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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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20 Feb 2018

Views: 68


Wanted 8in F/5 Newtonian OTA

in Reflectors by Heavensboy

Hi All; I am looking for an 8in F/5 Newtonian...

20 Feb 2018

Updated: Yesterday, 06:17 PM

Views: 50


Wanted Astroscan Parts

in Reflectors by justfred

Looking for Astroscan dew shield, tote bag, and...

20 Feb 2018

Views: 48


Wanted Wanted - Obsession 15" UC

in Reflectors by Racoon Run

Looking for an ultracompact Obsession 15" UC. T...

19 Feb 2018

Views: 33


Wanted Tectron Collimation Tools Wanted

in Reflectors by zawijava

Looking for Tectron Crosshair Site Tube and Aut...

17 Feb 2018

Views: 26


Wanted WTD GSO Truss Newt 10

in Reflectors by ZL4PLM

wtd gso truss newt latest model please moonl...

16 Feb 2018

Views: 72


Wanted Wanted - Starmaster 14.5

in Reflectors by scooke

Looking for your Starmaster 14.5. Please reply...

12 Feb 2018

Views: 93


Wanted WANTED - 10 or 12.5 inch f/6 Tube Dob

in Reflectors by Tim J K

Most likely a Discovery PDHQ Split Tube or simi...

07 Feb 2018

Views: 65


Wanted Looking for LXD55 / LXD75 SN8 Cover

in Reflectors by GNDC

Hi- I'm looking for a cover for the corrector p...

04 Feb 2018

Views: 153


Wanted 12 to 18in dob wanted

in Reflectors by starbob1

Looking for a Dob in the 12in to 18in range. I...

31 Jan 2018

Views: 108


Wanted Orion SkyQuest 14-inch Go-To Dob

in Reflectors by montananik82

Looking for a friend... Anyone willing to part...

27 Jan 2018

Views: 59


Wanted Wanted: Howie Glatter Grid, Crosshair, Barlow attachments

in Reflectors by bartine

Looking to try out a few extra attachments for...

25 Jan 2018

Views: 94


Wanted lxd75 SN 10 "

in Reflectors by malcolmmalcolm

Looking to purchase the Meade LXD 75 SN 10 inch...

16 Jan 2018

Updated: 17 Jan 2018

Views: 60


Wanted 2” Telecat or Teletube and 2” tublug

in Reflectors by Henry from NZ

Want to buy the above. I need the XLS version o...

16 Jan 2018

Views: 59


Wanted WTB: Vixen R114M or R135S OTA

in Reflectors by scopeboy42

I am looking for one of the following OTA's wit...

31 Dec 2017

Views: 87


Wanted 12 inch goto dob solid tube, truss, or collapsable

in Reflectors by Itz marcus

Hi, Looking for a 12-14 inch goto dob. Cosmetic...

22 Dec 2017

Updated: 22 Dec 2017

Views: 105


Wanted WANTED Hubble Optics UL 16 or ES 16 inch Dob

in Reflectors by Jayners

Looking for a Hubble optics/Explorer Scientific...

20 Dec 2017

Views: 88


Wanted Takahashi Epsilon

in Reflectors by MarcoItaly

Looking for a Takahashi Epsilon 210 or 250, pre...

11 Dec 2017

Views: 95


Wanted Focuser for a 14''' Reflector

in Reflectors by clusterbuster

I am looking for a replacement focuser for my...

08 Dec 2017

Views: 89


Wanted 8” Ritchey-Chrétien

in Reflectors by astroshai

Looking for a Ritchey-Chrétien, to upgrade my c...

05 Dec 2017

Views: 67


Wanted Howie Glatter 1.25” Tublug

in Reflectors by Henry from NZ

If you have a good working one for sale please...

23 Nov 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2017

Views: 80


Wanted Looking for EVAA Setup..Nexstar..Starblast

in Reflectors by AndromedaAI

Looking for an EVAA setup to be used with a Rev...

22 Nov 2017

Views: 137


Wanted 10' Astrograph

in Reflectors by astroshai

Looking for a 10" Astrograph. Please PM, I anyo...

11 Nov 2017

Views: 87


Wanted Starmaster skytracker hand controller

in Reflectors by JMSchwartz

Need new go to hand controller for my starmaste...

06 Nov 2017

Views: 117


Wanted Nexstar Telescope

in Reflectors by Aquarius Of The Night

Looking for a 5se, 6se or 8se OTA or with mount...

29 Oct 2017

Views: 82


Wanted Starblast Imaging Reflector

in Reflectors by danatureboy

Hi, I am looking for the Starblast imaging ref...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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