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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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28 Mar 2020

Views: 29


Wanted WTB: Trico Sky Window

By: Rich Nugent Location: Framingham, MA 01701

I’m interested in buying one of these binocular viewers. Let me know if you have one you’d be willing to part with. T...

04 Mar 2020

Views: 34


Wanted Meade X Wedge Equatorial Wedge

By: ccormsby Location: I'm in Maine

I'm looking for a Meade X Wedge Equatorial Wedge in good or like new condition for use with my 10" LX600.

28 Feb 2020

Views: 47


Wanted Trico Sky Window

By: gmac17 Location: Indiana

Wanted - Trico Sky Window binocular mirror mount. Good to excellent condition.

25 Feb 2020

Views: 62


Wanted wanted canon 10x42

By: bockos Location: Chicago

Hi, i am looking for canon 10x42, if you have for slae please write me. Thanks!

22 Jan 2020

Views: 64


Wanted Wanted: Orion Outsider 8x40

By: Pjxii Location: Naples, FL

Looking for a good pair of these older binos, thanks!

30 Mar 2020

Updated: 30 Mar 2020

Views: 66


Wanted astronomy for fun

By: romeo4u Location: usa

im looking for Oberwerk BT-100-45 Binocular Telescope or a Oberwerk 25/40x100mm long range binocular.all original no...

24 Feb 2020

Views: 71


Wanted Nikon 12x50 Premier SE

By: Milos1977 Location: New York

Looking if someone is thinking about selling this unit, or knows anyone who would. Sell trade or a combination. Thanks

10 Nov 2019

Views: 76


Wanted Wanted: APM 100mm semi apo 90 degree

By: 1gregory Location: Madison Virginia

Hello - I am interested in purchasing an APM 100mm semi apo binocular, the magnesium body 90 degree version. Thank...

14 Nov 2019

Views: 79


Wanted Head Rest for 10x80 45 deg. German Flak Binocular

By: wfhixon Location: Southern California

Looking for head rest for 10x80 45 degree German flak binocular, with or without head rest bracket. Please indicate c...

30 Sep 2019

Views: 80


Wanted WTB-Sky Window or Mirror

By: tag1260 Location: Eastern Ohio

Looking for either a Sky Window bino mount or a first surface mirror to build something similar. Thanks

31 Dec 2019

Views: 85


Wanted Tamron Bushnell Rangemaster 7x35 Objective Lenses Amber Coated

By: NewAgeNirvana Location: Romania

Hi, please let me know if you have both objective lenses (or at least one) for Bushnell Rangemaster 7x35 Tamron, Ambe...

11 Apr 2019

Views: 98


Wanted Adlerblick 10x50 lens caps / Celestron Skymaster

By: FallenComet Location: the Pay Area

I just bought an Adlerblick 10x50 and need lens caps for it. Also need a case for it, or a recommendation for one. I...

07 Sep 2019

Views: 99


Wanted WANTED: Takahashi 22x60 binoculars $1500.00

By: smart Location: Gold Beach, Oregon

I'll pay $1500 plus postage to Oregon for a pair of the Takahashi 22x60 binoculars. I'm in Gold Beach, Oregon.

03 Mar 2020

Views: 99


Wanted Parallelogram Mount for Large Binoculars

By: cfont Location: Northenr Virginia

Looking for a Parallelogram Binocular Mount for some 25x100 binoculars.

02 Jan 2020

Views: 106


Wanted Wanted: 25x150 EM-SX Fujinon Binocular

By: wdm928 Location: anywhere

WANTED: 25x150mm EM-SX Fujinon Binocular with 45 Degree inclined oculars or older and heavier Fork Mounted 90 degree...

14 Sep 2019

Views: 110


Wanted APM 100mm ED APO 90 deg - Wanted

By: Harel_Boren Location: Conus

Wanted with or without fork mount

24 Dec 2019

Views: 120


Wanted Wanted: Takahashi 22x60 Astronomer Binoculars

By: Dr. Wm Location: Pittsburgh PA

As I am getting more interested in observing with binoculars of late, I am looking to replace my old pair of 22x60 Ta...

17 Dec 2018

Views: 124


Wanted Binocular Orion 12x63 or 9x63

By: Michail_D Location: Moscow

In very good condition with shipping to Russia or USA.

04 Apr 2019

Views: 133


Wanted Celestron 10X70 Echelon Binoculars...

By: dragonstar4565 Location: San Jose

Hello, I am not in a hurry to get these, and this is quite a stretch, but I am looking for a pair of these binoculars...

18 Nov 2018

Views: 138


Wanted 18x70 Astroluxe Nikon

By: lit Location: in kS

l wonder if anyone has a Black Friday offer for one of these l been lookin for one now and then thanks for reading

27 Sep 2019

Views: 140


Wanted Kowa prominar wide angle binoculars

By: Flythemoon Location: Italy

I am looking for a vintage Kowa prominar wide angle.

04 Mar 2019

Views: 141


Wanted WTB - Bushnell Custom Elite 7x26

By: spicer Location: Pensacola, FL

I am looking for a Bushnell Custom Elite 7x26 in good condition. Please pm if you are interested. Thank you.

13 Oct 2018

Views: 146


Wanted 25x80 Steiner Observer

By: lit Location: ks

hi l would have a deep intesrt in one of these.. if the price is right...

04 Oct 2018

Updated: 10 Oct 2018

Views: 148


Wanted WANTED: Zeiss 7x42 FL T* Victory Binocular

By: dadburnett Location: North Carolina

Hello, I am looking for a Zeiss 7x42 FL T* Victory Binocular. Thanks, Danny

02 Dec 2019

Updated: 04 Dec 2019

Views: 151



By: JOELSAND4456 Location: CA

Hello CN Friends. I am looking for a used Swarovski Binoculars, NOT the Habicht though. Please good to excellent work...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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