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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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15 Mar 2017

Views: 197


Wanted Wanted an APO 2" barlow

in Barlows by goldie288

Looking for a decent 2" APO barlow. Can't go fo...

15 Mar 2017

Views: 219


Wanted TV 2.5X Powermate

in Barlows by Edward Nash

Looking for a Televue 2.5X powermate barlow.

28 Apr 2017

Views: 125


Wanted Wanted: .965 Orion Barlow shorty.

in Barlows by Martin

Just wondering if anyone may have one of these...

02 May 2017

Views: 134


Wanted WTB klee 2.8x barlow

in Barlows by daniel_h

looking for the UO klee 1.25" 2.8x barlow

14 May 2017

Updated: 20 May 2017

Views: 217


Wanted Looking for Explore Scientific 1.25" 2x, 3x focal extenders

in Barlows by skywindsurfer

Hello, I am looking for Explore Scientific 1.2...

16 May 2017

Views: 168


Wanted Denkmeier Power Switch for SCT

in Barlows by Stargazer3236

I am looking for the Denkmeier Power Switch for...

22 Jul 2017

Views: 129


Wanted Baader 1.25" 2.25x Hyperion Zoom Barlow

in Barlows by coconut

Looking for one of these,must be in exellent co...

02 Aug 2017

Views: 123


Wanted Televue Powermate 4X 2"

in Barlows by Stew44

Looking for one of these. Let me know what you...

16 Aug 2017

Views: 144


Wanted Meade F/3.3 focal reducer/field flattener MADE IN JAPAN ONLY

in Barlows by Stephen2016

Looking for a Meade F/3.3 focal reducer/field f...

16 Aug 2017

Views: 154


Wanted Televue TRF 2008 0.8X Focal reducer/Field flattener for 400-600mm refractors

in Barlows by Stephen2016

Looking for a Televue TRF 2008 0.8X Focal reduc...

03 Nov 2017

Views: 112


Wanted Televue 1.25 inch 1.8x barlow

in Barlows by Saddlebags

WANTED a Televue 1.8x barlow in 1.25 inch size....

01 Dec 2017

Views: 125


Wanted televue 5x barlow

in Barlows by digsetcrush

i'm interested in this barlow in good condition.

19 Jan 2018

Views: 104


Wanted WTB TMB 1.8X Barlow

in Barlows by Cyrus1126

Looking for a TMB 1.8X barlow in excellent cond...

27 Jan 2018

Views: 96


Wanted Wanted Teleue 2x Barlow

in Barlows by AlexSky

Wanted Teleue 2x Barlow 1-1/4 size. in very opt...

11 Feb 2018

Views: 125


Wanted Tele Vue 2" 4x Powermate

in Barlows by Astrolite

Looking for reasonably priced, excellent condit...

22 Feb 2018

Views: 91


Wanted WANTED Coronado Cemax 2X Barlow

in Barlows by Ron Zoltowski

I am looking for 2X Cemax Barlow made by Coronado

02 Apr 2018

Updated: 03 Apr 2018

Views: 108


Wanted 1.5x to 1.8x Barlow, 1.25" or 2"

in Barlows by AG Optical

I am looking for a 1.25" or 2" 1.5x to 1.8x Bar...

23 Apr 2018

Views: 103


Wanted Coma Corrector needed for 2 inch focusers

in Barlows by hishubho

Coma Corrector needed and should fit into 2 inc...

01 May 2018

Views: 87


Wanted Televue 2X Powermate

in Barlows by neaptide

Looking for a 2x Televue Powermate. Let me know...

02 May 2018

Views: 79


Wanted Barlow 5x

in Barlows by LaCasaCorp

Looking for a televue powermate 5x (open also t...

08 Jun 2018

Views: 60


Wanted Televue 2" Powermate 2X

in Barlows by desper0

Looking for a Televue 2" 2X. Let me know what y...

28 Jun 2018

Updated: 29 Jun 2018

Views: 92


Wanted WANTED: TeleVue 4x Powermate

in Barlows by d99fmf

Looking for 4x Powermate. Would be nice to have...

25 Jul 2018

Views: 41


Wanted WANTED : Orion 8762 2-Inch 2x Barlow

in Barlows by norcaltakguy

I am looking for a LN Orion 2" Barlow, model #...

26 Aug 2018

Views: 60


Wanted Baader MKIV Zoom Barlow wanted

in Barlows by clell777

Before I buy a new one, thought I’d check if so...

17 Sep 2018

Views: 20


Wanted Celestron 2”,1.25” x2.5 Luminus Barlow

in Barlows by Tango2x4

Looking to buy Barlow in good working order

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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