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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 11:15 AM

Views: 37


For Sale Meade LX-80 6" SCT

in Cats & Casses by unclelunzy

This is a Meade LX-80 6" SCT OTA, in excellent...

Today, 09:38 AM

Views: 36


For Sale Celestron NexStar 8SE SCT OTA - Orange Tube

in Cats & Casses by buckjames

For Sale SCT 8 inch, like new, Ill give you an...

Today, 09:34 AM

Views: 104


For Sale 16 inch RC Optical OTA

in Cats & Casses by Darren Drake

16 inch f8.3 RC Optical Systems OTA. Includes...

Today, 12:57 AM

Views: 86


For Sale TPO 8" RC with Moonlite focuser and more

in Cats & Casses by sparkyht

For sale is my TPO 8" Ritchey Chretien. Optics...

Yesterday, 06:44 PM

Views: 88


For Sale Celestron Ultima 8 Case

in Cats & Casses by m22

Celestron Ultima 8 case, designed to store and...

Yesterday, 05:47 PM

Views: 177


For Sale Nexstar 8i with GPS, Upgraded Nexstar+ controller & Eyepiece kit

in Cats & Casses by Aryeh95

For sale is a Celestron 8i that I got for lunar...

Yesterday, 05:05 PM

Views: 103


For Sale (2) Meade ETX-90EC Mak's

in Cats & Casses by sandraluv

Season's Greetings I'm cleaning out the garage...

Yesterday, 12:26 PM

Views: 102


For Sale Celestron Mak SLR127 Telescope and Accessories

in Cats & Casses by It's Hedley

I am selling a very lightly used 6 month old Ce...

Yesterday, 12:25 PM

Views: 59


For Sale Celestron C8 wide dovetail "D" Style

in Cats & Casses by mark379

Hi Folks,Up for sale is Celestron C8 dovetail (...

Yesterday, 11:31 AM

Views: 129


For Sale Orion StarMax 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope OTA

in Cats & Casses by Paul Winn

Very Nice Condition Orion StarMax 127mm Maksuto...

Yesterday, 11:28 AM

Views: 36


Wanted 127mm Mak front lens cover

in Cats & Casses by tg_quigley

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a front lens cove...

Yesterday, 10:30 AM

Updated: Yesterday, 01:07 PM

Views: 195


For Sale Complete astrophotography steup

in Cats & Casses by Stargazer313

Celestron CGX, with 8in Edge HD. with everythin...

Yesterday, 10:12 AM

Views: 34


Wanted 180mm Skywatcher Mak

in Cats & Casses by w1828

I would like to buy a 180mm Skywatcher Mak in e...

Yesterday, 08:05 AM

Updated: Yesterday, 10:42 AM

Views: 30


Wanted Wanted: Intes Micro 715 or MN66

in Cats & Casses by Tyson M

Hello I am potentially interested in one of th...

Yesterday, 07:52 AM

Views: 38


Wanted RCOS 82mm Field Flattener

in Cats & Casses by kpcovey

I want to buy one. Name your price.

18 Nov 2018

Views: 23


Wanted Vixen VMC200L- 8" Modified Cassegrain OTA

in Cats & Casses by ICit2

Please include shipping to South Dakota, 57701.

18 Nov 2018

Updated: Yesterday, 05:48 PM

Views: 203


For Sale Celestron EdgeHD 8" with many accessories

in Cats & Casses by Aryeh95

For sale is a Celestron EdgeHD 8" in excellent...

18 Nov 2018

Views: 189


For Sale 12.5" cassegrain mirror and cell

in Cats & Casses by brian dewelles

1 2.5" cassegrain mirror approx f/ 5 when used...

18 Nov 2018

Views: 215


For Sale Meade 12 inch LX200GPS

in Cats & Casses by David K

Selling my Meade LX200GPS with shorty giant fie...

18 Nov 2018

Views: 141


For Sale Celestron C5 F10 SCT Black Satin Finish

in Cats & Casses by starbird

This is a celestron C5 F10 schmidt cassegrain t...

17 Nov 2018

Views: 47


For Sale Astrozap 10" Meade Crinkle Blue Metal Dew Shield

in Cats & Casses by Tattooeddeputy

Hello... Brand New Astrozap 10" aluminum dew s...

17 Nov 2018

Views: 304


For Sale Like new Celestron 9.25 XLT Fastar SCT

in Cats & Casses by Astrojedi

This is a like new C9.25 OTA from a Celestron E...

17 Nov 2018

Views: 280


For Sale Early 70’s C8 OTA Super Clean Smooth Orange

in Cats & Casses by J A VOLK

Incredibly clean very early Celestron 8 Optical...

17 Nov 2018

Views: 97


For Sale Baader 2" Click Stop Eyepiece Adapter with C14 adapter

in Cats & Casses by starbird

This is a Baader 2" click stop eyepiece adapter...

16 Nov 2018

Views: 46


Wanted Need C14 metal dust cap, toggle switch control

in Cats & Casses by starbird

I just picked up an old model orange tube C14 o...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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