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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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01 Jun 2018

Views: 509


Wanted WTB: Unloved 18(–15)" F5 (or slower) Truss Dob

By: Jimmy462 Location: NY CT NJ MA PA Northeast U.S.

Hi All, Looking for an 18" F5 or slower Truss Dobsonian to ride on my Tom O. EQ platform! Will also consider smalle...

25 Jan 2018

Views: 313


Wanted lxd75 SN 10 "

By: malcolmmalcolm Location: Windsor Ct

Looking to purchase the Meade LXD 75 SN 10 inch telescope. OTA only I live in area code 06095

29 Oct 2017

Views: 376


Wanted 10" - 12" Dobsonians

By: AndromedaAI Location: New York - 11694

Looking for an upgrade for my 8." More interested in Zhumell or Apertura, but Orion can work too! Please let me know...

06 Nov 2017

Views: 289


Wanted Nexstar Telescope

By: Aquarius Of The Night Location: Albemarle, North Carolina

Looking for a 5se, 6se or 8se OTA or with mount and tripod.

02 Jul 2019

Views: 246


Wanted Celestron 6" SCT

By: Astronomigo Location: York, ME

Looking to acquire this telescopehttps://www.celestro...l-tube-assembly

11 Nov 2017

Views: 306


Wanted Starmaster skytracker hand controller

By: JMSchwartz Location: 93065

Need new go to hand controller for my starmaster FX 18 in telescope wire included if possible

23 Apr 2020

Views: 89


Wanted Edmund Deluxe Space Conqueror Parts

By: Astrolite Location: PA

Looking for parts to refurbish a 4.25" Edmund Deluxe Space Conqueror. Need finder scope or at least the objective len...

28 May 2020

Views: 89


Wanted 16" f/4.5 primary mirror or older complete telescope

By: Br4xton Location: Houston, TX

Hello - I'm looking for a used 16" f/4.5 mirror. I'd also be interested in an used complete dob like a meade lightbr...

04 Apr 2018

Updated: 05 Apr 2018

Views: 294


Wanted Isaac Newton's replica (Tal, AstroEngineering...)

By: astroedu Location: Balaguer, Spain

Looking for a Tal-35 or hand-made replica by Astro Engineering, or others... Vixen's version does not interest me. R...

28 May 2020

Views: 114


Wanted 12-14 Dobsonian

By: jimgoulden Location: CA California

looking for a 12" or 14" collapsible dobsonian like a sky watcher. with or without goto. Possibly a truss i might con...

23 Jan 2019

Views: 140


Wanted Handlebar for JMI Reverse Binoculars needed

By: EdM2 Location: Land O Lakes, Florida

Would like to buy the handlebar shown in the picture which is used for the JMI RB-10, RB-14.5 and RB-16 telescopes. I...

02 Feb 2019

Views: 201


Wanted LOMO Astele 60 or 70 (classic Maks)

By: astroedu Location: Balaguer, Spain

Hi, Looking for a LOMO ASTELE 60mm or 70mm russian Maksutovs. Please reply with condition and price. Thank you for l...

29 Mar 2018

Views: 282


Wanted Europe - Looking for 14-20" high-quality Dobson

By: Gabor Kiss Location: Hungary

Looking for a high-quality 16-20" Dobson within Europe, Compact and Ultra Compact designs are preferred, as well as o...

22 May 2019

Views: 151


Wanted WTB: Mewlon 180

By: Renae Gage Location: CONUS

What the heck? Got one that you wouldn’t miss?

20 Feb 2018

Views: 318


Wanted 8in F/5 Newtonian OTA

By: Heavensboy Location: NE

Hi All; I am looking for an 8in F/5 Newtonian OTA with good optics. Please no china mirrors/optics. Clear Skies

20 Dec 2017

Views: 285


Wanted Takahashi Epsilon

By: MarcoItaly Location: Italy

Looking for a Takahashi Epsilon 210 or 250, preferably in Europe, with original accessories. Marco

04 Sep 2017

Views: 337


Wanted 17.5" or 18" truss structure.

By: gatorengineer Location: NEPA

Let me know what you got........ Its a long shot I know

19 Sep 2018

Views: 181


Wanted Royce optics

By: Peacock W.L. Location: NC

I am looking 16" F 4.5 conical mirror for dobsonian, price negoshabel

19 Apr 2020

Updated: 23 Apr 2020

Views: 221


Wanted 12 inch Dobsonian sorta near Ohio

By: bigbangbaby Location: NE Ohio

Looking for a 12 inch Dobsonian, preferably with DSCs, but not a deal killer. Will travel for the right scope (after...

07 Dec 2019

Updated: 12 Jan 2020

Views: 228


Wanted Obsession 15UC

By: Augdog Location: US

Wanted a 15in Obsession UC in good condition with Argo and Servo Cat. Will travel so shipping isn’t necessary. FOUND....

23 Nov 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2017

Views: 228


Wanted Looking for EVAA Setup..Nexstar..Starblast

By: AndromedaAI Location: NY

Looking for an EVAA setup to be used with a Revolution Imager 2.. I have seen some great results with Celestron Next...

30 May 2018

Views: 253


Wanted Orion SkyQuest xx14i or Sky-Watcher 14" Collapsible Dobsonian

By: fl3tch Location: Tennessee

I'm wanting to get back into sky watching and planning to buy one of the two listed 14" dobsonians new if I cannot fi...

13 Jun 2020

Views: 44


Wanted Meade Ring set to fit 10in Research Grade Reflector

By: kimbul56 Location: CA

Hello I am wanting a set of Mounting rings for Meade 10in with a 330mm ID or 13inches for a 10in F/6 Research grade F...

13 May 2019

Views: 132


Wanted Meade 1266 tube

By: thmsrood Location: 44077

Looking to buy a tube for my 1266, I imagine a 12.5" f 6 Cave tube will work. Also the rotating rings for either tube.

17 Jun 2019

Views: 168


Wanted Coulter Telescope

By: Peter Trinidad Location: San Antonio, Texas

Looking to buy a Coulter telescope 8-10 inch. Just retired. Live in San Antonio. Texas. Ready to buy.

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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