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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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15 Apr 2018

Updated: 15 Apr 2018

Views: 453


For Sale Oberwerk 15x70 LW Binos

in Binoculars by Bill Friend

I bought these new about 15 yrs ago. Optics/coatings are in excellent condition, collimation is spot on to my eye. Th...

04 Aug 2018

Views: 264


For Sale Fujinon 10x50 FMT-SX Binoculars

in Binoculars by yoga

Fujinon 10x50 FMT-SX Binoculars in very good condition, some wear on outer covering and some dust but optically excel...

25 Dec 2018

Views: 189


For Sale Hawke Endurance ED 8X42 Green

in Binoculars by Abhat

Selling these I already own many pairs of binos and received one more pair as a gift. These binoculars are in excelle...

29 May 2018

Views: 205


Wanted Vintage Bushnell Custom 10x50 Binoculars

in Binoculars by Ron Rogers

Please let me know condition and asking price. Thanks, Ron

16 Oct 2018

Updated: 17 Oct 2018

Views: 547


For Sale Takahashi Astronomer 22x60 Binoculars

in Binoculars by starman.cra

I have for sale a great pair of Takahashi Astronomer 22x60 Binoculars with everything pictured. $2450 shipped in CONU...

31 Dec 2018

Updated: 31 Dec 2018

Views: 253


For Sale Canon 12x36 IS II

in Binoculars by shams42

These binoculars are in minty condition. I am the original owner (invoice enclosed). The glass is clean and the stabi...

10 Apr 2019

Views: 576


For Sale APM 120mm 90° SD-APO binoculars from Germany

in Binoculars by John9999

These absolutely superb binoculars are described at the APM and Lunt websites. They are indeed fantastic. 24mm panopt...

15 Apr 2019

Views: 152


For Sale Leica Monovid 8x20 Monocular

in Binoculars by CESDewar

For sale is a Leica Monovid 8x20 Monocular. It is lightweight and compact (just 4.13 x 1.4, 4.4oz) and features legen...

31 May 2017

Views: 399


For Sale Nikon Tropical Marine 7x50 Binoculars

in Binoculars by bykhed

Very nice pair of Nikon Tropical 7x50 binoculars. These are waterproof, marine-grade, with individual focus (IF) and...

28 Oct 2017

Updated: 05 Nov 2017

Views: 715


For Sale Oberwerk SW80 Q45 Binoculars

in Binoculars by bartine

Oberwerk SW80 Q45 Binoculars With case, original eyepieces The lenses are clear, stars are clean and sharp - no color...

24 Jul 2018

Views: 340


For Sale Unimount Light + Meade tripod

in Binoculars by Scott

Unfortunately the best bino mount, the Unimount Light, is no longer made... so this is a good buy on a great mount an...

06 May 2019

Views: 161


For Sale Meade 3X25 Opera Glasses w/built in Red LED Reading Light

in Binoculars by scopehed

Meade 3X25 Opera Glasses w/built in Red LED Reading Light Includes Soft Carrying Case really cool see Pictures Chain...

30 Jul 2019

Views: 169


For Sale Celestron 15x70 Cavalry binos

in Binoculars by mdaulton33

Selling my 15x70 Cavalry binos...in excellent condition and perfect collumation. These are not the SkyMatsers...the C...

04 Aug 2019

Updated: 13 Aug 2019

Views: 287


For Sale Fujinon 10x50 FMT-SX Price Reduction

in Binoculars by 21681577

In a very good to excellent condition, clear and bright optics, like new. I have the 16xs also but I have dicided to...

31 Mar 2019

Views: 140


For Sale Kasai WideBino 2.3 X 40

in Binoculars by Abhat

Provides a 28-degree field of view for rich, immersive views. Especially great on the milky way. Item is like new con...

30 Apr 2019

Views: 206


For Sale 4 Pair of Tasco 7 x 35 Extra Wide Angle (EWA) Binoculars - For Parts or Repair

in Binoculars by mlucas9

Hi All,For sale are four pair of classic Japanese Tasco 7 x 35 Extra Wide Angle (EWA) Binoculars. At one point I got...

02 Oct 2017

Views: 228


Wanted Leitz Trinovid

in Binoculars by foukal

Wanted pair of used Leitz Trinovid 8 x 20 binoculars in good condition.

27 Nov 2017

Updated: 28 Nov 2017

Views: 346


For Sale Minolta 7x50 Extra Wide 7.8 degree binoculars excel. Japanese optics

in Binoculars by leftybob

Minolta 7x50 Extra Wide 7.8 degree binoculars in very good condition. These are superb binos made in Japan and the vi...

07 Mar 2019

Views: 280


For Sale Celestron Echelon 10x70mm Binoculars

in Binoculars by yoga

Celestron Echelon 10x70mm Binoculars in very good to excellent condition, waterproof, I.F. eyepieces with optics made...

02 Apr 2019

Updated: 09 Apr 2019

Views: 144


For Sale 1990s Bausch & Lomb 10x50 Discoverer binoculars

in Binoculars by smart

Arguably the best center focus 10x50 porro prism binocular ever made . Optics are pristine. 5.5 degree field of view...

04 May 2019

Updated: 05 May 2019

Views: 154


For Sale Leica Trinovid 10 x 32 BN

in Binoculars by Jdillon

Classic alpha binocular - superb Leica optics, structurally as good as it gets lightweight, compact, easy to hold, in...

26 Jun 2019

Updated: 26 Jun 2019

Views: 222


For Sale Russian Micro-Binoculars - $15

in Binoculars by Bob Myler

Two and a half power by 17.5mm clear aperture.Manufactured in the Russian Federation during the early to mid 90's.......

02 Oct 2017

Views: 697


For Sale Oberwerk BT 100-45 w/mount and extras

in Binoculars by starzonesteve

This wonderful instrument is in excellent working condition and provides sharp, contrasty, well collimated views of b...

06 Sep 2019

Views: 70


For Sale AOK Swiss BB-160 (Borg) Linear Platform for binoscopes

in Binoculars by snovosel

Less than five-month old, AOKSwiss BB-160 linear platform that was intended for my binoscope project that never got o...

08 Sep 2019

Views: 285


For Sale Oberwerk 20x80 Binoculars

in Binoculars by trek2000

I got these used a few years ago and they arrived with the rubber case degraded into that sticky goop. The optics we...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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