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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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01 Jun 2018

Views: 647


Wanted WTB: Unloved 18(–15)" F5 (or slower) Truss Dob

By: Jimmy462 Location: NY CT NJ MA PA Northeast U.S.

Hi All, Looking for an 18" F5 or slower Truss Dobsonian to ride on my Tom O. EQ platform! Will also consider smalle...

24 Dec 2020

Views: 197


Wanted WTB: 12" or 10" Dob Telescope

By: redrab Location: Gatineau

Hello, I am looking to purchase a 12" Dob. I would also consider a 10". I am interested in either solid tube or trus...

29 Apr 2020

Updated: 01 May 2020

Views: 369


Wanted 18" truss dob!

By: Astroman305 Location: Oregon City

Hey guys!!I have an ad up on Amart, but figured I'd toss one here too in hopes of catching a few more eyes!Love to ow...

17 Feb 2021

Views: 81


Wanted Wanted - TS-Optics 10" UNC Newtonian

By: Noro Location: Ohio

Looking for a TS-Optics 10" UNC Newt in good condition. Not sure how long it will take for the order to fulfill for a...

24 Oct 2019

Views: 296


Wanted Off-Axis (Unobstructed)Reflector

By: Steve Allison Location: Washington

Hello all- Just for fun, I would like to purchase a small, unobstructed telescope such as a 3 or a 4 1/4 inch Schief...

05 Apr 2020

Views: 165


Wanted Looking for Takahashi EPSILON 300 (also old model)

By: sator Location: World

Looking for Takahashi EPSILON 300 (also old model). Honest price. The aesthetic condition of the tube does not matter...

25 May 2020

Views: 183


Wanted Discovery split-tube 12.5 f/5

By: bigbangbaby Location: NE Ohio

Looking for one of these scopes with or without mirrors. Thank you.

14 Aug 2020

Views: 130


Wanted EDGEHD 14 wanted

By: GIFTED1570 Location: Las Vegas

EDGEHD 14 wanted, please contact me, preferably in Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona for me to pick it up, must be in...

24 May 2017

Views: 446


Wanted Looking for 14 to 20 collapsible dob.

By: mikona Location: Southern California

Hello, I recently moved to Southern California. I am looking for a 14 to 20 inch dob with a collapsible base...OR a...

24 Apr 2020

Views: 254


Wanted Want to buy: Obsession 22” Ultra Compact F4.2

By: beachamd Location: Eugene Oregon

Eugene, Oregon area, hopefully a newer model. Willing to drive within 12 hours or work out shipping Thanks! Dan B

25 Jan 2018

Views: 442


Wanted lxd75 SN 10 "

By: malcolmmalcolm Location: Windsor Ct

Looking to purchase the Meade LXD 75 SN 10 inch telescope. OTA only I live in area code 06095

31 Dec 2019

Updated: 31 Dec 2019

Views: 290


Wanted Looking for a C14 OTA

By: YOANN DEGOT LONGHI Location: Brignoles, France

Hi from France!I'm an looking for a C14 optical tube assembly, even in bad condition at a soft price If anyone has on...

26 Aug 2017

Views: 504


Wanted Orion 8 Dobsonian or similar

By: nandita.archer Location: San Antonio

I am looking for an Orion Skyquest or similar 8 Inch Dobs. Would prefer local pick up (Texas). Can drive half way to...

03 Jan 2021

Views: 77


Wanted Howie Glatter 2” Tublug

By: bjgiii Location: Florida

I’m looking for a 2” Tublug. Please let me know if you’re looking to sell. Thanks.

24 May 2019

Views: 248


Wanted Wanted: Sumerian Optics Alkaid 8"

By: JeffMartin Location: shipped from anywhere US

I'm looking for a Sumerian Optics Alkaid 8". thanks, -jeff

29 Oct 2017

Views: 514


Wanted 10" - 12" Dobsonians

By: AndromedaAI Location: New York - 11694

Looking for an upgrade for my 8." More interested in Zhumell or Apertura, but Orion can work too! Please let me know...

04 Mar 2020

Updated: 09 Mar 2020

Views: 230


Wanted Wanted 10" Preferrably Apertura/Zhumel Dob

By: Traffalger1698 Location: 55320

Greetings, My perfect scope would be a 10" Apertura/Zhumel Dobsonain because I really would like a dual-speed focuse...

22 Nov 2017

Views: 412


Wanted 10' Astrograph

By: astroshai Location: San Diego

Looking for a 10" Astrograph. Please PM, I anyone has one for sale. Thank you.

22 Dec 2017

Updated: 22 Dec 2017

Views: 428


Wanted WANTED Hubble Optics UL 16 or ES 16 inch Dob

By: Jayners Location: San Antonio Tx

Looking for a Hubble optics/Explorer Scientific scope. Mirror needs to be fine (dust is okay, just no crazy chips) I'...

10 Mar 2019

Views: 399


Wanted Early Tasco 60 mm OTA

By: Uncle Milt Location: Live Oak, FL

I am still looking for just the OTA from an early Tasco 12TE or similar Monolux telescope. Actually, just the main tu...

19 Feb 2021

Views: 94


Wanted Obsession UC18 or UC22 (Large UC/UL Dob)

By: jconroy Location: Maine

Hi All, I am looking for an Obsession 18/22 UC or would consider a HB 20/24. I don't need any digital setting circle...

23 Sep 2020

Views: 183


Wanted Obsession 15 UC

By: Jrnolt Location: New Holland PA

Wanted, Obsession 15 UC in good condition with Argo and Servo Cat. Fully loaded would be preferred.

09 Jan 2021

Views: 115


Wanted Orion XT 8" Intelliscope in Spokane

By: Joe G Location: Spokane, WA

Looking to buy for local pickup. Thanks.

06 Nov 2017

Views: 396


Wanted Nexstar Telescope

By: Aquarius Of The Night Location: Albemarle, North Carolina

Looking for a 5se, 6se or 8se OTA or with mount and tripod.

22 Aug 2020

Views: 167


Wanted Wanted: 10 to 12 inch dob

By: gdjsky01 Location: Southwester USA

I am looking for a Dob I can carry outside in two pieces (maybe 3). The OTA and the rockerbox. Or a truss tube 10 or...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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