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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 03:08 PM

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Wanted Celestron Ultima 8 Dust Cap

in Cats & Casses by JSN

Looking for an original dust cap for a Celestron Ultima 8 telescope.

Today, 11:35 AM

Views: 15


Wanted Wanted: Bausch and Lomb 4000 fork mount

in Cats & Casses by Alrakis

Looking for a Bausch and Lomb 4000 fork similar to this ad. Let me know what you have. https://www.cloudyni...000-for...

25 Feb 2019

Views: 19


For Sale T-thread to SCT (2"-24TPI) Adapters

in Cats & Casses by Geo.

Generally used as a camera adapter this accessory provides a connection for a female threaded camera to the rear port...

14 Apr 2019

Views: 23


Wanted WTB: GSO version 10in/12in RC Truss Tube

in Cats & Casses by dhaval

Hello all, I am looking for a gently used either 10in or 12in GSO version RC truss tube style scope. I need for the s...

20 May 2019

Views: 30


Wanted Meade 2080 Front end cap, corrector cover

in Cats & Casses by Stargazer3236

I am looking for a used Meade 2080 End Cap/Corrector cover for my used Meade 2080 8" SCT. Please send me details and...

09 May 2019

Views: 30


For Sale Optec NEXTGEN MAXFIELD 0.33X reducer

in Cats & Casses by Xing

In great to excellent condition. Body shows minor marks while optics is clean. It comes with one mounting adapter on...

12 Apr 2019

Views: 31


Wanted dew heater strip controller

in Cats & Casses by PABresler

Any extra dew heater strip controllers in good working condition lying around?

05 May 2019

Views: 31



in Cats & Casses by The Planetman

Looking for a complete Lumicon Giant Easy Guider for the C11/C14. Must have the reducing lens and off axis extension...

21 May 2019

Views: 32


Wanted Wanted: HOTECH Advanced CT Laser Collimator

in Cats & Casses by Dynan

I'm looking for an HOTECH Advanced CT Laser Collimator with all accessories necessary to use on a C-11, with a 1.25"...

Today, 05:02 PM

Views: 34


For Sale Celestron evo 8

in Cats & Casses by sandman31

For sale Celestron Evolution 8 in like new condition only a year old used two times so its basically new I still have...

18 Apr 2019

Views: 35


Wanted Wanting a 8in LX90 Wedge Adapter Plate

in Cats & Casses by kimbul56

Hi I am Wanting a LX90 Wedge Adapter Plate, in good condition with all hardware. If any one has deforked their 8in LX...

11 May 2019

Views: 37


Wanted WTB Celestron front cover For C8 orange tube 1981

in Cats & Casses by K Gephart

I am looking for the black plastic cover for a 1981 orange tube Celestron C8. I think this year has a knob in the mi...

18 May 2019

Views: 41


Wanted Mak APM 275 F14 or Intes 10"

in Cats & Casses by mimas73

Maksutov APM 275 F14, TEC 10" F20 or AP 10" F14. 5 Shipping to Europe. Best regards

25 Feb 2019

Views: 43


Wanted Focuser collimation ring for RC6/8

in Cats & Casses by ajaymandke

Looking for a collimation ring for AstroTech RC 6" scope. If you have one to sell, let me know.

07 May 2019

Views: 43


Wanted Wanted: 65x50mm Bolt Case for Meade SCT Focal Reducer

in Cats & Casses by Jaimo!

I have looked all over, if anyone has an extra 65x50mm bolt I really appreciate it! Jaimo!

29 Apr 2019

Updated: 04 May 2019

Views: 43


Wanted ED102 Case

in Cats & Casses by Karni12

Looking for ED102 Case. Let me know if you have one for sale. Nick

25 Mar 2019

Views: 46


Wanted Dovetail for c11 Wanted

in Cats & Casses by Shadow and light

Need dovetail for my c11. The Celestron one or the vixen as long as I fits my AVX mount.

23 Apr 2019

Views: 47


Wanted wtb- gps module for 10in lx200

in Cats & Casses by fullotto

hello, I was wondering if anyone has a new or spare gps module for a 10in lx200? I just bought this used scope to go...

20 May 2019

Views: 48


Wanted Wanted: Newer C8 Tube Assembly

in Cats & Casses by Diggity Dog

Looking for a good used (but relatively newer model) tube assembly to replace existing C6 SE tube assembly on SE moun...

13 Jan 2019

Views: 48


Wanted wanted - Astrozap C9.25 Dew Shield

in Cats & Casses by Brollen

Looking for an Astrozap dew shield sized for a C9.25 with a single notch - as if for an Evolution C9. My C9 has a vix...

19 Apr 2019

Views: 49


For Sale Meade SCT f/6.3 Reducer

in Cats & Casses by Augustus

Excellent shape, comes with bolt case. $65 PayPalled/shipped CONUS.

14 Apr 2019

Views: 49


Wanted Hand controller for Meade LX-50

in Cats & Casses by miniqtone

Ive lost the original one! Interested in anything that will move this slope around. Many thanks!~!

29 Apr 2019

Updated: 15 May 2019

Views: 49


Wanted Meade f/3.3 reducer

in Cats & Casses by bludeke

Looking to buy a Meade f/3.3 focal reducer made in Japan

20 May 2019

Views: 49


For Sale Meade 1401 Counterweight system for 8" SCT

in Cats & Casses by bartine

Meade 1401 counterweight system This is for an 8" OTA - the two holes are 9 3/4" apart, center to center. The back...

30 Dec 2018

Views: 51


Wanted Dovetail for LX200 10"

in Cats & Casses by tommax

I am "deforking" my 10" LX200 GPS OTA and am looking for a dovetail for it to mount it to my GEM - I would prefer "D"...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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