

in Reflectors by kimbul56

I am wanting to buy a good used Astrozap Light...

15 Feb 2019

Views: 61


Wanted Coulter CT-100 CT100 Travelscope Travel Scope Telescope

in Reflectors by Rob-Cville

Hi- Im looking for a Coulter CT-100 Travelscop...

14 Feb 2019

Views: 37


Wanted Looking for ASA 10N Scope

in Reflectors by jongmin

HI I'm looking for ASA 10N scope. If someone ha...

02 Feb 2019

Views: 69


Wanted LOMO Astele 60 or 70 (classic Maks)

in Reflectors by astroedu

Hi, Looking for a LOMO ASTELE 60mm or 70mm russ...

31 Jan 2019

Views: 130


Wanted WTB: Planetary Newtonian

in Reflectors by agmoonsolns

Wanted: Newtonian telescope optimized for plane...

29 Jan 2019

Views: 115


Wanted Tasco 12te / Monolux OTA

in Reflectors by Uncle Milt

Hello -- I am looking for just the OTA from an...

26 Jan 2019

Views: 189


Wanted 12" dobsonian!

in Reflectors by Jemastronomy

I'm looking for a 12" comercial dobsonian! Im i...

23 Jan 2019

Views: 39


Wanted Handlebar for JMI Reverse Binoculars needed

in Reflectors by EdM2

Would like to buy the handlebar shown in the pi...

17 Jan 2019

Views: 138


Wanted 130mm f/5 Reflector OTA

in Reflectors by FeedTheNeed

Looking to buy a 130mm f/5 OTA with rings and d...

13 Jan 2019

Views: 171


Wanted 12" dobsonian

in Reflectors by Jemastronomy

I'm in the market for a 12 inch dob! I love in...

08 Jan 2019

Views: 75


Wanted Celestron Comet Catcher - Orange Tube

in Reflectors by tomb1

Looking for a Celestron orange tube Comet Catch...

06 Jan 2019

Updated: 16 Feb 2019

Views: 65


Wanted WANTED. Meade LX200GPS 10" f6.3 WANTED

in Reflectors by Astrochip

Looking for Meade LX200GPS 10" F6.3

27 Dec 2018

Views: 69


Wanted Meade LightBridge 8" / travel dob

in Reflectors by cimar

I am looking for an 8" Meade LightBridge dobson...

23 Dec 2018

Views: 230


Wanted Obsession UC 18 in excellent condition

in Reflectors by jhb

Looking for a UC 18 well taken care of. Would p...

23 Dec 2018

Views: 85


Wanted Lightweight 11" or 12" truss tube newtonian

in Reflectors by Stargazer3236

I am putting feelers out for either an 11" trus...

14 Dec 2018

Updated: 20 Dec 2018

Views: 105


Wanted 114mm-130mm short tube reflectors

in Reflectors by mtb54703

Do you have a 114mm-130mm short tube reflector...

01 Dec 2018

Views: 59


Wanted Looking for a celestron EDGE HD 800

in Reflectors by Carlitos

hi there! I'm looking for a Celestron EDGE 800...

28 Nov 2018

Views: 274


Wanted Sell me your 12 inch dob

in Reflectors by gutz

Sell me your 12 inch dob! Let me know what you...

25 Nov 2018

Views: 189


Wanted 12" or 10" Dobsonian Telescope

in Reflectors by Jemastronomy

I am currently in the market for a 10" or 12" d...

28 Oct 2018

Updated: 30 Oct 2018

Views: 77


Wanted WANTED - Orion Starblast 6i Intelliscope

in Reflectors by Froboz

Hello; After soliciting advice here and on Clo...

17 Oct 2018

Views: 301


Wanted Looking for a dobsonian.

in Reflectors by ChemguyLenny

I am looking to get a good conditioned 8-10 inc...

13 Oct 2018

Views: 132


Wanted Wanted: 6”f8 Dob

in Reflectors by gwlee

I am looking for a 6” f8 Dob in excellent condi...

12 Oct 2018

Views: 106


Wanted Looking for an TS 8" f/4.5 ONTC Carbon Tube Newtonian

in Reflectors by jmiller1001

If you have one to sell in the US, let me know....

09 Oct 2018

Views: 121


Wanted wanted to buy: 14 or 16 in dob

in Reflectors by philipdehazya

looking for a dob , no electronics necessary bu...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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