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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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05 Mar 2017

Updated: 22 Mar 2017

Views: 330


Wanted Corrector plate for Meade 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain Model 2120

in Cats & Casses by Conor Maclaud

Looking to find a corrector plate for older Meade 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain Model 2120. If you have one, or maybe, equal...

06 Mar 2017

Views: 413


Wanted Junk Questar OTA, mount, parts for crazy cutaway project.

in Cats & Casses by Optics Patent

I just decided to build a recreation of the famed Questar cutaway scope shown here.I'm looking for a beater scope wit...

06 Mar 2017

Views: 308


Wanted WANTED: MEADE ETX-125 PE/AT + accessories

in Cats & Casses by rockblock

Looking for a mint condition ETX-125 PE (or AT) telescope + Tripod + Autostar. Also looking for the following accesso...

11 Mar 2017

Updated: 12 Mar 2017

Views: 326


Wanted Celestron C5, FOUND thanks Mike

in Cats & Casses by dag55

Looking for a C5, optics must be in excellent condition and optically excellent also, prefer XLT coating group but wo...

12 Mar 2017

Updated: 12 Mar 2017

Views: 348


Wanted wtb: Older Questar

in Cats & Casses by 93711dude

hi - I am interested in buyng an older Questar. i would prefer a unit pre-1960, but will consider any age or model. T...

13 Mar 2017

Views: 417


Wanted Wanted Celestron Orange Tube C8, C11, or C14

in Cats & Casses by starbird

As I approach my 70th birthday I would like to purchase a vintage orange tube celestron sct telescope. Either a C8,...

16 Mar 2017

Views: 327


Wanted Wanted Quantum/Questar/Older Cats

in Cats & Casses by astronomy-shoppe.com

Wanted to purchase any older Catadioptric System including white and orange Celestron, Criterion, Questar and Quantum...

18 Mar 2017

Views: 222


Wanted Pacific Designs C8 case

in Cats & Casses by 3 i Guy

Looking for an excellent condition Pacific Designs C8 soft case with shoulder strap. No rips or tears please. Thank...

30 Mar 2017

Views: 251


Wanted Wanted C14 Shipping boxes

in Cats & Casses by PMS

Need Celestron C14 OTA shipping Box(es?). I need to ship my C14 as safely as possible. Or any other safe container to...

01 Apr 2017

Views: 235


Wanted Celestron CPC

in Cats & Casses by tkben002

I am looking to buy a Celestron CPC. 8, 9.25 or 11" is fine. Not wanting brand new prices so I am expecting some us...

02 Apr 2017

Views: 278


Wanted HELP..I need ETX 125 AT/PE Setting Circle for the R.A (tape). Also a Battery Box

in Cats & Casses by orion61

I need one of the Tape Setting circles for an ETX125 AT system. The glue joint seems to have given away and good by t...

04 Apr 2017

Views: 262


Wanted Celestron CPC or Nexstar GPS

in Cats & Casses by tkben002

I am in the market for a CPC or Nexstar GPS 8, 9.25 or 11". Would prefer to pickup in person but will consider shipp...

10 Apr 2017

Views: 194


Wanted C14 edge secondary mirror holder

in Cats & Casses by david_del_sur

Hi all , i'm looking for a c14 edge secondary mirror holder , if anyone has one available let me know please . Thanks...

12 Apr 2017

Updated: 24 Apr 2018

Views: 496


Wanted 1954-55 Questar with blue/red "Pepsi" badges

in Cats & Casses by Optics Patent

I'm seeking to acquire the earliest possible version before any design updates were made. I'm interested regardless o...

13 Apr 2017

Updated: 13 Apr 2017

Views: 363


Wanted Holder for Hand Controller (CPC-1100) Older style

in Cats & Casses by Doug Neal

During my recent move, I have misplaced the holder for my CPC-HC. It snaps into place on the side of the forks. My CP...

13 Apr 2017

Views: 287


Wanted Wanted a 8 to 10 inch SCT OTA

in Cats & Casses by Ozincm

Hi I am in the market for a SCT in good condition. Having a vixen or Loz mounting bar plus dual speed Focuser would b...

18 Apr 2017

Views: 367


Wanted Wanted: Intes MK-67

in Cats & Casses by Spectral Type

Looking for an Intes Mk-67 Deluxe, if you have one that is collecting dust and you would like to give it a good home,...

21 Apr 2017

Views: 185


Wanted Early Questar Wanted 1954-55

in Cats & Casses by 93711dude

hi - I have wanted a very early Questar - one of the first 50 units made - for some time. It need not be complete. P...

26 Apr 2017

Views: 487


Wanted Baader Alan Gee Telecompressor Mark II 245 4400

in Cats & Casses by Jim Harper

I'm interested in purchasing one of these for my C14 XLT. If a Baader 2"/T2 part #16 Nose Piece is also available, I...

06 May 2017

Views: 191


Wanted C14 dew shield

in Cats & Casses by wboeck

Looking for a dew shield for a c14.

15 May 2017

Views: 239


Wanted Wanted Meade 10" lx200 gps or classic

in Cats & Casses by ericb1959

Looking for a meade 10" lx200 either gps or classic.

21 May 2017

Views: 264


Wanted Wanted: Celestron C14 Corrector Plate or OTA

in Cats & Casses by Koinonos

My Celestron C1400 DX's Corrector plate has optical chips in it from a 1,700 mile moving van despite being shipped in...

21 May 2017

Updated: 23 May 2017

Views: 214


Wanted Wanted a meade rcx 400 a 10 or 12 in

in Cats & Casses by John4

Wanted a meade rcx400 10 in or 12 in in descent working condition.

24 May 2017

Views: 217


Wanted Wanted - 180 Skywatcher Maksutov

in Cats & Casses by mikona

Hello, I am looking for a used, but in GREAT condition 180 Skywatcher Maksutov. Can pay via Paypal. Thank you. I...

31 May 2017

Views: 256


Wanted Wanted: C14

in Cats & Casses by BWAZ

Looking for a C14 or C14HD with stunning optics. For the standard C14, I prefer the one with the XLT coating, but wil...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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