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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 01:39 PM

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Wanted Dust Cap with Solar Aperture for Tasco 3" Reflector - Model 3TRB

By: mlucas9 Location: Knoxville, TN

Hi All, I'm looking for an Tasco dust cap for a Tasco 3TRB reflector. This is a 3" reflector from Tasco back in the...

Today, 09:02 AM

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Wanted Wanted: 6" or 8" Dobsonian in Oklahoma

By: Rus1974 Location: Oklahoma

Hi, I'm looking for a 6" or 8" Dob in Oklahoma ahead of a family trip to New Mexico and Arizona. Nothing fancy or sp...

Yesterday, 12:37 PM

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Wanted Looking for 6" imaging reflector

By: joseph07081 Location: Pittsburgh, PA

I am looking for a 6" f4 imaging reflector, GSO brand or similar for EAA. Something along the lines of the Astro-Te...

Yesterday, 09:11 PM

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Wanted Wanted - 6" F5 Primary, Secondary, and Newt Focuser

By: Noro Location: Ohio

Building my own telescope, and looking for these items! Will accept an F4 primary as well. Looking for a 10:1 focuser...

18 Jan 2021

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Wanted WTB Skywatcher Quattro 8" F/4 Imaging Newtonian

By: rexrobichaux Location: Glen Allen, VA

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a used, good condition Skywatcher Quattro 8" imaging newt. If you have accessories...

26 Feb 2021

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Wanted WTB: Vixen Green Newtonian

By: scopeboy42 Location: North Carolina

I am looking for a Vixen Japan Green Trim Newtonian. 114mm up to 200mm. Must be in excellent optical condition.

04 Mar 2021

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Wanted Skywatcher 12inch Astrozap Light Shroud

By: Golgie Location: California

Currently in need for a shroud for my scope as the orion one i currently have caves in. Thanks

Yesterday, 12:42 PM

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Wanted Zhumell z130

By: sclausen Location: Vermont

Hello! I am looking for a Zhumell Z130 tabletop reflector in decent shape to modify for a telescope loaning program....

14 Dec 2020

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Wanted WTB: TKA35201 CA-35 56mm Female to 54mm Female

By: cengell Location: USA, IL

TKA35201…..CA-35 56mm Female to 54mm Female adapter, in any condition. Also looking for a Tak TCD0018……Camera spacer...

28 Jan 2021

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Wanted Wanted: Astro zap dew heater 4"

By: norcaltakguy Location: USA

If anyone has a 4" astro zap dew heater they don't use or need, fire me off a message, will pay to ship, no prob! Th...

04 Mar 2021

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Wanted Coma Corrector wanted

By: skycamper Location: Oregon

Looking for an inexpensive coma corrector for my 12" Hardin/GSO newt. Something I can use visually or photographic...

23 Feb 2021

Views: 51


Wanted Epsilon 130ED newer version

By: westernbird Location: Las Vegas

No issue's

25 Feb 2021

Views: 52


Wanted discovery 8 f7 or 10 inch telescope

By: glenn compton Location: colorado

looking for a discovery 8 f7 or 10 inch f6 telscope

28 Jan 2021

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Wanted 2in laser collimator (hotech or similar)

By: cucubits Location: Dallas, TX

Looking for a 2in laser collimator. I like the Hotech one with cross shaped laser but I'm open to other suggestions t...

01 Mar 2021

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Wanted: your Takahashi CN212

By: Tyson M Location: Canada

Hello I am looking at acquiring this scope. Let me know if you have one, preferably with both newtonian and cassegra...

12 Feb 2021

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Wanted ED corrector for Epsilon 160

By: Richard Lynch Location: Surrey

Looking specifically for the newer ED corrector, to replace my current Digital Corrector. Happy to cover shipping co...

29 Jan 2021

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Wanted WTB: Starmaster hand controller must be functional

By: frivera3 Location: Mission Texas 78572-5458

Looking for a Starmaster dob hand controller as was supplied with their Sky Tracker GOTO drive system. Let me know if...

06 Feb 2021

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Wanted WANTED orion or GSO 8in Classical Cassigrain

By: kimbul56 Location: CA

WANTED Used Orion or GSO 8in Classical Cassigrain reasonably priced. Please let me know your asking price and Accesso...

06 Feb 2021

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Wanted Wanted: Astrozap light shroud for 12" lightbridge

By: Frenchy Location: Battle Ground, WA

Lead time from astrozap is long, already waited over 30+ days. Seeing if anyone has one available that they are no lo...

28 Dec 2020

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Wanted Antares optics 2.6 secondary

By: Papadakos P. Location: Greece

Dear all, I am looking for an antares optics 2.6 secondary either 1/20th or 1/30th wave pv. I am located in Greece...

08 Dec 2020

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Wanted WTB -- 6.3" tube rings

By: CollinofAlabama Location: Lubbock, TX

I am looking for a pair of 6.3" tube rings (for a 130mm reflector scope). I would consider trading them for a pair of...

17 Jan 2021

Updated: 17 Jan 2021

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Wanted Orion SkyQuest XXXXG mc004-alt circuit board

By: TonyTrzupek Location: Sacramento County CA

Want to buy the MC004-ALT Circuit Board that is Manufactured by Synta, but used in Orion and Skywatcher 8 to 16in Got...

04 Mar 2021

Views: 64


Wanted Dobsonian Telescope in/near NC

By: scopeboy42 Location: NC

I am looking for a dobsonian telescope in excellent optical condition that can be picked up or arranged meeting close...

22 Jan 2021

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Wanted Wanted: TS Optics ONTC 10" f/4

By: mfarrell Location: Northern California

Hello, I am looking for a TS-Optics ONTC 10" f/4 Newt, preferably with 3" or larger focuser. Also interested in a l...

03 Mar 2021

Views: 65


Wanted Orion XT8i Intelliscope

By: JJDreese Location: TEXAS

I'm looking to buy an Orion 8" XT8i Intelliscope. Would love for it to be in the North Texas area, but will pay for...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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