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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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19 May 2020

Views: 1101


For Sale Planewave CDK-17 with accessories (all new in box)

By: Allaboutastro Location: Dallas/Fort Worth

Purchased directly from Planewave in June 2015 for an observatory project in Wyoming. My partner passed away in the m...

24 Jul 2021

Views: 56


For Sale C11 edge HD, 4 imaging trains, Iopton CEM70 f/10, f/7, f/6.2, f/2

By: observan Location: 94555

this package for sale is for all of the capabilities of a celestron EdgeHD11. 4 focal lengths. From Galaxies, to nebu...

29 Jul 2020

Updated: 13 Apr 2021

Views: 1167


For Sale 14.5 Ritchey-Chretien OTA

By: bigmark Location: Chiefland,FL.

14.5 Ritchey-Chretien OTA : F8 Paul Jones optics Strehl rating 0.961 Carbon fiber open truss Secondary adjustment abi...

13 Oct 2019

Views: 1514


For Sale Astro-Physics FASTMAX 180

By: jgardner Location: Central Virginia

I am the original and sole owner of this scope, having taken delivery from A-P in August, 2015. The scope has been u...

23 Jun 2018

Updated: 23 Jun 2018

Views: 1726


For Sale 16" F/18 Royce Dall-Kirkham, NIB

By: ltha Location: Oregon

Several years ago a friend contacted me to see if I was interested in ordering a 16" F/18 Dall-Kirkham from Bob Royce...

06 May 2017

Updated: 08 Oct 2017

Views: 1570


For Sale Complete (Mint) CGE PRO 1100 HD Imaging/Visual System

By: TommyTucker Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA

**All equipment is mint condition** **All equipment will be inspected and shipped by a professional astronomy equipme...

11 Nov 2019

Updated: 14 Oct 2020

Views: 890


For Sale Officina Stellare Pro RC 400 OTA

By: Frank Wiltshire Location: Somerset, Ca, USA

400mm Primary, f/8.3, 3320mm FL with Flattener 60mm Corrected and Illuminated Field Zero Expansion Astrosital Mirror...

20 Nov 2018

Updated: 20 Nov 2018

Views: 1279


For Sale 16 inch RC Optical OTA

By: Darren Drake Location: Willowbrook,Illinois

16 inch f8.3 RC Optical Systems OTA. Includes RC Optical Systems Precision Instruments Rotator and Telescope Command...

04 Jun 2020

Views: 1029


For Sale 22" Shafer Maksutov. In a C22 OTA fork mount trailer.

By: gatorengineer Location: PA

Celestron C22 reconfigured as a Shafer Maksutov Telescope cervit primary with a massive fork mount. Many of you have...

09 Dec 2017

Updated: 23 Apr 2018

Views: 1988


For Sale Riccardi Honders Astrograph Veloce RH250-priced lowered

By: cardiofuse Location: North Carolina

I'm lowering this to ridiculous price as my new scope is almost here and I need to move it. Keep in mind, this is a...

15 Mar 2021

Views: 1244



By: elquihee Location: los angeles

Yes, this ad is for a BRAND NEW IN BOX RASA 36 astrograph. An observatory deal fell through and this monster needs a...

02 Jan 2019

Views: 1191


For Sale Questar 7 with Fork Mount and Pier

By: Hillbill Location: Marysville, Ohio 43040

I am offering my beloved Q7. This one was built in 1987 with the serial number Z-7-603-BB-DP. The overall condition...

25 Jun 2019

Updated: 24 Aug 2019

Views: 3147


For Sale 14" Astrophotography Package $10,000 OBO

By: ManboneRidge Location: Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Ok, so I am tired of bad seeing conditions (class 5 Bortles), neighbors messing up exposures with floodlights, rain,...

01 Apr 2019

Views: 1833


For Sale Meade 20" and Max Mount

By: Rob Broeren Location: Huntsville, Alabama

I've had this Meade 20" w/ Max Mount for 10+ year. The optics are great, and in general it is in very good condition...

28 Oct 2014

Views: 4124


For Sale Questar 7 With Fork and Tripod/Wedge Combo

By: Astronomics Location: Norman, OK

Questar 7, fork mount, tripod: This 7/14/1992 vintage 7" f/13.6 Questar Classic Maksutov-Cassegrain (serial number Z...

04 Nov 2019

Views: 471


For Sale Meade LX200GPS 16 ACF <EUROPE>

By: Davidjj Location: Spain

Meade LX200GPS 16 "ACF without tripod for sale, white tube. It includes an equatorial duralumin wedge and rings with...

04 May 2019

Views: 795


For Sale 11" f/14 Mak-Cass

By: regimatic Location: Arlington, VA

Up for sale is my 275 mm, f/14 Maksutov-Cassegrain. I purchased the scope from Markus Ludes at APM Telescopes a littl...

22 Dec 2018

Views: 600


For Sale 16" SCT w/Software Bisque TCS

By: MTLearningCtr Location: Helena, MT

For sale is a 16" MEADE F/10 OTA on a fork mount. The mount has been retrofitted with the Software Bisque Telescope C...

07 Apr 2019

Views: 536


For Sale AG Opical 10″ Imaging Dall Kirkham Quartz (iDK) w/ Optec Gemini and TCS

By: Chuck Faranda Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I'm downsizing and seling my imaging system. Comes with all standard equipment (see AG Opical site for details), O...

04 May 2018

Views: 531


For Sale Starizona 12.5" Hyperion Astrograph

By: Thomas A. Bauman Location: New Mexico

I have for sale a beautiful, 12.5" Hyperion astrograph custom-made by Starizona in Tucson, Arizona. The optics produ...

21 Aug 2018

Updated: 21 Sep 2018

Views: 1054


For Sale Starizona Hyperion 12.5" Astrograph -- Price Reduced

By: idahoman Location: Idaho Falls

I am reluctantly offering for sale my 12.5" f8 (2540mm) Hyperion astrograph produced by Starizona in Tucson, Arizona....

15 Feb 2019

Views: 1652


For Sale Meade 16" LX-200 Classic w/custom optics, tripod, trailer and wedge

By: Robert Piekiel Location: Marcellus NY 13108

I am reluctantly offering for sale my Meade 16" LX200 custom classic. Due to back problems, I can no longer easily se...

16 Jan 2019

Views: 689


For Sale Intes Micro MN106 Mak-Newt F/5.5 deluxe OTA - rare

By: Really Big Steve Location: Tallahassee

I am selling an excellent and very rare Intes Micro MN106 Mak-Newt deluxe F/5.5 telescope OTA. This deluxe version op...

25 Oct 2017

Views: 1136


For Sale Meade LX200 GPS SMT 16

By: Struzzin Location: Ohio

Selling my 16 inch Meade LX200 GPS with Smart Mount Technology. It is an amazing instrument but since we purchased a...

22 May 2021

Views: 523


For Sale Mewlon 250 + EM-200 Temma 2

By: hemant Location: Plano, TX

I am the second owner - the first owner never used it, I have used this setup only a few times and everything is in e...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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