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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Yesterday, 04:53 PM

Views: 32


Wanted TS-Optics 6" ONTC Newtonian Reflector

By: akash.kumar Location: California

Looking for a TS-Optics 6" ONTC Newtonian Reflector

Yesterday, 01:02 PM

Views: 54


Wanted SunSpotter Solar Telescope

By: ariesangel Location: TX

Wanted Sunspotter Let me know what you have and price. Thanks

09 May 2021

Views: 76


Wanted Dobsonian Telescope 8 or 10 inches

By: CDH Location: North Carolina

I live in North Carolina and will drive any reasonable distance to pick up. Thank You

06 May 2021

Updated: 07 May 2021

Views: 43


Wanted Zhumell/Apertura Eyepiece Holder

By: JJDreese Location: Texas

I bought a used Zhumell Dob and need the eyepiece holder rack, ideally more holes for 1.25" than 2" eyepieces.

06 May 2021

Views: 65


Wanted 24" to 28" Dob wanted

By: wonderbass Location: 93561 Ca.

Hi, I'm looking for a 24" to 28" Dobsonian. Preferably F/4.5 to F/3.3 Obsession, Star Structure, Webster, etc.. Willi...

06 May 2021

Views: 30


Wanted Astro 6" F/4 or TPO 6" f/4

By: rrobinson2000 Location: USA

Would also consider buying a matching coma corrector.

30 Apr 2021

Views: 105


Wanted 14-16" Dobsonian

By: __Aurelius24__ Location: 60047

Hi all, Looking to purchase a larger aperture dobsonian, 14-16" preferably. Thanks!

30 Apr 2021

Views: 118


Wanted Looking for a 10" or 12" Dobsonian

By: seasonstar Location: Dallas, TX

Looking for a 10" or 12" Dobsonian. Let me know if you have one to sell. Pick up in Dallas TX or nearby area. Thanks

27 Apr 2021

Views: 58


Wanted WTB Padded Case for 12" Dobsonian

By: lsm4691 Location: Texas

Need a case for my AD-12

27 Apr 2021

Views: 73


Wanted Orion XT6i

By: Jeff Struve Location: Davenport, Iowa

I'm looking for a 6" Orion Intelliscope... needs to work perfectly and look nice... A few hours drive from Davenport,...

24 Apr 2021

Views: 73


Wanted Zhumell, Apertura or Astro-Tech 8 inch Dobsonian Reflector

By: Gregtw80 Location: Kentucky

Looking for a Zhumell, Apertura or Astro-Tech 8 inch Dobsonian Reflector. Within 200 miles of Lexington, Ky. Thanks

31 Mar 2021

Updated: 19 Apr 2021

Views: 62


Wanted (Wanted) Meade LX85 8" f/5 Newt

By: darko7411 Location: Colorado

Looking for a Meade LX85 8" f/5 Newt in good condition. Shoot me a message if you've got one you'd like to sell.. Tha...

18 Apr 2021

Views: 56


Wanted Meade 826 Secondary mirror assembly

By: AtlantaAstro Location: Atlanta

So I recently got a Meade 826 reflector and while trying to collimate it, the collimating ring and bolt for the secon...

06 Feb 2021

Views: 33


Wanted 8in dob around central NC

By: Li Sun Location: Raleigh NC

Looking for an 8in dob around Raleigh NC. I plan to spend around $300 to 400 in total.

17 Apr 2021

Views: 32


Wanted 1.25" Astrosystems Lightpipe

By: thecelloronin Location: Charleston, SC

Looking to pick up a quality collimation tool for my small newtonian. Would also consider a Catseye/Farpoint cheshire...

15 Apr 2021

Views: 62


Wanted wtb: 152mm David Levy Comet Hunter Mak-Newtonian

By: cRule5 Location: Southern California

I'm looking for a 152mm David H. Levy Comet Hunter Mak-Newtonian. If you have one you'd like to sell, please message...

13 Apr 2021

Views: 48


Wanted WTB Quattro 8" + Corrector

By: FiveByEagle Location: Fort Wayne IN

Looking for 8" imaging newt with coma corrector Skywatcher Quattro preferred, but open to everything similar quality...

05 Apr 2021

Views: 48


Wanted Orion Focus Tube Extender (#5122?)

By: JJDreese Location: TX

I'm looking for the Orion 2" focus tube extender, fits on their Crayford focusers. Basically, if your focus tube is...

02 Apr 2021

Views: 131


Wanted Any 8”-12” Dobsonian in Western New York

By: GCM Location: Western New York

Looking to buy a dobsonian. None are in stock and I’ve resorted to buying used now. Lmk how much you want and general...

01 Apr 2021

Views: 46


Wanted Orion Star Blast 6i Reflector

By: Howard73 Location: tampa florida

Looking for an Orion SB 6i Reflector. Must be with in 100 miles of Tampa Florida for pick up.

01 Apr 2021

Views: 104


Wanted Looking for a good optics 8-inch F4 Newtonian OTA

By: karendauzat Location: Louisiana

Looking for a good optics 8-inch F4 Newtonian OTA for imaging ...... e-mail pictures and price plus shipping to 71351...

30 Mar 2021

Views: 92


Wanted Edmond Scientific Super Space Conqueror

By: HagglePig420 Location: Lanoka Harbor NJ

Hey everyone I just got a mostly complete and functioning super space conqueror 6in f/8 reflector, I'm looking to r...

25 Mar 2021

Updated: 29 Mar 2021

Views: 133


Wanted Zhumell Z12 / Apertura AD12 (SF Bay Area)

By: JKowtko Location: SF Bay Area, CA

I am looking for a next step up from my Z8 ... will drive to anyone within a half day's drive of the SF Bay Area (940...

28 Mar 2021

Views: 42


Wanted WTB: Orion XT10G or XT8G in Atlanta

By: AtlantaAstro Location: Atlanta/Woodstock

Hello all! Looking for a used Orion XT10g or XT8g for sale for local pickup in the Atlanta metro area. Contact me if...

27 Mar 2021

Views: 47


Wanted Looking for newton secondary mirror and reducer and flattenerfor Takahashi CN212

By: sator Location: USA or Europe

I'm looking for the newton secondary mirror kit for Takahashi CN212. I'm looking also for the reducer and flattener f...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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