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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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12 Jun 2019

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For Sale Lot of binoculars

By: patta Location: Stavanger, Norway

Hello I had binocular frenzy but I recently realized to have only 2 eyes. Some normal old Japanese and some new Chin...

16 May 2017

Updated: 17 May 2017

Views: 1162


For Sale Bell & Howell 10x50 7.5 deg.wide angle binoculars Japan

By: smart Location: Gold Beach, Oregon

These were made in the 1990s and have excellent optics. Center focus gives you the option of using them for stargazin...

04 Jun 2017

Updated: 14 Jun 2017

Views: 1064


For Sale Japan made 10x50 binoculars - multicoated optics, Bak 4 prisms & 8 deg field

By: starrgazer Location: Mattoon, IL

Price reduced!! Here is the rare, hard to find Tasco World Class multi-coated 10x50 binoculars with the 420 ft – 8 de...

26 Nov 2017

Updated: 24 Jan 2019

Views: 984


For Sale REDUCED Zeiss blc WWII binocular 25x100

By: Dorie3 Location: Rochester, NY

Adding new photos, reducing the price and removing the pending (which I must have clicked in error the last time I ed...

20 Sep 2017

Views: 953


For Sale Vintage Swift Holiday Mark II 7x35 Bak 4- Extra Wide Angle

By: tropical Location: Santa Clara, CA

These binoculars are kind of special. They do not have the normal amber coating like other Holiday's but blue coatin...

10 Sep 2017

Views: 909


For Sale Swift 8.5x44 Audubon #804 wide angle binoculars

By: smart Location: Gold Beach, Oregon

Superb binocular for sweeping the night skies or for birding by day. Has 5 element Erfle eyepieces that provide spac...

09 Mar 2017

Updated: 23 Apr 2017

Views: 873


For Sale Fujinon 10 x70

By: jacobch Location: pUYALLUP, wASH.

Used binos whose case and instrument except optics need a little cleaning Optics look fine. Individual eyepiece focus...

25 May 2018

Updated: 31 May 2018

Views: 855


For Sale Minolta MK 7x35 Extra Wide binoculars Japan Price dropped

By: Littlegreenman Location: South Pasadena, CA 91030

Offered is a pair of Minolta Extra Wide fov binoculars. They are in very good condition. Made in Japan 192mm at 1000m...

02 Jun 2017

Views: 853


For Sale Lunt - APM 100 APO ED complete setup

By: Paolo Masini Location: Lucca - Italy

For sale:- LUNT/APM APO binoculars 100mm (140x collimation guaranteed and more..)- 117b Manfrotto tripod- baricentric...

04 May 2017

Updated: 04 May 2017

Views: 745


For Sale Fujinon Binoculars 16x70

By: astronomy-shoppe.com Location: New Hampshire

These are in great shape from the 90's with case and caps, just not using them. coating is alomost perfect shape ( se...

01 Sep 2017

Updated: 02 Sep 2017

Views: 738


For Sale 1961 Nikon 15x50 f/8 binoculars on stand

By: smart Location: Gold Beach, Oregon

Nikon made a very small batch of this model in 1961. It was made as a birding binocular with a removable 3 way pivoti...

09 Jun 2017

Views: 702


For Sale Binoculars French 1870 with Tripod and Case

By: lerik Location: Easthampton, Ma 01027

Telescope Binocular-French-Secretan-1870 This is the largest pair of telescope binoculars I have seen. Signed, in the...

12 Apr 2018

Updated: 12 Apr 2018

Views: 702


For Sale Rare Item: Swift Audubon 8.5x44 ED, Porro Model 820

By: Matt Mofidi Location: San Diego

This is the hard to find porro ED version with 69.7 deg AFOV, and the last porro model before it was discontinued and...

17 Mar 2017

Views: 701


For Sale Swarovski EL range 10x42_Field pro package_new

By: purevdorj Location: Salt lake

Hello, i have one 2016 Swarovski EL Range 10x42 for Sale. This binoculars is new and unboxed. Please look at pict...

08 Aug 2017

Views: 691


For Sale Celestron 20 x 80 skymasters

By: telfish Location: New York

Nice pair of Celestron 20 x 80 skymaster binoculars . Clean optics and body. Comes with original case and caps.Detail...

09 Sep 2017

Updated: 19 Sep 2017

Views: 683


For Sale Canon 7x42 A WP Binoculars (non-IS)

By: Littlegreenman Location: South Pasadena, CA

Canon 7x42 A WP binocularsHard to find!A is for aspheric, WP is for waterproof.Screw-out eyecups, and this well doneS...

05 Nov 2019

Updated: 15 Jan 2020

Views: 673


For Sale BIG Binocular Assortment

By: Starry Messenger Location: Central Vermont

I have 2 pairs of binoculars that you should find interesting: 1) 11X80 Parks Binoculars. Leather case in beautiful...

05 Sep 2017

Views: 669


For Sale nikon SE 12x50 superior

By: bockos Location: Sofia, Europe

I have for sale Nikon SE 12x50 CF. I bought it from Dale Photographic Ltd UK and I can send the receipt and the docum...

26 Mar 2018

Views: 666


For Sale Russian binocular collection - Mint

By: Dinosour23 Location: Israel

Hi friends ! Over the years I bought a few Vintage binoculars from around the world, 80% of them I scrapped for parts...

08 Feb 2019

Views: 664


For Sale Oberwerk BT-70-45 binoculars, $650 Houston, TX

By: jacobm3 Location: Houston, TX 77094

Oberwerk BT-70-45 binoculars. Only been outdoors 3 or 4 times. 9mm 1.25" eyepieces. Nothing wrong with them, just nee...

18 Nov 2018

Updated: 26 Nov 2018

Views: 661


For Sale 25-40x100 Border Guard Binoculars

By: nykaver Location: Danbury CT

Nice condition and good collimation to my eye. They came with the black tripod shown in one photo. It's a little twis...

03 Aug 2017

Views: 660


For Sale Vixen 80 mm Binoculars w interchangeable eyepieces

By: Pjmarkie Location: Denton md

Vixen 80 mm Binoculars for sale. These are in good used condition bot have a defect on the left objective lens. It a...

13 Mar 2018

Views: 659


For Sale ZEISS 20x60S Stabilized Binocular

By: Luca Artesky Location: Italy

Hello! I am selling an amazing Zeiss 20x60S Stabilized binocular, I have used it like 2 times and then I have purchas...

27 Jul 2018

Views: 645


For Sale Apogee giant 20x100 binoculars with built in nebula filters

By: Bill Lee Location: Bridgewater MA

Too many binoculars, so I’m selling a pair of Apogee 20x100 astronomy binoculars with built-in nebula filters (they l...

27 Jul 2019

Updated: 09 Aug 2019

Views: 628


For Sale Oberwerk big binos 25x100

By: gribley Location: Providence, RI

Oberwerk big binos, 25x100, in very good lightly used condition.See Oberwerk page: https://oberwerk.com...5x100mm-del...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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