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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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05 Dec 2020

Views: 52


Wanted WTB: INTES .55x Reducer

By: drcsurf Location: Japan

Hey guys. Looking for one of these to use on my Orion 150 Mak. If anybody has one they'd be willing to part with let...

11 Nov 2017

Views: 297


Wanted Need ETX-70 drive clutch parts and diagram

By: 1939Dodge Location: Pa.

Anyone have a diagram of the azimuth drive, particularly the clutch and base parts? Does it have a one bearing, or tw...

10 Mar 2019

Views: 288


Wanted Quantum 4 or 6

By: DAVIDG Location: DE

Looking for Quantum 4 or 6 by OTI

24 Oct 2017

Views: 319


Wanted LF: Front cover for Meade 8" SCT

By: Winks Location: Phoenix

WANTED: Front cover for Meade 8" SCT. This would be for a 8" LX200R or ACF - I presume the R and the ACF are the sam...

15 Mar 2019

Views: 340


Wanted AP 10 inch Mak

By: uncledick Location: North Georgia

If any of you are lucky enough to be high on the notification list for a 10 inch AP Mak, and would like to sell it af...

21 Nov 2020

Views: 89


Wanted Telrad

By: Diomedes Location: Yonkers, NY

Hey all I'm looking for a telrad. If you got one, please reach out. Thanks

24 Oct 2017

Views: 359


Wanted Meade ETX 90 OTA

By: ginnz Location: Gretna,MB

Im looking for a good used ETX 90 OTA for use as a guide/finder for my SCT. Anyone out there have one, or know where...

10 Feb 2019

Views: 292


Wanted Wanted: C6 OTA

By: choward94002 Location: CA

... got one gathering dust? I can help with that! Thx!

30 Nov 2020

Updated: 18 Dec 2020

Views: 89


Wanted C8 and/or Hyperstar

By: Cziffra Location: Nebraska

I'm looking for a C8 (classic; Edge is above my pay grade!) and/or matching Hyperstar. Thanks!

16 Nov 2018

Views: 268


Wanted Need C14 metal dust cap, toggle switch control

By: starbird Location: 95409

I just picked up an old model orange tube C14 on the old fashion large fork mount. I need the toggle switch dual axi...

10 Jul 2020

Views: 131


Wanted Hyperstar Version 3 for C14 non HD

By: dejach Location: 18301

Looking for a Hyperstar Version 3 for C14 non HD.

25 Sep 2020

Views: 62


Wanted WANTED: Hotech

By: MidniteCowboy Location: California, Nevada

Advanced CT laser collimator for 2" focuser.

19 Nov 2020

Updated: 30 Nov 2020

Views: 162


Wanted Wanted: EDGEHD 8" + Accessories

By: drcsurf Location: Nagano City, Japan 380-0961

It's crazy how many people are looking for the Edge 8. I guess I'm one of them lol. Trying to do some AP. I Already h...

01 Sep 2017

Views: 480


Wanted Goto Optical 100mm/4" Maksutov

By: Stew44 Location: Any

Hoping to find one of these. Thanks for letting me know what you have.

13 Oct 2019

Views: 224


Wanted Wanted

By: astronomy-shoppe.com Location: New Hampshire

WTB Celestron Comet Catcher, and Celestron Silver top Plossl's ( the original ones) Tony

28 Dec 2019

Views: 163


Wanted WTB: Hyperstar 4 for Nexstar 9.25 SCT

By: jamierichardson Location: VA

Happy holidays! Looking for a used Hyperstar 4 for Celestron Nextstar Evolution 9.25 Mounting rings for Canon EF or...

28 Feb 2018

Views: 295


Wanted Meade lx3 8" corrector plate

By: Randall h Location: Alpine Al.

With good to fair AR coatings.

05 Mar 2018

Views: 528


Wanted Wanted Celestron C8

By: bjgiii Location: Punta Gorda, FL

I'm in the market for a Celestron C8. It needs to be in nice shape and good working condition. I'll take one bare bon...

10 Jul 2020

Views: 156


Wanted C8 XLT - OTA Only

By: DhruvaTara Location: SF Bay Area

Looking for a new / lightly used C8 XLT - OTA Only.

22 Oct 2020

Views: 66


Wanted Wanted: C5 SCT Spotting scope

By: KevinRoach Location: Alberta

Looking for a C5 SCT Spotting scope, or a C5 OTA

03 Mar 2018

Views: 307


Wanted OMC 140 Mak Orion UK WANTED

By: dougspeterson Location: Santa Ana, CA

PayPal or trade, what do you need?

30 Sep 2018

Views: 302


Wanted WANTED: C14 in CA/ NV area

By: choward94002 Location: Northern California

Looking for C14 in the CA or NV area to add to my "farm", let me know what you have and what you need for it! Thx!

20 Feb 2019

Views: 249


Wanted Quantum 4 or 6

By: DAVIDG Location: Hockessin De

Looking for Quantum 4 or 6 by OTI

28 Mar 2020

Updated: 21 Apr 2020

Views: 147


Wanted Wanted - Meade 3.3 Focal Reducer for SCT

By: Bob LaFleur Location: Pennsylvania

Still looking for a Meade 3.3 Focal Reducer with good optics.

20 Apr 2020

Views: 144


Wanted WANTED: EdgeHD 9.25

By: Surfinash Location: California

Looking to upgrade my EdgeHD 8 to 9.25. I am in San Francisco/Bay Area.

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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