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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 10:09 AM

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Wanted Cave Original 12.5"f/5 Fiberglass Tube & Saddle

By: 65&Counting Location: USA

Hi! I have a damaged Cave 12.5"f/5 fiberglass tube (tube only was modified and cut into in past) and looking for 60's...

Yesterday, 12:21 AM

Views: 31


Wanted Looking for Orion XX12G or other 12" Goto near MD

By: Giocovier Location: Maryland, US

Good afternoon! I am looking for an Orion XX12G preferably, or any good quality 12" dob near MD or able to be shipp...

25 Oct 2020

Views: 42


Wanted WTB 8" or 10" imaging newtonian f4

By: Wei Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Look for a f4 imaging newtonian. Please let me know your price including shipping to CA. Local preferred.

21 Oct 2020

Views: 45


Wanted Looking for Astroscan Dewshield

By: Richard Fletcher Location: Thousand Oaks, California

Looking for an Astroscan Dewshield with notch for red dot finder. Please contact me if you have one to sell. Thanks,...

Yesterday, 11:59 AM

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Wanted Vixen Newtonian

By: scopeboy42 Location: NC

I am looking for a Vixen Japan made Newtonian in good plus condition. Models such as R114M, R130S, R135S, or R150S.

03 Oct 2020

Views: 51


Wanted Wanted Tak Epsilon 180

By: gatorengineer Location: MILKWAY

Let me know what you got and what you want for it.... Thanks

03 Oct 2020

Views: 57


Wanted Wanted: Zhumell Z8 base.

By: Ski59 Location: Wisconsin

Hello, I picked up a used Zhumell Z8 OTA that needs a base. Picked it up to put together for grandkids. Just thought...

12 Oct 2020

Views: 67


Wanted Looking For Explore Scientific David H Levy Comet Hunter

By: Back40 Location: Brookville, OH, USA

Wanting to purchase a Comet Hunter.

31 Jul 2020

Views: 69


Wanted WTB coma corrector

By: avarakin Location: NJ

Hi, I am looking for a coma corrector. I don't need anything fancy, it is for visual F4 reflector. Paracorr 1 would...

13 Sep 2020

Views: 70


Wanted Questar 7 wanted...

By: abrightskyguy Location: Negotiable

Looking for a Questar 7

23 Oct 2020

Views: 75


Wanted 12 to 16" Dobs

By: erleichda Location: Portland, OR

Hello all. I'm in the market to upgrade my XT8, interested in either SW or Orion goto 12" Dobsonian or a premium 12"...

26 Sep 2020

Views: 77


Wanted Wanted 8" F7 mirror

By: Hilbily Location: US

Looking for a 8" F7 mirror for a specific project.

31 Jul 2020

Views: 82


Wanted Astro-tech RC 8" ship to israel

By: Ziv arazi Location: Israel

Looking for RC telescope for astrophotography Good condition and shipped to Israel. Thanks all

11 Sep 2020

Views: 82


Wanted WTB: Celestron NexStar 8SE OTA

By: Rayastro Location: Texas

If anyone willing to sell Celestron NexStar 8SE OTA, I am interested.

18 Sep 2020

Updated: 18 Sep 2020

Views: 84


Wanted Paracorr Type-2

By: groupoid Location: Lansing MI

Wanted: Tele Vue Paracorr type-2.In excellent condition.https://www.highpoin...type-2-vip-2010No much rush.

21 Oct 2020

Updated: 22 Oct 2020

Views: 84


Wanted Explore scientific truss 16 inch

By: Titans7444 Location: Victorville

I'm looking for a 16 inch Explore Scientific truss to purchase straight or a trade if your willing. I currently own...

30 Sep 2020

Views: 85


Wanted WTB Edmund Astroscan

By: tdavis4785 Location: Greensboro, NC

Want to purchase an Edmund Astroscan.

20 Oct 2020

Views: 86


Wanted 14.5" to 20" Premium mirror

By: jeanine Location: Utah

If you have a clean mirror by Zambuto, Lockwood, Pegasus, Lightholder in the 14.5" to 20" range, I am looking to purc...

05 Oct 2020

Views: 86


Wanted [WTB] 8'' or 10'' Dob, AD8/AD10/Z8/Z10 or similar

By: MightyNight Location: Buffalo NY 14221

If you are in Buffalo/Niagara/Rochester region and happen to have one, please let me know.

19 Aug 2020

Updated: 04 Sep 2020

Views: 93


Wanted SUNSPOTTER - Solar Telescope

By: ariesangel Location: Uvalde, Texas

Wanted Sunspotter Let me know what you have ...... In great condition with all acc. I'm willing to pay $300. Send pic...

18 Aug 2020

Updated: 19 Aug 2020

Views: 102


Wanted Skywatcher 200 flextube

By: vtornado Location: Northeast Illinois

Looking for a used skywatcher 200 flextube. Does not have to be pristine. If you are local I can pick up scope and b...

14 Aug 2020

Views: 103


Wanted EDGEHD 14 wanted

By: GIFTED1570 Location: Las Vegas

EDGEHD 14 wanted, please contact me, preferably in Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona for me to pick it up, must be in...

26 Jul 2020

Views: 106


Wanted Celestron RASA 8 OTA

By: cengell Location: USA, IL

Hi, I am looking for a Celestron RASA 8 OTA, in used condition used. Please PM me if you have 1 to sell, please let...

05 Aug 2020

Views: 109


Wanted Jmi NGC Max or Equivalent

By: PowerM3 Location: Pdx

Hi, looking for an NGC Max or Equivalent push-to computer. Thanks.

28 Aug 2020

Views: 113


Wanted WANTED: Quality 8" Dob, preferably with DSC

By: Astro One Location: Southern California

I've ordered an XT8i from Orion which is scheduled to ship out on October 9th. If, in the meantime, I find a more ap...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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