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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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16 Jul 2018

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For Sale 14.25 inch f6 Cave Optical Newtonian, Equatorial Mount

in Reflectors by Tokuo Nakamoto

It saw first light on the night of 5/6/1978 . 2 inch rack and pinion focuser, 8x50mm finderscope, both RA and De...

08 Jun 2017

Updated: 21 Jun 2017

Views: 2401


For Sale 16" Light Speed

in Reflectors by Daniel Mounsey

The Light Speed 16There are only of few of these scopes in the world and this one is the only production, long focal...

04 Jun 2017

Views: 2012


For Sale 12.5 Inch, f/5 Homemade Dobsonian

in Reflectors by DavidC

12.5 Inch, f/5 Homemade Dobsonian. Included is an 80 mm finder scope, crayford focuser, custom rocker box, sorry no t...

20 Jan 2019

Updated: 31 Jul 2019

Views: 1920


For Sale Obsession 25" f/5 Dobsonian with Sky Commander XP4 & Encoders

in Reflectors by Camcon101

Excellent condition. PICK UP ONLY Serial No. 963 Date of manufacture: 8/1/04 includes: Antares 80mm RA Finder Telrad...

21 Aug 2018

Views: 1822


For Sale Fantastic 24" Dobsonian - Ready Today!

in Reflectors by Shane LaPierre

For sale is a beautiful 24” custom telescope built by me. I have had it for ~ 4 years. It gives incredible views of b...

24 Mar 2019

Updated: 12 Sep 2019

Views: 1778


For Sale Professional 16-inch Newton Astrograph with 4-lens corrector f/3.7

in Reflectors by AlexCherny

For sale new telescope 400/1478. It is made by high-level optician and mechanic in a workshop of Crimean astronomical...

26 Nov 2018

Updated: 07 Dec 2018

Views: 1749


For Sale Obsession 18UC - Mirror recoated by Zambuto 7/2018!

in Reflectors by mikona

Hello Friends, Selling my beloved Obsession UC 18. I am just using my 12.5 dob nearly every outing. Comes with DSCs...

05 Dec 2017

Views: 1735


For Sale 12.5" F5 Ultralight Dob

in Reflectors by sergio1

Custom made telescope. I am an Amateur telescope maker and I created this beauty couple years ago. I love it but I'm...

06 Apr 2017

Updated: 08 Apr 2017

Views: 1648


For Sale Astro-Tech AT14RCT Never Outside!

in Reflectors by lmichel

No need to wait for one. I'll sell you mine, and it has never been used! You can have this pristine 14" RC, originall...

29 Mar 2017

Views: 1642


For Sale 13.1" Coulter Odyssey with upgrades.

in Reflectors by mark david

I am selling my 13.1 inch Coulter Odyssey Reflector Telescope. There have been a number of improvements including a n...

02 Jan 2018

Views: 1606


For Sale celestron C14

in Reflectors by dwight crane

Celestron C14. orange tube has been updated with CGE pro mount. old fork tube mount available LENSES 35mm TeleVue pa...

20 Sep 2017

Updated: 27 Sep 2017

Views: 1564


For Sale Explore Scientific 8-inch Reflector Bundle (PRICE REDUCED)

in Reflectors by NightSkyGuy

This reflector bundle was donated to the International Dark-Sky Association by Scott Roberts, Explore Scientific's fo...

16 Dec 2018

Views: 1562


For Sale Meade Starfinder 16" F/4.5

in Reflectors by Az2001

Optics are excellent! Primary bought new from Meade 3 years ago. They are no longer made in Irvine CA by Meade. Used...

01 Nov 2017

Updated: 08 Nov 2017

Views: 1545


For Sale Takahashi CN-212 Cassegrain/Newtonian Telescope

in Reflectors by dfielder

The Takahashi CN-212 hardly needs an introduction but here goes... This classic telescope converts from an f/12.2 Cas...

05 Jan 2019

Updated: 15 Jan 2019

Views: 1545


For Sale 12.5 StarMaster

in Reflectors by Deewaltguy

This is a very nice condition StarMaster 12.5, f5.2 Pegasus (John Hall) mirror. I've owned 4 SMs over the years and c...

21 Feb 2018

Updated: 25 Feb 2018

Views: 1510


For Sale 16 Dob telescope

in Reflectors by Starlordadam

16 astrosky telescope for sale with Pegasus mirror .98 stre with spectrum coatings has a few scratches telescope is 1...

27 Apr 2017

Views: 1494


For Sale Orion 10" f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector Telescope (Optical tube).

in Reflectors by UDSFIS

I am selling Orion 10" f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector Telescope in perfect condition, does not have any damage...

08 Jun 2018

Updated: 10 Jul 2018

Views: 1475


For Sale 10 Inch Planetary Spiderless Newtonian

in Reflectors by Bjwatson

Do you want high quality images with NO color? You need this telescope! When I built this telescope I spared no expe...

30 Apr 2017

Updated: 13 Aug 2017

Views: 1466


For Sale Hubble UL24 f/3.3 Premium Dobsonian

in Reflectors by hubble-optics

Hubble UL24 f/3.3 Premium Dobsonian is an high quality, larger aperture telescope optimized in a very light and compa...

20 Dec 2017

Updated: 12 Dec 2018

Views: 1442


For Sale 10 inch no-name newt for sale- price reduced

in Reflectors by henrylr

Hi all,I'm selling my old newt because it doesn't get used anymore. Its a very good condition 10 inch f5.2 with a 2.6...

12 Sep 2018

Updated: 13 Sep 2018

Views: 1422


For Sale 10" Meade w/ Mount

in Reflectors by smp

$250 Canadian. If the ad is up it's still available. Hi, I have an older Meade 10". I put a rotating focuser on it...

17 May 2018

Updated: 24 Nov 2018

Views: 1417


For Sale 14" F/4.6 Newtonian OTA (and Orion xx14i Dob parts, flexible)

in Reflectors by Cerberus

I built this for planetary imaging, but due to an aggravated back injury I can't hoist it onto my mount without pain....

27 Dec 2017

Updated: 31 Dec 2017

Views: 1390


For Sale Celestron C11 for sale

in Reflectors by Pharaoh

​Orange tube (manufactured before 1981) C11 on original 6 legs aluminum tripod. Comes with many extras (tool bow, ori...

13 Aug 2017

Views: 1362


For Sale Hubble UL24 f/3.3 Premium Dobsonian

in Reflectors by hubble-optics

NASA’s New Horizons Team Strikes Gold in Argentina (with UL24)Hubble UL24 f/3.3 Premium Dobsonian is an high quality,...

20 Feb 2019

Updated: 16 Mar 2019

Views: 1355


For Sale 12” sky watcher collapsible Dobsonian

in Reflectors by whirlpoolm51

Excellent condition and bearly used!! Just bought this a couple months ago to get me back into the hobby after a long...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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