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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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02 Oct 2017

Views: 385


Wanted Leitz Trinovid

By: foukal Location: Nahant MA

Wanted pair of used Leitz Trinovid 8 x 20 binoculars in good condition.

19 Dec 2017

Views: 369


Wanted Swift 15x60 Vanguard

By: lit Location: usa

hi l would have an interest in one of these its a older swift with the Bak 7 glass thanks

29 Mar 2019

Views: 300


Wanted Swift Tyrol 15x60 diopter ring and threaded ep sleeve

By: shredder1656 Location: Indiana

I have a set of Swift Tyrol 15x60 binos that had/have a frozen diopter adjuster. The male-threaded sleeve that carri...

12 Feb 2018

Views: 347


Wanted Binocular Observing Chair

By: phaxman Location: Castro Valley, CA

Hello! I'm looking for a lightweight outdoor swivel-tilt chair I can use for binocular observing. Reply with photos i...

24 Dec 2019

Views: 241


Wanted Wanted: Takahashi 22x60 Astronomer Binoculars

By: Dr. Wm Location: Pittsburgh PA

As I am getting more interested in observing with binoculars of late, I am looking to replace my old pair of 22x60 Ta...

08 Aug 2020

Views: 69


Wanted Optical & Film Co. Mk I, WWII 7x50 binos

By: opticchase Location: CA

Needed to round out a collection. Case not needed.

07 Jan 2018

Views: 365


Wanted Celestron Binoculars from late 70s

By: lit Location: USA

thanks 7x50 or 10x50

07 Oct 2018

Views: 283


Wanted Wanted: Komz Baigish BPO 7X30 early with red star

By: Capt. Squint Location: Tucson AZ

Looking for a nice example of the komz Baigish 7x30 with the red star. Early version with non rotating eyepieces. Tha...

10 Jul 2020

Updated: 11 Jul 2020

Views: 138


Wanted Wanted Nikko 10x70 WWII binoculars

By: opticchase Location: CA

With or without wood carry case. This version with the 7 degree FOV. Cosmetically good condition. No glass defects an...

24 Feb 2020

Views: 189


Wanted Nikon 12x50 Premier SE

By: Milos1977 Location: New York

Looking if someone is thinking about selling this unit, or knows anyone who would. Sell trade or a combination. Thanks

03 Jul 2018

Views: 293


Wanted Nikon EDG II 8x32

By: AlexLeon Location: Atlanta, GA

Looking for a Nikon EDG II 8x32 in excellent condition. Thanks.

14 May 2017

Updated: 20 May 2017

Views: 428


Wanted Looking for one Front Lens CAP for Nikon 10x50 Action binoculars

By: skywindsurfer Location: US or Canada

Hello, I am looking for the original Front Lens CAPS for Nikon 10x50 Action binoculars. I am actually missing one cap...

27 Jul 2020

Updated: 28 Jul 2020

Views: 138


Wanted Leupold Katami 6x32

By: SteveV Location: Ore.

Wanted: Leupold Katami 6x32 If anyone has these binoculars laying around not seeing any use I'm interested. Do you h...

27 Jun 2019

Views: 252


Wanted Trico Sky Window

By: Rich Nugent Location: 01701

I’m interested in buying one of these binocular mounts. If you have one you’d be willing to part with please let me k...

11 Apr 2019

Views: 145


Wanted Adlerblick 10x50 lens caps / Celestron Skymaster

By: FallenComet Location: the Pay Area

I just bought an Adlerblick 10x50 and need lens caps for it. Also need a case for it, or a recommendation for one. I...

29 Apr 2020

Updated: 29 Apr 2020

Views: 153


Wanted WWII 7x50 objective rings needed

By: opticchase Location: CA

Need to buy - 2 of these outside cover rings for restoration project. Bino is B&L 7x50 MK 28. Rings for Westingho...

28 Jun 2020

Views: 146


Wanted Steiner HX 15x56 binoculars

By: Birder Location: Denmark

Looking for a pair of second hand Steiner HX 15x56 binoculars in good condition. Regards Henrik.

07 Apr 2017

Views: 414


Wanted WANTED: MINT condition Nikon Permier SE 10 x 24 Porro

By: clearbluesky Location: NJ

Anyone willing to part with a MINT LIKE NEW Nikon Premier SE 10 x 42 porro?? Willing to pay top dollar if TRUELY MINT...

19 Aug 2020

Views: 97


Wanted WANTED: Nikon WX 10x50 IF (Europe)

By: indiehop Location: Europe

Hi, I am aware it is a long shot, but figured it might be worth a try here. I am looking to buy a pre-owned Nikon W...

14 Sep 2019

Views: 177


Wanted APM 100mm ED APO 90 deg - Wanted

By: Harel_Boren Location: Conus

Wanted with or without fork mount

17 Apr 2020

Views: 151


Wanted WANTED: Kowa Highlander binoculars

By: smart Location: Gold Beach, Oregon

I'll pay fair price for Kowa Highlander flourite binocular. Please send pictures and/or price. Thanks.

20 Jul 2020

Updated: 20 Jul 2020

Views: 207


Wanted Fujinon 6x30 FMT-SX or 8x30 FMT-SX

By: slingworks Location: OH

Looking for a nice condition pair of Fujinon 6x30 or 8x30 FMT-SX bins. If you have a pair, let me know details Thanks!

20 Nov 2017

Updated: 20 Nov 2017

Views: 422


Wanted William Optic 22x70 Binoculars

By: cbullock Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Would love to find a pair of William Optic 22x70 Binoculars

04 Feb 2018

Views: 419


Wanted 14x100 Binocular

By: lit Location: usa

hi l would have an interest in looking into a 14x100 Binocular

25 Feb 2020

Views: 173


Wanted wanted canon 10x42

By: bockos Location: Chicago

Hi, i am looking for canon 10x42, if you have for slae please write me. Thanks!

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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