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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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15 Sep 2021

Views: 28


Wanted Wanted: Planewave CDK 14 OR 17

By: Rachelw2014 Location: Ohio

Looking for a planewave cdk 14 or 17.

04 Aug 2021

Views: 53


Wanted WTB Orion CorrecTension Springs for 4.5XT

By: kfiscus Location: South Central MN

I need to find a pair of Orion CorrecTension springs and bolts for a 4.5XT dob. I'm building a replacement dob base...

15 Sep 2021

Views: 57


Wanted Wanted: 16-24 inch astrograph at maximum f/2.8- f/4

By: Rachelw2014 Location: Ohio

Looking for an astrograph that can be mounted equatorially 16-24 inches, maximum f/2.8- f/4.

10 Sep 2021

Views: 64


Wanted Takahashi Epsilon 130ED or 160 ED

By: Sokrates Location: Simpsonville, SC

Hi fellow astronomers / astrophotographers,I know, my chances are low, but low means still existing If one of you con...

06 Feb 2021

Views: 65


Wanted 8in dob around central NC

By: Li Sun Location: Raleigh NC

Looking for an 8in dob around Raleigh NC. I plan to spend around $300 to 400 in total.

07 Jun 2021

Views: 68


Wanted HyperStar 9.25 v2/v3/v4

By: Jumgyn Location: 30024

Hello, I'm looking for a HyperStar 9.25 v2/v3/v4 in mint condition or like it, it will be for Atlanta ( Suwanee ). Pm...

24 Jun 2021

Views: 68


Wanted 100mm F/6 newtonian

By: mpsteidle Location: Cincinnati, OH

<p>Looking for an old white 100mm f/6 newtonian.&nbsp; Preferably just the ota.&nbsp; Thanks!</p...

28 Mar 2021

Views: 70


Wanted WTB: Orion XT10G or XT8G in Atlanta

By: AtlantaAstro Location: Atlanta/Woodstock

Hello all! Looking for a used Orion XT10g or XT8g for sale for local pickup in the Atlanta metro area. Contact me if...

11 Sep 2021

Views: 72


Wanted GSO/Apertura/Orion 6" f/4 Newtonian and Skywatcher Quattro Coma Corrector

By: whodidyouthink Location: Raleigh, NC

Looking for one of these 6" f/4 scopes in good condition, preferably pickup within ~5h drive of Raleigh, NC, although...

22 Jun 2021

Views: 73


Wanted WTB - Hand Controller Celestron Ultima 2000

By: Astrokirls Location: Wisconsin

Looking to buy - Hand Controller Celestron ULTIMA 2000 or instructions on how to build one Willing to pay top $$ plu...

14 Jun 2021

Views: 75


Wanted WTB Zambuto 11 Inch Quartz Mirror

By: kcl31 Location: Ca

Pls let me know if you have one that like to sell. Thanks

01 Apr 2021

Views: 76


Wanted Orion Star Blast 6i Reflector

By: Howard73 Location: tampa florida

Looking for an Orion SB 6i Reflector. Must be with in 100 miles of Tampa Florida for pick up.

29 Jul 2021

Views: 76


Wanted Wanted: 12.5" to 15" Teeter

By: Old_Yharnam_Astronomer Location: New York

Hey everyone! I'm looking for a 12.5" to 15" Teeter that isn't seeing enough starlight. Pick up in the Northeast US....

06 May 2021

Views: 77


Wanted Astro 6" F/4 or TPO 6" f/4

By: rrobinson2000 Location: USA

Would also consider buying a matching coma corrector.

26 Aug 2021

Views: 79


Wanted Looking for apertura ad10 or zhumell z10 with accessories

By: ClearNightsPleaseAndTy Location: MA

Willing to pay up to $650 including shipping. I’m located in 01773(Massachusetts)

13 Jun 2021

Views: 81


Wanted WTB 8” Ritchey Chretien

By: BJontz Location: Iowa

Looking to buy an 8” ritchey chretien, thanks!

26 Jul 2021

Views: 84


Wanted 12-18 inch f/4 or faster newtonian for eq mount

By: Rachelw2014 Location: 44089 vermilion ohio

Looking for a 12-18 inch Imaging newtonian. Quattro by skywatcher or something similar

17 Jul 2021

Views: 84


Wanted WTB: Orion Xt8i NJ/tri state area

By: Davidrs132 Location: NJ

Looking for an Orion Xt8i in the NJ area.

07 Aug 2021

Views: 85


Wanted looking for a 6" f/4

By: lqqkey Location: ohio

looking for a 6" f/4 newt

08 Aug 2021

Views: 86


Wanted Astroscan Telescope that works

By: SUNMAN57 Location: Alabama

Looking for this telescope to share with my grandchildren. It will join my collection Odessey 1 , Meade LX90 8” ,...

14 Dec 2020

Views: 86


Wanted WTB: TKA35201 CA-35 56mm Female to 54mm Female

By: cengell Location: USA, IL

TKA35201…..CA-35 56mm Female to 54mm Female adapter, in any condition. Also looking for a Tak TCD0018……Camera spacer...

23 Mar 2021

Views: 87


Wanted Celestron .7x reducer for Edge HD 9.25"

By: kmholtz76 Location: Akron, OH

Looking to pick up one of these used. I've lucked out and found an Edge HD used.

27 Mar 2021

Views: 87


Wanted Looking for newton secondary mirror and reducer and flattenerfor Takahashi CN212

By: sator Location: USA or Europe

I'm looking for the newton secondary mirror kit for Takahashi CN212. I'm looking also for the reducer and flattener f...

13 Apr 2021

Views: 87


Wanted WTB Quattro 8" + Corrector

By: FiveByEagle Location: Fort Wayne IN

Looking for 8" imaging newt with coma corrector Skywatcher Quattro preferred, but open to everything similar quality...

18 Jan 2021

Views: 87


Wanted WTB Skywatcher Quattro 8" F/4 Imaging Newtonian

By: rexrobichaux Location: Glen Allen, VA

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a used, good condition Skywatcher Quattro 8" imaging newt. If you have accessories...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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